How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat? Right Now

How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat? If you are a frequent user of these platforms, you’ve probably seen TikTok videos that defy gravity, time, or both.

In this blog post, we’re unraveling the mystery of how TikTok videos can be reversed on Snapchat, a cool technique that enhances your storytelling with an exciting twist.

Discover how to create captivating reverse videos that will leave your Snapchat followers awestruck. # How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat?

It’s true. These days, reversing a TikTok video is probably one of the most popular trends on the platform. With the right application, you can do it without any video editing knowledge.

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s even better because you probably already have Snapchat on your device.

That said, let’s explore how to take a TikTok video and reverse it on Snapchat. # How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat?

Reversing TikTok Video

Playing a video backwards, a.k.a. changing the direction, is not difficult on TikTok. There’s even a dedicated feature for reversing your video without leaving the app.

This function can be activated by clicking on the Effects button at the bottom of the screen and selecting the Time effects category.

The reverse option can be found under this category.

You can share your new video with the public as soon as you click on Reverse and review it.

It is easy to create videos with this simple effect that play with the concept of time and resonate with your online audience by taking advantage of this simple process, which takes just a few seconds and doesn’t require any technical skills.

How to Reverse a Video on TikTok?

With the built-in Reverse effect in TikTok, it’s easy and fast to reverse a TikTok video.

However, it doesn’t work when it comes to reversed audio clips, so it’s not the fastest and easiest way. # Reverse a Video on TikTok

TikTok’s downside with this feature is that it only reverses the video portion of clips, so it doesn’t work when it comes to reversed audio clips.

  1. Your TikTok account must be logged in before you can use the app.
  2. In the lower area of the screen, tap the Plus icon.
  3. You can record videos by tapping the Record button, then checking the Record button when you’re finished. If you like, you can upload a video or make it in reverse in TikTok.
  4. Select Effects from the lower-left corner, a clock-shaped icon.
  5. On the button edge of the screen, tap time at the end of the context menu.
  6. After tapping the Reverse icon, your clip will be reversed and you can preview it backwards.
  7. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap Save if you are satisfied with the reverse result.
  8. The delivery page will appear after you tap Next.
  9. At last, click Post to share your TikTok. Add a hashtag or friend ID to the description.

How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat?

If you want to reverse a TikTok video, you must first download it first. You can download a video using two different methods.

Download the Tiktok video of your choice, open snapchat, import the Tiktok video, and you’re good to go. # How To Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat?

Step 1: Download the TikTok video on your phone

Using Snapchat, you can reverse TikTok videos in two different ways.

A video can be downloaded by tapping on it and checking if downloads have been enabled by the TikTok user.

You will be able to download TikTok videos in your gallery quickly if downloads are enabled. Tap on the ‘options’ icon that usually appears right beneath the ‘comments’ icon.

Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat
Reverse a TikTok Video on Snapchat

In the event that this option is unavailable, you can always use your local screen recording tool. The second option is to use your iPhone.

Simply swipe up and hit the screen recording button. Once you have screen recorded the TikTok, you will be able to find the file in your gallery.

Step 2: Edit the video on your Snapchat

Using the Snapchat camera screen, tap the ‘gallery’ icon right beneath the ‘capture’ button, click on ‘Camera Roll’, select the video you want to work with, and then select ‘Edit Video’ from the more options menu.

Snapchat will load your video, and after that, you can add filters and use different tools.

Step 3: Use the tools and apply the filters

Swipe right once you see the video on the screen until you get the effect you want.

In Snapchat, the reverse filter is available only for videos of less than 10 seconds.

You can also use the slow motion, fast motion, and super-fast motion features for longer videos, but not the reverse filter.

Before officially uploading your video on your Snapchat account, you can check out multiple options for it and make a final decision.

Alternative Ways To Reverse a TikTok Video

Choosing Snapchat for reversing a TikTok video is probably not the best option if your video is longer than 10 seconds. If that’s the case, check out these alternatives.

Use Reverse Video

If you would like to edit any video, Reverse Video is an excellent free tool you can use.

A single video can be converted into three different videos with its easy-to-use software interface. Click on the ‘effects’ option to add a reverse effect to your video.

The reverse function is easily accessible on the app since it is designed primarily to offer the reverse feature.

Adding reverse functionality to your video is relatively easy when you use Reverse Video. The entire process will be completed within a few minutes. # Reverse a TikTok Video

Use Filme Lite

In addition to trimming videos, adjusting noise levels, adding background audio, and reversing videos, Filme Lite has the ability to add various effects to a TikTok video.

You can use Film Lite with any Apple product, such as an iMac, iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

After uploading your TikTok video onto Films Lite, you can customize it as you see fit. # Reverse a TikTok Video

Use Reverse Video

“Reverse Video” is a free video editing software that can be used to edit any type of video, including Tiktok videos. # Reverse a TikTok Video

A video reversing feature can be found in its easy-to-use interface that offers various video editing features. Just upload your video and select “Reverse” in the “Effects” menu.


It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for social media lovers and content creators due to the combination of TikTok’s creativity and Snapchat’s snappy features.

You now have another tool in your arsenal to craft engaging, mind-bending stories with TikTok videos reversed on Snapchat, keeping your audience hooked.

In the ever-evolving world of short-form video content, remember this technique the next time you need a little magic in your social media game. It is a simple yet effective way to stand out from the crowd.

Reversing TikTok videos on Snapchat is your ticket to creating memorable content that leaves a lasting impression and keeps your followers eagerly anticipating your next post, whether you’re sharing funny moments, artistic masterpieces, or unforgettable memories.

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