Nike Affiliate program South Africa: Make $1000 a month

The Nike brand is a fashion brand that makes sports uniforms for local clubs and big clubs. Nike is a major global fashion brand. As soon as I realized there was a Nike Affiliate Program South Africa, I was amazed.

nike affiliate program

Nike is an ambassador for most top football clubs, NBA teams, and some other sports.

Therefore, Nike has already established itself as an authority. Before someone buys through your affiliate link, you do not have to thoroughly explain everything.

What is Nike Affiliate Program?

Nike’s Affiliate Program is a program designed for Affiliate Marketers, E-Commerce Sites, and Dropshipping Merchants to apply and earn commissions from Nike’s productions.

Despite the fact that this affiliate program is not very common among others.

Drop shippers and only e-commerce experts are truly interested in the Nike Affiliate program.

Therefore, if your website is about sports reviews and analysis.

Join The Nike Affiliate program South Africa

Nike’s Affiliate Program does not operate directly. The Nike Affiliate Program can be accessed via CJ Affiliates.

Alternatively, you can register with AWIN Affiliate Network.

You should know something, though. Nike is a top brand and one of the biggest in the world.

nike affiliate

Even though it may not be as strict as others, they don’t easily accept Affiliates.

However, they scrutinize before accepting and promoting Nike’s products.

For best results, you should have your own website or YouTube channel.

In order for your approval to be quick. 

Nike Affiliate Program Commission

Although Nike’s affiliate commission is not as high as other affiliate programs, it is worth the stress.

Their website sells nothing below $100, so it’s worth the hassle.

The following is a complete list of the benefits of joining Nike affiliate program

  • Receive a commission of up to 11% on all sales
  • Cookies valid for 30 days
  • Full range of affiliate banners based on category
  • Promotional materials specifically for Nike By You
  • Product feeds that are automated
  • Offers and new products are frequently communicated to affiliates
  • Competitions and promotions run by affiliates offer gifts

How To Promote Nike affiliate Products

There are numerous ways to promote affiliate products. Here are a few that you can utilize with Nike affiliate program.

1. Run Paid Ads

As much as I encourage beginners to stick to organic ads, running paid ads that fit your budget is also a good idea. Before you invest money in ads, make sure that everything is ready for marketing.

One of the great things about Nike affiliate products is that they are always marketing, that is, they are always trusted worldwide. It is just a matter of creating a landing page and setting its parameters.

Creating advertisements is as simple as setting a budget and running them.

Alternatively, you can run native ads only for sports and fashion websites, and have your banner appear there.

Your ads will be found by those looking for sports updates and can be purchased.

2. YouTube

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is extremely popular! This is the place where affiliate links can be posted among other things. In consequence, you can use this channel for all your affiliate marketing needs without having to create a website!

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In order to succeed on YouTube, you will need to create valuable content associated with your offer. Reviewing products or rounding up categories are obvious ways to promote your brand, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Here you can create YouTube videos and reviews on Nike affiliate products i.e. new Nike products.

3. Join Sports Forums

Last but not least, we will talk about how to promote Nike’s products through sports forums.

Sports forums like are plentiful on the internet, and you can easily join one or a few of them to promote your business.

In order to participate in these forums, you need to engage with them rather than merely spamming them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Facebook group you join – you cannot decide just to spam the group.

Read more here

A Guide To Promoting Nike Affiliate Programs

You can use a few strategies to market your Nike affiliate program.

Any method you use to promote your affiliate program will work, whether you use Facebook or any other method.

These are also very important tricks to keep in mind so that you can scale higher.

1. Do Product Comparison 

It is always advisable to compare Nike’s product with that of other Related brands.

Then you can compare their products with those of other brands, like Adidas, Puma, Fila, Reebok, etc.

You can write a blog post about this so people who are searching online will come across it.

Be clear and honest in your compassion and avoid manipulating brains.

2. Offer Bonuses

If you are an affiliate marketer and you are not provided with access to a variety of products as an affiliate.

If you do that, you will lose out on some affiliate commissions that would normally be yours.

Just because you did not mention one bonus in your affiliate promotion for Nike’s products.

Nike affiliates who offer bonuses for their affiliate products can easily beat you to sales.

3. Payment for freebies

Affiliate marketers rely on freebies to build their tribe nowadays.

The best way to start building your email list is by offering a freebie on social media or wherever you are.

Encourage them to get something from you for free – it doesn’t have to be a tangible item, just one that they can download.

You can use it to find out how to stay trendy or to find out anything that relates to your niche.

I am sure you are in the fashion niche if you are promoting Nike’s products.

If you want them to stay trendy or convert, you can give them something they will like.


Nike affiliate program South Africa has definitely got potential. A big brand like Nike will pay a high commission and the referral period will be 30 days.

Among the downsides of this program is the high level of competition. Many Nike affiliates are promoting Nike so much that ranking for keywords with higher buyer intent has become increasingly difficult.

Despite this, don’t let it stop you from pursuing your goals. There are strategies you can use to make money promoting Nike products. Hopefully, the Nike affiliate program South Africa will help you kickstart your Nike affiliate journey. Kudos!!!

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