What Is The Middle Button On Facebook Dating? In this article, we will discuss what the middle button on Facebook Dating is and how it operates.

If you are using Facebook Dating, you may have noticed that a button appears on the profile of every user.

This button has a unique function that makes Facebook Dating stand out from other dating apps.

In 2019, Facebook introduced a dating feature called “Facebook Dating,” and although it hasn’t gained much traction yet, it is an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to create a new profile or download another dating app.

What Is The Middle Button On Facebook Dating

The “Like” button on Facebook Dating indicates that you are interested in another user’s profile.

When you click the “Like” button on another user’s profile, the other user is notified that you are interested in them.

The other user will be notified if they like your profile as well, and you can begin chatting.

However, if they do not like your profile, you will not be matched.

Note that Facebook Dating is separate from the main Facebook platform, and your dating activity will not be shared with your Facebook friends or published on your Facebook profile.

By doing so, you will be able to gain additional privacy and concentrate solely on finding potential matches through the Facebook Dating platform.

About Facebook dating 

Users can create separate dating profiles within the Facebook app and match with other users according to their interests, preferences, and other factors using the Facebook Dating feature.

In 2018, it was initially launched in select countries and has been expanded to other regions around the world since then.

Users must be at least 18 years old and have installed the latest version of the Facebook app on their mobile device in order to be able to use Facebook Dating.

Additionally, they can add photos to their dating profile, which is separate from their regular Facebook profile.

As a result of their preferences and interests, users can search for potential matches, and they can send “likes” to indicate interest in other users’ profiles.

Through the Facebook Dating messaging feature, users can communicate with each other if they “like” each other’s profiles.

A unique feature of Facebook Dating is “Secret Crush,” which allows users to add nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers to their secret crush list.

It is likely that both people will be notified of a match if the other person adds them to their secret crush list as well.

With Facebook Dating, users will be able to connect with potential matches via Facebook and establish meaningful relationships.

What is the star in the middle on Facebook Dating?

There is a unique feature on Facebook Dating that allows you to show extra interest in someone’s profile by clicking the “Super Like” button.

A notification will be sent to the user when you tap the Super Like button.

It is an excellent way to catch the attention of someone you’re serious about, as well as increasing your chances of matching with them.

If the person you Super Like does not like your profile back, you will not be able to match with them.

Additionally, if the person you Super Like does not like your profile back, you will not be able to match with them.

On Facebook Dating, the Super Like feature is a fun and exciting way to show interest in someone’s profile, and it can potentially lead to meaningful relationships.

Therefore, when you are really interested in someone’s profile, do not hesitate to send them a Super Like and see what happens next.

What are the buttons on Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating has a few buttons that are essential to its functionality. Here are the main buttons you will find on Facebook Dating:

Like button:

If someone likes your profile, you will be matched with them, and you can start chatting.

The Like button is located in the middle of a person’s profile. # buttons on Facebook Dating

Pass button:

If you press the Pass button, you will not be able to see that user’s profile again. It can be found to the left of the Like button.

It is used to indicate that you do not wish to see another user’s profile.

Comment button:

Comment buttons can be found on the right side of the Like button. They are used to leave a comment on someone’s profile.

Comments are public and can be viewed by anyone.

Message button:

A message button can be found at the bottom of a user’s profile. If you are matched with someone, you can use this button to contact them. # buttons on Facebook Dating

Profile button:

Profiles can be accessed and edited by clicking the Profile button on the Facebook Dating home screen.

Overall, these buttons make it easy to navigate Facebook Dating and interact with potential matches.

By using them, you can indicate your interest, communicate with other users, and build meaningful connections.

Can anyone see I am on Facebook Dating?

The fact that you are using Facebook Dating is not visible to everyone on Facebook.

Facebook Dating is a separate feature within the Facebook application that requires users to create their own dating profile.

Your dating profile is only visible to other users who are also using Facebook Dating and who have matched your interests and preferences.

A few things to keep in mind are that your Facebook friends won’t be able to see your dating profile, so you won’t be matched with them.

Nevertheless, Facebook may suggest your friends of friends who share similar interests and preferences as potential matches.

A Facebook Dating group will also be able to view your dating profile if you join it.

In order to ensure that users’ personal information and dating activity remain confidential, Facebook has implemented various security measures to ensure that Facebook Dating is designed with privacy in mind.

Middle Button On Facebook Dating
Middle Button On Facebook Dating

There is flexibility in what personal information users share, who matches with them, and who can view their profile.

It is generally considered that Facebook Dating is a private and discreet way to meet potential matches, and only other users will be able to see that you are using the feature.

How do you use Facebook Dating buttons?

It is simple and straightforward to use the buttons on Facebook Dating. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the main buttons:

Like button:

When you see a user’s profile that you’re interested in, click the middle button with a heart icon.

This indicates that you like their profile. If they like your profile back, you’ll be matched, and you can start chatting with each other.

Pass button:

A user’s profile can be passed on if you do not wish to see it anymore by clicking the left button with an X icon.

Comment button:

Leaving a public comment on a user’s profile is as simple as clicking the right button with the speech bubble icon.

Type your comment and press enter. Your comment will be visible to anyone viewing the user’s profile.

Message button:

After you have been matched with a user, click the bottom button with a message icon.

You will be able to communicate with that user via a chat window.

Profile button:

Adding and removing photos, updating preferences and interests, and editing your personal information is all possible by clicking on the top button with your profile picture.

Overall, using the buttons on Facebook Dating is simple and intuitive.

By using them, you can easily navigate the platform, indicate your interest in potential matches, and start building meaningful connections.


A key feature of Facebook Dating is the middle button, which allows users to express an interest in potential matches.

The middle button provides users with the ability to connect quickly and easily based on shared interests and preferences.

In order to begin a conversation and potentially build a meaningful relationship, users need to use the middle button if they are seeking love on Facebook Dating.