Nike is known for its high-quality athletic wear, especially athletic shoes, for men and women. Nike’s Affiliate Program lets you earn commissions when you refer people to their affiliate links.

Nike affiliate program India has attracted a fair amount of attention lately. This is largely due to Nike’s ubiquity. The company has dominated the sportswear industry for decades and it is likely to do so for many years to come.

 Is this something you should be concerned about? The fact is you can actually make money from selling Nike products without owning them. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how to do that effectively! By the end of this article, you will understand how the Nike affiliate program India works.


Furthermore, you will be able to use it effectively in order to build a full-fledged affiliate marketing business.

Nike affiliate program India 

The company Nike is one that needs no introduction. For this reason, promoting their products can be very beneficial.

 If you are interested in joining their affiliate program, click here.

 Alternately, you can become an affiliate through the Commission Junction affiliate network. The advantage of this strategy is that you will get to promote products not only from Nike but also from other companies.

Nike affiliate program India

In addition, there are some disadvantages associated with Commission Junction that we will discuss later. If someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie will be placed on their computer that lasts for a week. Essentially, you can still get a commission if someone you refer buys a Nike product after 6 days if they don’t buy right away.

Nike affiliate program India commissions 

After we’ve handled the boring stuff, let’s talk about what matters to you. The top end of Nike products pays you 11% commission. I think this is a good idea, as they also have a variety of expensive items you can promote.

You get a much better commission structure than on Amazon, where you sometimes get 1%. You can also earn 1% commission by advertising Nike products on Commission Junction. It is therefore best to sign up directly on Nike’s website since there is quite a difference.

You will also get a 30 day cookie period if you sign up via the Nike website, as opposed to only 7. You will always be credited for sales earned through your affiliate link after one month after someone clicks on it. In any case, I know a couple of friends who make good money promoting Nike goods through Commission Junction, so you shouldn’t ignore it completely.

Nike affiliate program India

 It is necessary for you to become good at running paid ads in order to gain traffic. You can do this on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Google, and my personal favorite, Facebook 

How to make money with Nike affiliate program India

People trust Nike because it is a well-known company. Therefore, you won’t have to do as much “selling” to get people to purchase your products.

Furthermore, there is a huge variety of products to choose from, so you have many options. There are many ways to promote an affiliate product, but for the purpose of this article let’s stick to the free methods.

#1. Start a blog

 Building your own website is one of the cheapest methods of starting an affiliate business. The cost is around $120 for an annual subscription. This is not free, however. The process requires a lot of effort and dedication initially. This period is the first six months.

It’s because of the reliance you have on Google to rank your site on the first page to get traffic. Getting traffic is a long process because Google does not trust your website. The key is to create consistent content and not get discouraged when the results don’t show up right away. Basically, you will have to write articles about Nike products.

In the beginning, it is best to focus on a single category, as this will be easier to manage. Let’s say that your category is “running shoes”.

Make a list of the top 5 blue Nike running shoes by writing an article titled, “Best Blue Nike Running Shoes”. In the case of an article entitled “Best Nike Shoes,” you are unlikely to receive traffic.

The reason for this is that there are other more established websites ranking for this, so Google will not rank your brand new website in place of them.

Therefore, starting your own website and getting traffic through search engine optimization is the best choice if you’re on a tight budget. 

Nike affiliate program

#2. Become an Instagram Influencer

You’ll probably enjoy this one more if you’re a girl. You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing if you build a large following on Instagram. By taking cool photos with you wearing Nike shoes or some other product you want to promote, and directing people to your website, you can increase awareness of your products.

In addition, you can earn money by giving shoutouts and building your own brand. In order to get traffic, you can pay other people for shoutouts instead of becoming an influencer yourself. You might want to consider Instagram affiliate marketing since a lot of people make good money with it. 

Affiliate marketing with social media

#3. Create Youtube Videos

Starting a YouTube channel would be another option. This may be the best choice if you feel comfortable on camera.

Often, YouTube videos describe affiliate programs in their descriptions. The majority of YouTubers have Amazon affiliate links and other affiliate links.

However, it is not enough to show one video. It will take a lot of posts for you to get some traction, and there won’t be many views at first. This idea isn’t for everyone, and I can understand that. The fact is, if you don’t pay for traffic, you will need to put time and effort into getting it to work.

Now that we have established that, let’s explore the most effective ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

#4. Youtube ads

 Facebook ads are usually more expensive than Google and YouTube ads. You get instant traffic from them, so they can help you build a profitable affiliate business. In addition, you can simply turn it off when you don’t get a winning ad. Any online business can be built most easily and most profitably by running paid ads.

Once mastered, it will serve you for the rest of your life. Once you are good at driving traffic, it will be possible to build any type of online business.

It’s usually very cheap to advertise on YouTube, and it’s also very profitable. It’s definitely worth starting with them if you don’t have so much money.

You can then move on to Google ads, which are somewhat more difficult to run once you get the hang of it. SAS teaches you how to build an affiliate business from A to Z, which is why I recommend investing in it.

#5. Facebook ads

A profitable affiliate business can be built with Facebook ads and they are likely to stay that way for a long time. After all, Facebook has more information about individuals than anyone else. Your scrolls, clicks, likes, etc. are all tracked by Facebook. They are therefore excellent at targeting the correct audience.

I recommend you try it because this is the way I make most of my money online. Your business will run on only 1-2 hours of work per day once you are good at this.

In the event of a winning advertisement, you can basically keep pouring money into it. You should definitely consider investing in Commission Hero if you’re looking to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business with Facebook ads. It’s one of the best things you can do if you have the budget.


Nike is among the most trustworthy companies on the planet. In other words, promoting their products as an affiliate will most likely result in a lot of conversions.

You will have to write a lot of articles and wait a long time to see results if you decide to go the low-budget route and build your own website. However, this will give you a distinct advantage.

For those who have a budget, paid ads are definitely a good place to start. By leveraging social media, you will have the ability to scale much faster than blogging. You will also be able to collect leads and build a mailing list. That would be an even more valuable asset than the blog itself.

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