What Is Multi Capture on Instagram? Right Now

What Is Multi Capture on Instagram? Despite the constant evolution of social media, Instagram continues to amaze and delight its users with new features and tools every day.

“Multi Capture” is one such feature that’s made waves in recent times.

If you’re a frequent Instagram user or someone looking to enhance your Instagram experience, you’ve probably heard about this new feature.

Multi Capture is not just a single tool; it’s a game-changer that empowers users to create engaging and dynamic content in a whole new way.

As we explore the creative possibilities offered by Multi Capture on Instagram in this blog, we’ll dive deep into what it is, how it works, and why it is so popular.

Multi Capture is a fascinating topic for anyone, be it a content creator, a business looking to expand their Instagram presence, or simply a curious Instagram enthusiast.

Is it hard to figure out what Instagram’s “Multi Capture” is? It’s an in-built story feature. You can take multiple photos at the same time.

Once you have uploaded the photos, you can upload a streak of stories to your Instagram account. You no longer have to upload them one by one on Instagram.

Simply slide into your story and take all the pics at once. You can then upload them to your story.

This new Instagram element gives users an easy and cool way to upload pictures instantly to their Insta stories.

Do you think you will be taking advantage of this new Instagram feature?

Multi Capture on Instagram

Keeping our memories alive is what Instagram is all about. Users are encouraged to upload their pictures as posts or stories. Instagram stories have been the most popular feature among users.

There are plenty of options there for boomerangs, layouts, hands-free videos, and filters. Instagram has introduced a feature called “multi capture”.

With this feature, you can take pictures and videos with the Instagram camera. You can stack up the posts and upload them to Instagram stories all at once.

How To Use Multi Capture on Instagram?

The next step is to find out how to upload stories using Instagram’s Multi Capture. That’s why we have developed a method to help you add stories using Instagram’s Multi Capture.

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

First, you’ll have to download Instagram to your phone. Open the app or download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once you’ve got it, you can move on to the next step. # Use Multi Capture on Instagram

Step 2: Open the Story Section on Instagram

You’ll see a menu tray on the left middle side of the screen when you click on the “plus” icon at the upper left portion of the screen (appearing with your display image).

Step 3: Click on the Multi Capture Option

Next, you’ll see a dialog box on the screen. Next, tap on the downward arrow icon. There is an option called “Multi Capture”.

When you select it, you’ll be presented with a multi capture mode, where you can take pictures and videos.

Step 4: Take Pictures That You Wish To Add to Your Story

In the present time, the Instagram feature allows you to take up to 8 stories at once. Both images and videos can be added to the story.

In order to take multiple photos at once, it is necessary to use Instagram’s camera.

Step 5: Upload the Multi Capture Stories on Instagram

If you have already added the image to multiple capture mode, you can upload them by clicking on the icon of multi capture in the lower left corner of your screen.

You will be directed to a story page. Tap “Next” to upload them. # Use Multi Capture on Instagram # Multi Capture Stories on Instagram

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Story

  1. When you’re on the Instagram “New Post” page, scroll down to choose ‘Story’ from the options. 
  2. You must tap on the image at the bottom-left of the app screen in order to begin. 
  3. On the top-right of your screen, there’s an option that says ‘Select Multiple’. Tap that option. 
  4. When you have selected all the images you wish to use from your Gallery, tap the ‘Next’ button. 
  5. Your Story is now displayed with different stickers you can add. 
  6. If you’d like to make your Story public, simply tap ‘Share’, then on ‘Done’ to publish it. Instagram will now display a list of your followers to whom you can send your Story. 

There you have it. It’s now possible to add more than one photo to your Instagram Story.

It may happen that you do not have the photos you want to share on your Gallery at the time.  # Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Story

Multi Capture on Instagram
Multi Capture on Instagram

Can you make a Story by snapping several new photos and sharing them directly from the Instagram app?

Using the ‘Layout’ option on your camera will allow you to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story at once. # Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Story

How to access Instagram camera tools?

  1. Go to Instagram and open it
  2. On the upper left corner, tap your profile picture
  3. Tap “Camera” to turn on your camera
  4. For access to Camera Tools, tap Camera. Image credit: Screenshot / Instagram.
  5. Located on the left side of the screen are the camera tools.
  6. Tapping the arrow brings up a list of all Camera Tools
  7. You can see the full list of Camera Tools by tapping the arrow.

You will be able to see the full list of Camera Tools after tapping the arrow. # Instagram camera

What Is Multi Capture on Instagram?

Instagram introduced the Multi Capture feature to enhance the way you create content on the platform, an exciting and innovative feature. # What Is Multi Capture on Instagram?

With just one push of the shutter button, this tool turns your smartphone into a dynamic, multi-frame camera, enabling users to capture multiple photos or short videos in quick succession.

Here are a few examples of how Multi Capture works and the creative possibilities it opens up:

1. Easy Access: 

Using the Instagram camera, you can access Multi Capture by clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen.

The icon looks like stacked rectangles, indicating the ability to take multiple images.

2. Rapid Shooting:

By tapping the Multi Capture icon, you will be able to take a series of pictures or short videos while holding down the shutter button.

The camera will continue to take pictures or videos as long as you keep holding the shutter button down. # What Is Multi Capture on Instagram?

3. Editing and Selection: 

The best shots and clips from your Multi Capture session can be reviewed and selected for sharing, so you can make sure your followers see the most engaging and visually appealing content.

4. Creative Possibilities: 

This feature allows you to create short video sequences in addition to still photos.

By combining different shots, you can capture action sequences, showcase products from multiple angles, or craft engaging narratives.

It opens up a world of creative possibilities. # What Is Multi Capture on Instagram?

5. Storytelling: 

Instagram’s Multi Capture feature is ideal for telling compelling stories.

Whether you’re sharing a travel adventure, documenting a day in your life, or promoting your brand, this feature lets you capture and present your content creatively and effectively.

6. Time-Saving: 

With Multi Capture, you can capture a series of moments in quick succession, instead of taking individual shots or clips separately.

7. Enhanced Engagement: 

Users are more likely to interact with a series of carefully curated shots or clips if the content is visually appealing. Multi Capture can help you boost engagement on your Instagram posts.

Therefore, Multi Capture provides Instagram users with a versatile tool for creating content that is unique and eye-catching. # What Is Multi Capture on Instagram?

A seamless and user-friendly way to enhance your storytelling and creativity on Instagram, Whether you’re a casual user looking to add flair to your posts or a content creator looking to captivate your audience.

This feature offers a seamless and user-friendly way to enhance your storytelling.


It is evident from our exploration of Instagram’s Multi Capture feature that this feature is much more than just a trend; it’s a valuable tool that enhances your social media presence.

Whether you’re sharing your everyday moments, promoting your business, or trying to stand out from the crowd, Multi Capture provides an easy-to-use and dynamic storytelling tool.

Using Instagram, users can create multiple clips in one take, experiment with a variety of camera angles, and seamlessly weave them together into engaging narratives.

Multi Capture is an invaluable addition to your Instagram toolkit, whether you’re showcasing products, creating immersive stories, or simply expressing yourself more vividly.

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