How To Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll?

How To Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll? It is simple yet essential to save TikTok videos to your device’s camera roll in this guide.

This tutorial will assist you in building your personal collection of TikTok memories, whether you’re a TikTok user, content creator, or someone who enjoys revisiting favorite clips.

As we explore video preservation, let’s learn how to save TikTok videos to your camera roll. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

The TikTok app allows you to save both your own and other people’s videos. To save your own TikTok video, simply toggle the “Save to device” option before posting the video.

To save other people’s video, you’ll need to long-press the video and select “Save video”.

Following these quick steps, you’ll be saving videos as much as you want on TikTok in no time. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

Why Save TikTok Drafts To The Camera Roll?

If a video is only being stored as a draft on the app and not to the camera roll, don’t uninstall TikTok if a draft is being saved.

If TikTok is uninstalled or if the account has been moved to another device, draft videos will be removed. # Save TikTok Drafts

In order to make sure saved TikTok drafts do not disappear after uninstalling or changing accounts, users should follow the steps above to save the video to their camera roll.

The draft feature doesn’t appear to be available yet on TikTok. It may be added at a later date.

TikTok is constantly updating with new features, so this may happen in the future. # Save TikTok Drafts

Despite the fact that TikTok offers a complicated way to save drafts, users still have the option of deleting the private video once it has been downloaded to their camera roll.

How To Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll?

You can save TikTok videos to the camera roll on your device easily by following these steps. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

1. Open the TikTok App:

  • On your mobile device, launch the TikTok app.

2. Find the Video You Want to Save:

  • TikTok feeds are searchable or you can scroll through them to find the video you want to save.

3. Tap the Share Icon:

  • Tap on the “Share” icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the right when you find the video that you want to save. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

4. Select “Save Video” (iOS) or “Save video” (Android):

  • In iOS devices (such as iPhones), you will find the option “Save Video.” Click it.
  • Depending on your Android device, you may see an option called “Save video”. Tap it.

5. Access the Saved Video:

  • On iOS devices and Android devices, the TikTok video is now saved to your gallery or camera roll, so you can watch it there.

6. Review the Saved Video (Optional):

  • To play, edit, and share the saved TikTok video, open your Photos or Gallery app. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

7. Share or Enjoy Your Saved TikTok Video:

  • With the TikTok video saved in your camera roll, you can share it with friends, social media posts about it, or simply watch it whenever you want.

Having successfully learned how to save TikTok videos to your camera roll, you will be able to keep your favorite TikTok moments for offline viewing or sharing.

When sharing saved TikTok videos, be sure to respect the creator’s privacy and content settings. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

How to Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll Without Posting?

Please follow the above instructions if you want to save TikTok videos to Camera Roll without posting them.

The first way is to save the video as a draft. The second way is to share your video as private, and then download it. # Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll Without Posting

Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll
Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll

Method 1. Save TikTok Videos without Posting

  1. To start filming new videos, open the TikTok app and tap the “+” icon.
  2. Your work can be leveled up by using filters and effects.
  3. Tap on Next. (You’ll be asked to enter tags, descriptions and more, but leave these blank.)
  4. Choosing “Private” under Who can see my video is the fourth step.
  5. You will not be seen by anyone once you upload your TikTok video. Wait for a few seconds before posting your TikTok video.
  6. Go to your main page and find the video you just posted. Play it, click Share, then click Save.

Method 2. Save TikTok Draft Video to Camera Roll

  1. Using TikTok is as simple as launching the application.
  2. Using the TikTok filters and effects, create a video. Tap Next.
  3. To save the video as a draft, click the Save as Draft button.
  4. To download a draft, locate and preview it in the Draft Box. Click on the three horizontal dots.
  5. The video will be downloaded to the Camera Roll or Gallery after you tap Save Video.

How to Save TikTok Videos Made By You?

It’s also possible to download and reshare your own videos on any of the social media platforms.

You will be able to access the video files directly from your camera roll.

iPhones and Android phones can be used with this process:

  • Start by opening the TikTok app.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap on your profile.
  • You can now start downloading TikTok videos.
  • On the bottom right, tap the three-dot icon.
  • Choose the option to save the video.
  • Check your camera roll for photos.

Downloading videos to save them outside the web is something you would like to do.

There are many countries in the world where TikTok is prohibited.

It is possible for users to lose all their videos at any given time without notice.

How to save a TikTok draft to your camera roll?

Here are the steps you need to follow to save a TikTok draft to your camera roll:

  • To access the Me tab, open the TikTok app.
  • To save a draft, tap the Drafts button.
  • Then click Next and select Only me as the option for who can view this video.
  • Make sure that the Save to device option is enabled under more options.
  • Your video will be posted privately if you tap Post.
  • If your video is on your camera roll, it should be there

How To Save Other People’s TikTok Videos to Your Camera Roll?

The following guide shows you how to save other people’s TikTok videos to your phone.

Step 1: Click on the Right-Facing Arrow Icon

On the bottom right corner of the TikTok video, you’ll find a right-facing arrow icon. Click this icon to view the TikTok video.

Step 2: Click the “Save video” button

On clicking the arrow icon, you’ll see a panel with icons of the people you can share your video with, the social media websites you can share it with, as well as the list of features TikTok offers.

On the last row of the TikTok panel, click the “Save video” button to save it to your camera roll.

Do you know if there is a faster way to save other people’s TikTok videos?

You can save a video simply by holding down the “Save Video” button at the top of the panel after long pressing on the video.


This guide on saving TikTok videos to your camera roll has enabled you to learn a valuable skill that will allow you to organize your collection of TikTok videos.

You can now keep your favorite videos at your fingertips for whenever you want to revisit them on TikTok, a treasure trove of creativity, entertainment, and knowledge.

The ability to save TikTok videos to your camera roll puts you in control of your digital content, regardless of whether you are saving videos for educational purposes, sentimental reasons, or just for a good laugh.

You can access your favorite clips with just a few taps thanks to this feature.

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