How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights? Right Now

How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights? The captivating feature known as “Highlights” on Instagram has emerged as a platform for people to curate their stories and share their journeys in the dynamic world of social media.

These curated collections of Stories provide a glimpse of the moments that define us.

Your Highlights can, however, be arranged in a creative way to tell the most compelling story. # How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

This blog will examine the art of rearranging Instagram Highlights and reveal the steps you can use to create a visual narrative that reflects your unique journey and resonates with your audience.

What Are Instagram Story Highlights?

You can choose which stories you want to show as highlights on your Instagram profile.

These stories remain on your profile until you decide to remove them.

Whatever you want to upload can be uploaded, including photos and videos.

Adding a story to highlights will put it next to the last story on the list. Highlights are categorized chronologically, so adding a story to highlights will place it next to the last.

With the introduction of Highlights, you can repost Instagram Stories by searching for them in the Story Archive. # Instagram Story Highlights

Is There a Feature to Reorder Your Instagram Highlights?

In Instagram, you can reorder your Highlights.

The curated story collection feature allows you to arrange your stories in a way that makes sense to you, allowing you to curate the aesthetics and storytelling of your profile.

How to do it:

1. Open Your Profile: 

Make sure you’re logged in to your Instagram account before you launch the Instagram app on your phone.

Tap on your profile picture or username at the bottom-right corner to access your profile.

2. Access Highlights: 

Usually located just below the bio, the “Highlights” section is located at the bottom of your profile page.

3. Reorder Highlights: 

Reorder your Highlights by tapping and holding on the one you want to move. The Highlight will expand, and you can drag it where you want it. # Is There a Feature to Reorder Your Instagram Highlights

4. Drop to Reorder: 

You can move a Highlight among your other Highlights by dragging it. As you move the Highlight, the other Highlights will shift to make room for the rearrangement.

5. Release to Save: 

When you release your finger, the Highlight will be dropped in the new position. The other Highlights will automatically adjust accordingly.

For other highlights, repeat steps 6 and 7: 

Changing the order of multiple Highlights is as simple as tapping and holding each one and dragging it to where it should be.

7. Review and Save: 

When you are satisfied with the new arrangement, click Save Changes. Once you are satisfied with the new arrangement, click Save Changes.


Take into account how viewers will interact with your Highlights as they tap through them.

Maintain visual consistency: If you are using custom Highlight covers, make sure they still match the content and sequence after rearranging them.

Keeping your Highlights relevant and engaging requires regular updates as you share new Stories. # Is There a Feature to Reorder Your Instagram Highlights

How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

For whatever reason, you can reorder Instagram Highlights, although it might not work as you expected.

There is no rocket science involved either; just follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go! # How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

Step 1: Log In to Your Instagram Account

Start by opening your Instagram profile.

It is not possible to edit a highlight from the Instagram browser version, so make sure you use the mobile app.

Instagram Highlights
Instagram Highlights

Step 2: Upload a New Story to Instagram

Obviously, reordering a Story Highlight is not possible with some feature. Therefore, this harmless hack is necessary.

Share a new story on your profile, whether it’s a photo, video, multiple photos, or anything else you desire.

Step 3: Select “Add to Instagram Highlights”

When you have uploaded the story, you need to select the option called “Highlight.” # How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

You have two options here: either use this story as a new cover for other Highlights, or select other Highlights you have already posted.

Step 4: Select the Highlight You Want to Move

Practically speaking, you must click on the highlighted area you wish to move to the beginning of the document.

Assume this Highlight is ranked fourth. 

By tapping on it, you will be able to add the story that you just posted.

Step 5: Tap on “Edit Highlight”

Due to the fact that you uploaded a new story to this Highlight, it will automatically move to the top!

However, the image you uploaded might not relate to the overall content of the Highlight you would like to display first.

To edit the Highlight, hold down your finger and select “Edit Highlight.”

Step 6: Delete the Old Stories and Save the Changes

You will need to remove the story you just uploaded after tapping “Edit Highlights.”.

By doing this, the desired story will move to the top of your Highlight List. # How To Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

Why are My Instagram Highlights Not Loading?

The Instagram highlights feature is a great way to share your pictures and videos with your followers!

There is, however, a problem with them: they are not loading for some users. This is most likely caused by an error in your phone’s settings.

You can check if your highlights are showing up again by restarting your phone and figuring out if the app is experiencing network issues.

Your Instagram highlights aren’t showing up because your internet connection is too weak or you are experiencing a technical issue.

If that doesn’t work, try switching to a different browser, or uninstalling your VPN. If that doesn’t work, try the steps below.

When viewing Instagram highlights, turn off your VPN before you begin. You can then follow the tips below after you have disabled your VPN.

How Do I Reposition Highlights on Instagram?

If you don’t want your Instagram photos to be added to your story, you can easily rearrange them in the highlights. To add photos to an Instagram account, open the app and go to their profile.

Tap the “+” button to add the photos to the highlights. Select the photos and click “Create.” Once the photos are selected, click “Create.”

Your Highlights can also be rearranged by choosing the cover image. The cover image will appear in a circle on your profile.

You can select one from the Story within the Highlight, or you can upload one directly from your camera roll.

After you have rearranged your highlights, make sure you save any changes you have made. You can pinch, zoom, and drag the photos you have selected.

Your highlight covers can be used to invite your followers to explore your story deeper than just creating an eye-catching cover. The font can even be chosen to match the rest of the text.

Highlight covers should reflect the content in your story. To attract more followers, share highlights of your closest friends and family.

Your followers will appreciate you giving them a glimpse into your personal life, and it will help you build a relationship with them as well.


Instagram Highlights emerge as a powerful tool for storytelling and self-expression as we navigate the digital landscape.

Organizing your visual narratives allows you to emphasize what is most important to you as you guide your audience through your journey.

Instagram’s commitment to giving users creative agency to shape their digital presence is demonstrated by its decision to rearrange Highlights.

You can make a lasting impression by strategically organizing your Highlights, telling a compelling story, and amplifying your online persona.

This feature is a reflection of your unique narrative, a combination of memories, experiences, and moments that come together to define you in the vibrant tapestry of the digital world as you explore it.

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