Have you heard of Ping Pong tester? If not, let me inform you. There are thousands of websites and apps released every day and some of these products are not perfect. This is where Ping Pong Tester steps in to help.

Founded in 2005, Ping Pong is a UK-registered startup that conducts effortless user research on behalf of clients worldwide. It is important for companies to seek feedback on their apps and websites in order to create great products and services for everyone.

One of the best ways to receive that feedback is through personal interviews with customers.

Your precious time is being used to help provide this valuable feedback as a tester, and you are being paid for your time. In addition to its international tester panel, Ping Pong has instant panels with testers from all over the world.

User testing sessions and friendly user interviews allow you to provide feedback on apps and websites with Ping Pong.

What Is Ping Pong?

In PingPong, you can complete different tests from the comfort of your own home and get paid for each test. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback to different brands around the world.

You can not only get paid to test websites as you would with Usertesting but you can also get paid to test mobile apps.

Almost certainly, you are familiar with the brands they work with.

There is no testing site out there that works without researchers, so it is important to have two different people benefit from the site. You can get paid to test other people’s ideas, or you can get access to tools and users to test your own ideas.

Refer a friend to Ping Pong and get $5

Starting out, you may not see any studies for some time. In the dashboard, you will notice an option to earn money if you invite others to the platform.

Ping Pong will give you $5 for each person you invite who completes their first task.

Ping Pong Tester

Once your personalized link appears, you can start promoting it immediately. You can also post it directly to your social media accounts using the links.

Market research is an easy way to easily earn additional income if you already have a following or know friends who are interested.

Getting Started

Over 40’000 testers are currently registered with them. The majority of users are from the UK and the United States is the second-largest user base.

However, this testing site is available worldwide despite its demographic requirements.

A webcam, a laptop, and an internet connection are the only three items you need.

However, most computers come with a built-in camera, so you may only need two. There are two ways to create an account.

This requires you to fill in your details, such as your email address and country, or you can use your Google account to sign up.

The next page requires around five minutes of your time to fill in some background information.

You will need to provide your job title, PayPal email address, gender, and age so they can pay you.

How Does Ping Pong Work?

The next step is to wait for Ping Pong to match your details with relevant studies once you have set up your account.

If you made an account just like me, then you will likely not have any studies appear to you right away.

Ping Pong Tester

Upon receiving them, you will receive an email inviting you to a meeting. When you do the task and during the interview, you will be required to share your screen so that the interviewer can see how you work with their service.

Additionally, you will receive feedback from the interviewer about your experience. For each test, you can earn a certain amount of money.

A 20-minute survey can typically be worth $20, whereas a 40-minute survey will be worth $40.

How to Join Ping Pong & Become a website tester

What do you need to sign-up? An internet connection and a laptop/computer with a webcam (inbuilt or external) are required. Sign-up is not restricted to residents of any particular country (open to residents worldwide).

How does it work? You need to fill out all the details in your profile when you sign up to be a tester. You get an invitation via e-mail when you match certain demographic requirements for the researcher’s tester.

As part of the invitation, you will learn when your interview is scheduled and how much money you will earn for taking part. You can choose the date and time that works best for you by clicking on the invitation.

The majority of the interviews take place on the Ping Pong website, as they have a built-in video calling system that eliminates the need for Skype and other platforms.

You’ll be given a website link to visit and asked to share your screen with your interviewer during the session.

During their product demonstration, they’ll ask you a few simple questions, all you have to do is answer them honestly or explain your reactions to the product while you’re looking at it, so they can learn from your experience.

Most testers received a 5-star rating after their first interview.

How do you get paid? Payments are made after 7 days from the interview and are transferred directly into your PayPal account or into your bank account via Transferwise.

A 30-minute interview is worth 20 Euros, whereas a one-hour interview is worth 40 Euros.

Some researchers may even receive a higher payout, between 100 and 200 Euros per hour, when they have very specific requirements.

Why You Should Become Ping Pong Tester

1. Available Worldwide

In most cases, testing companies only work with people from certain countries, so you don’t see testing websites that are available for everyone.

In essence, this means that people from those places can only sign up to participate and complete the studies.

Since they work with different brands all over the world, you will also be invited to join studies no matter where you are. For me, that was what made Ping Pong so attractive.

Ping Pong Tester

2. Payout Well

$20 for only 20 minutes of work is a decent wage when you’re not paid on an hourly basis.

You are also getting paid well for taking part in their tests, since the work you are doing is not strenuous.

Signing up for Ping Pong is worth the cost since there are several jobs out there that don’t pay anything like that for an hour of work.

If you’re trying to build income streams and want to add a site that pays well to your list, go for this.

3. Referral Program

I have touched on two income streams you can get from Ping Pong, both of which I have already discussed.

You can also earn money through the referral program, which I think is just as good as the studies themselves because you are rewarded with $5 for every referral you make.

This is an easy way to make money, even if you only have a few minutes.


On the whole, I’m impressed with what Ping Pong has to offer. The studies pay out well, and it’s good whether you’re a tester or a researcher.

No matter where you’re from, you can get registered as they offer opportunities to anyone around the world.

Ping Pong is something I recommend, so if you are comfortable showing your face and talking to an interviewer, then this is what you need. Our Ping Pong Website Testing review comes to an end now.

Thank you for taking the time to read it. If you have any questions or experiences you would like to share with me about the site, please leave me a comment.

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