How To Mass Archive Instagram Posts? Complete Guide

How To Mass Archive Instagram Posts? Instagram has become a place where memories, experiences, and moments are shared with the world in a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with the digital realm.

As time passes, our online presence may become cluttered with posts that no longer reflect who we are or what we wish to share, and this is where mass archiving comes in handy.

The right place for you if you’re looking for a way to organize your Instagram profile and get your digital life back in order. # How To Mass Archive Instagram Posts?

With our guide, you’ll learn how to archive your Instagram posts in bulk, preserving the moments that really matter while curating your online presence.

What Is Instagram Archive?

It’s inevitable that people will change their minds about things they post at times. Unfortunately, some people have difficulty changing their minds about particular posts.

There are some posts that are just so great that you don’t know when they’ll catch your eye again, so deleting them isn’t an option.

With Instagram archive, you can find a solution to your dilemma.

This feature lets you temporarily hide a post from your page, then put it back when you decide you want it – perfect for those of us who are indecisive. Isn’t that amazing?

A useful feature of this app is that it allows you to move posts that are no longer relevant at the moment to a part of your profile that can be accessed only by you.

You also have the option of removing posts without deleting them and restoring them at any time.

How to mass archive Instagram posts

The thought of deleting all of your photos is probably what keeps you from considering archiving all your IG posts all at once. So can you archive all your Instagram posts at once?

There is a way to archive all of your Instagram posts in one go. Check out these steps:  

Mobile (iOS and Android)

  1. Sign into your Instagram account by opening the app. 
  2. On the home page, click on your profile photo.
  3. In the upper right corner, tap the hamburger menu.
  4. Choose “Your activity” from the pop-up menu.
  5. You can view your photos and videos by tapping “Photos and videos.” 
  6. From the menu, select “Posts.” # How to mass archive Instagram posts
  7. Choose the option you want by tapping the blue “Select” button. 
  8. Archived photos can be found by clicking on all of them.
  9. In the bottom left corner, click “Archive”.
  10. When the confirmation pop-up appears, tap on “Archive” again.

How do you unarchive a post on Instagram?

The process of unarchiving an image is as simple as clicking a few buttons if you’re feeling sentimental. # unarchive a post on Instagram

Mobile (iOS and Android)

The first step is to locate your archived pictures by following the steps in the previous section.

The next step is to: 

  1. Choose the photo you’d like to restore to your Instagram profile. 
  2. Right-click on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  3. You can show this information on your profile by clicking “Show on profile” in the bottom pop-up menu.

How do I temporarily archive Instagram posts?

A temporary archive is a great way to hide Instagram posts from your profile without permanently deleting them. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open Instagram

Get the Instagram app for your smartphone and launch it. # temporarily archive Instagram posts

Step 2: Access Your Profile

To access your profile, tap on the picture of your profile in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Open “Posts”

In your profile, tap the “Posts” icon just below your bio to see all your posts organized in a grid.

Mass Archive Instagram Posts
Mass Archive Instagram Posts

Step 4: Select Posts to Archive

To archive a post temporarily, tap on it. This will open the full post in a new browser tab.

Step 5: Archive the Post

You can open a pop-up menu with various options by tapping the three dots (ellipsis) icon at the top-right of the post. # temporarily archive Instagram posts

Step 6: Choose “Archive”

Select “Archive” from the menu to temporarily hide the post from your profile and archive it.

Step 7: Viewing Archived Posts

If you want to see your archived posts, go back to your profile and tap your profile picture.

Once the profile picture is open, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner to display the archived posts.

Step 8: Access Archive

By selecting “Archive,” you’ll be taken to your archive, which provides both archived posts and archived stories.

Step 9: Navigate to Posts Archive

Tap on “Posts” to view all of your archived posts. In the Archive section, you’ll find both Stories and Posts options. # temporarily archive Instagram posts

Step 10: Restore a Post

Adding a temporarily archived post to your profile is as easy as opening the post, tapping on the three dots, and selecting “Show on Profile.” The post will then be available on your profile.

You can restore a post at any time to your profile after temporarily archiving it.

By using this feature, you’ll be able to create a curated and organized feed while keeping the option of bringing back hidden posts whenever you like, making it a useful tool for managing your profile content.

Do unarchived Instagram posts show up on feed?

Instagram posts that have been unarchived don’t automatically reappearance on your feed. Whenever you unarchive a post, it doesn’t appear again in your feed as if it had never been archived.

However, it will no longer appear at the top of your followers’ feeds as a new post, but it will be visible on your profile again.

In your profile grid, unarchiving a post simply means making it visible in its original chronological order again. # Do unarchived Instagram posts show up on feed

The post will appear in the place that it would have been in if it hadn’t been archived, and anyone who visits your profile will be able to view it.

As a result, your followers won’t receive notifications or see the unarchived post in their feeds.

If you want to draw attention to a post you’ve unarchived, you may want to create a new post or story that references the previously archived content.

If you want to highlight or share something again, your followers are more likely to notice it this way. # Do unarchived Instagram posts show up on feed

Where do archived pictures go?

Archive is Instagram’s future self feature. You want to clear photos from your profile right now, but what about later? Those photos can be restored to your profile if you miss them.

You can even see them again without unarchiving them. Here’s how to find them: 

Mobile (iOS and Android)

  1. Use the Instagram mobile app to log in.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click your profile icon.
  3. Click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the upper right corner of your profile.
  4. By selecting “Archive,” you will be able to archive all documents. 
  5. At the top of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu that says either “Stories archive,” “Post archive,” or “Live archive.”.
  6. To view an archive, select it.


A digital footprint has become an integral part of our lives as a whole.

We are nearly finished archiving Instagram posts, but it’s important to recognize that our online presence, just like our physical space, requires occasional organization and tidying.

Our meaningful stories can be elevated by removing the noise of outdated posts. In the same way that we make room for new experiences in our homes, we can now create space for new experiences on our profiles.

Mass archiving isn’t about erasing your past; it’s about curating a digital narrative that represents your present.

So go ahead, declutter your digital story, and reveal your evolving journey for all to see.

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