How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter? Right Now

How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter? Users can create group chats, which enable them to have private discussions with multiple participants.

A Twitter group chat can be a powerful tool for fostering meaningful interactions, whether you’re coordinating an event, planning a project, or simply sharing ideas.

You can harness Twitter’s potential for personal and professional networking by creating a group chat with this guide, which walks you through the steps.

A group chat can be created very easily on Twitter. To do this, click on the message/envelope icon on Twitter.

Adding the names of the recipients in the search bar is as easy as clicking on the envelope icon with a + sign.

Send the message to the recipients, and the group is created. The group can then be named afterward.

Twitter now allows you to create a group chat for you in which you can send messages and exchange greetings simultaneously with multiple people.

Group chats help you convey your message to a larger number of people. # How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter?

What Is A Twitter Group Chat?

The same message often needs to be communicated to numerous business associates, employees, friends, and relatives to ensure they are informed or get their feedback on it.

Twitter’s group chat feature allows a user to send the same message to multiple users simultaneously.

Previously, after a message was sent, all of its recipients would automatically become members of the group and would be able to communicate with each other.

If information is being shared for business purposes, if opinions on a particular topic need to be gathered from the group, if some event is being organized, or if it is for friends, relatives, or if some information needs to be shared among a group of people.

Besides messaging the sender, recipients in a Twitter group chat can also contact each other to discuss the message received. # Twitter Group Chat

How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter?

You can not only communicate publicly with Twitter, but you can also chat with multiple people simultaneously using group chats, the microblogging powerhouse.

In Twitter group chats, you can coordinate with friends, colleagues, or like-minded individuals without broadcasting your conversations to the public.

This guide explains how to set up a Twitter group chat step-by-step. # How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter?

Step 1: Log into Your Twitter Account

By logging in to your Twitter account, you’ll have access to all the features and settings you need to start a group chat.

Step 2: Navigate to Messages

Your Direct Messages (DMs) and conversations can be accessed by clicking the envelope icon on your Twitter homepage.

Step 3: Start a New Conversation

The “New message” button is found at the bottom of your Direct Messages list of existing conversations.

You can create a new group chat by selecting the pencil icon or speech bubble with the plus sign.

Step 4: Add Participants

Using Twitter suggestions, type the usernames of the people you want to add to your group chat.

Select their usernames from the suggestions to add them. You can add multiple people to your group chat. # How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter?

Step 5: Name Your Group Chat

Using a name for your group chat isn’t required, but can be useful if you’re participating in multiple group chats.

Step 6: Type Your First Message

Adding participants and naming your group chat are the next steps. Click the text box at the bottom of the chat window to compose your message.

You can include emojis, GIFs, images, and links just like in regular tweets.

Step 7: Send Your Message

Messages will be sent to the entire group chat once you click “Send” (usually represented by a paper airplane icon).

Step 8: Continue the Conversation

The conversation will unfold within the group chat as participants respond to your message.

You can continue chatting privately, sharing content, and collaborating on different topics. # How To Make a Group Chat on Twitter?

Managing Your Twitter Group Chat:

The participants in your group chat can be added or removed, the chat name can be changed, and you can leave the chat if you no longer wish to participate.

You can connect with other Twitter users more personally and effectively when you create a group chat on Twitter.

You can interact in a space tailored to your needs with Twitter’s group chat feature, whether you’re planning an event, brainstorming ideas, or simply enjoying conversations with friends.

Does Twitter have groups and pages?

Facebook and LinkedIn have traditional “groups” and “pages” that Twitter lacks. However, Twitter contains features similar to Facebook and LinkedIn that allows users to organize and engage with content.

Lists: Twitter allows users to create and manage lists. Lists are curated groups of Twitter accounts that you can organize based on what you want to follow more closely or the type of content you want to follow. 

While lists aren’t exactly like traditional groups, they are a way to group accounts together for easy monitoring.

While lists aren’t exactly like traditional groups, you can make them public if you want others to be able to follow them. # Does Twitter have groups and pages

Group Chats: Twitter users can engage in private conversations with multiple participants using Direct Messages (DMs).

In spite of the fact that it is not exactly the same as groups, it serves a similar purpose of facilitating private discussions among selected individuals.

Threads: Threads connect multiple tweets together as a cohesive narrative. They can be used to share longer-form content, stories, and discussions in a sequential manner.

While not the same as “pages,” threads can help you organize and present information in a structured way.

Spaces: Twitter Spaces is a feature that allows users to create and join live audio conversations. # Does Twitter have groups and pages

Group Chat on Twitter
Group Chat on Twitter

While not a replacement for traditional groups or pages, Spaces can be used to gather people for real-time discussions on various topics. # Does Twitter have groups and pages

I suggest that you check Twitter’s official website for the most up-to-date information on the service’s features and functionalities, since Twitter’s offerings and features might have changed since my last update.

How do you Create a community page on Twitter?

A Twitter Community is a group of Twitter users who have a common interest or identity and can interact in a dedicated space on Twitter.

If you have an idea for a new niche or topic, you can create your own Community, or join one that matches your interests.

These steps will guide you through creating your own Twitter Community:

>> Fill out the Twitter Communities interest form. You can access the form from twitter.

You will need to provide some information about yourself, your Community, the rules of your Community, and the moderators of your Community.

>> Wait for Twitter’s approval. Twitter will review your form and let you know if your Community can be created or not.

The time it will take for the process to be completed depends on the demand and availability of Communities. #Create a community page on Twitter

>> Set up your Community page. If your Community is approved, you will be able to customize your own Community page by adding a name, a description, a cover image, and a profile picture.

You will also be able to invite other Community members and moderate content and conversations within your Community.

Please note that Twitter Communities are still in beta and may change over time.  # Create a community page on Twitter

Can you Create a closed group on Twitter?

Twitter announced Tuesday morning that users can send tweets to private groups while keeping their profiles public.

Twitter Circle, the upcoming feature, will allow users to create private groups of up to 150 followers with whom they can share information they might not feel comfortable divulging to their entire following, or the world at large.

Depending on what you want to do, you can create a closed group on Twitter in a few different ways.

>> If you want to create a closed group for live video streaming, you can use Periscope, which is a service owned by Twitter.

A closed group can be created on Periscope, where only the administrator is allowed to add or remove members and change the group title. # Create a closed group on Twitter

From the management screen, you need to enable the closed group setting to create a closed group on Periscope.

Periscope can be found at:

>> If you want to create a closed group for private messaging, you can use direct messages (DMs), which are built-in to Twitter. A DM allows you to create a private group chat with up to 20 participants.

Only those who are participating can see and send messages to each other. # Create a closed group on Twitter

Creating a private group chat on Twitter involves tapping the envelope icon, tapping the new message icon, selecting the people you want to invite, and starting a conversation.

More information about direct messages can be found at

>> If you want to create a closed group for following tweets, you can use Twitter Lists, which are also built-in to Twitter.

With Twitter Lists, you can create a timeline of tweets from only the accounts on the list. It’s possible to make your lists public or private, as well as to follow other people’s lists.

Creating a private list on Twitter is as simple as tapping the profile icon, tapping Lists, tapping the new list icon, naming your list, selecting Private, adding accounts, and saving it.

Check out for more information about Twitter Lists. # Create a closed group on Twitter

Note that these methods are not the same as establishing a Community on Twitter, which is a dedicated space for people to tweet and interact with each other based on a common interest.

The following link provides more information about Twitter Communities:


Twitter’s group chat feature adds a new dimension to communication in a digital world where connections are made instantly and conversations span the globe.

With the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve uncovered a way to collaborate seamlessly, meet like-minded individuals, and have the opportunity to participate in discussions that matter to you.

It enables you to curate your own private space within the vast Twitter landscape regardless of whether you’re sharing insights, planning endeavors, or simply staying connected.

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