How Long Does Instagram Verification Take? Right Now

How Long Does Instagram Verification Take? We’ll take a look at Instagram verification in this blog and answer one of the most frequently asked questions by content creators and users:

“How long does Instagram verification take?” Verification on Instagram is a symbol of authenticity and prestige and can significantly affect the credibility and reach of an account.

Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or public figure, getting that blue badge can be a game-changer.

Users, however, have been wondering how long it takes to get the much-desired badge as a result of the mystery surrounding Instagram’s verification process.

In this blog, we’ll explain the factors that influence the verification process, as well as provide tips on how to ensure you get verified as quickly as possible by uncovering the intricacies of the verification process.

We are seeking answers and insights into the exciting digital realm of Instagram verification timelines if you have ever wondered what it means.

Once Instagram reviews your application, it verifies its verification criteria.

A notification will appear in the activity section in 30 days telling you whether you qualify or not. Tap on the heart button to find out whether you qualify.

Overview of Instagram verification

In order to become verified on Instagram, you cannot do so for free or directly by following a link.

Instagram’s verification process is quite selective, and certain criteria are used to determine which accounts are eligible to be verified.

Public figures, celebrities, well-known brands, and influencers receive the verification badge, which represents authenticity and credibility.

Using it, users can determine if the account they’re following or engaging with is actually connected to the person or organization they’re following or engaging with.

The following steps can be taken to be considered for Instagram verification:

Build a Strong Presence: 

Make sure your content is high-quality, authentic, and relates to your target audience.

Engage your followers and cultivate a dedicated community.

Be Notable in Your Field: 

There are usually accounts verified on Instagram that are notable or have significant offline presences.

These may include celebrities, public figures, well-known brands, or influencers with a large following.

Complete Your Profile: 

If you want to get the most out of your Instagram account, you need a profile picture, a bio, and relevant information about yourself or your brand.

Link to Official Websites: 

In your profile, include a link to their official website if you are representing a brand or public figure.

Stay Compliant with Instagram’s Rules: 

Avoid actions that could harm your account’s credibility by adhering to Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Request Verification: 

If you want to request free verification, go to your Instagram settings, then Account, and then Request Verification.

You can request verification by filling out the required information and submitting it. It is important to note, however, that submitting a request does not guarantee that it will be verified.

In spite of the fact that Instagram’s verification process remains deliberately secretive, many accounts that meet the criteria may not be verified.

Verification is granted or denied at Instagram’s discretion based on the case-by-case review process.

A notification will be sent directly to you if you’re eligible for verification. If not, keep building your Instagram presence, and you might be able to qualify for verification over time.

You need to remember that the blue checkmark is not your only measure of Instagram success; authentic content and meaningful connections with your audience matter just as much.

How long does instagram verification take?

You only need to apply for the verification badge. Instagram will do the rest by reviewing all your information and checking if you meet their requirements.

In general, if you meet the requirements and are a prominent figure or brand, it shouldn’t take long for you to be verified. You may be approved within an hour, a week, or a month.

There is no way you can speed up Instagram’s verification process after that, since it is entirely determined by the verification procedure it uses. 

Instagram Verification
Instagram Verification

Insta reviews verification requests within 30 days, however, you may be approved and verified much sooner than that.

Verification times vary a lot, depending on the team that reviews those applications. You could be verified within an hour, a week, or a month.

Instagram’s verification process determines the duration, and nothing you can do afterward will speed up the process.

In most cases, you can expect to hear back from Instagram in 30 days, whether you are approved or not.

How Can You Get Verified on Instagram?

Two methods are available for verifying your identity:

Method 1: Apply for an Instagram Verification Badge

If you want to apply for verification directly in the app, you must have a notable account. 

If your account is to appear on Google, then you must represent a well-known brand, person, or business that is highly searched.

The following five steps will guide you through the process of requesting a verification badge for Instagram:

Step 1: Sign into the account you are requesting a badge for. Select “Account” from the Settings menu:

Step 2: Select “Send a Verification Request”: 

Step 3: Enter your username and full name, as well as an identification card (it must be government-issued):

Step 4: Determine your country’s and category’s notability. 

You can also add links to relevant articles or other social accounts that show public interest:

Step 5: After scrolling down, click “Submit”:

Within 30 days of applying, you’ll receive an email notification indicating whether or not your account has been verified. 

The 30-day period following the denial of your request allows you to reapply. 

It is important to know that Instagram may remove verification badges if you switch from public to private too frequently, violate their Terms of Service, or advertise, transfer, or sell your verification.

Method 2: Subscribe to Meta Verified

It is first important to note that Meta Verified is a new subscription service that includes a badge of verification. 

Creators can use the platform to “establish and grow their presence on Instagram and Facebook,” the platform says.

There is currently a monthly fee of $11.99 (USD) for Meta Verified on the web and $14.99 (USD) for Meta Verified on iOS and Android. # Get Verified on Instagram

There are a number of criteria that must be met in order to qualify, including:

  • A minimum age of 18 is required 
  • Obtain a government-issued ID with your name and picture on it 
  • Ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled
  • In addition to that

If you aren’t yet able to use Meta, you can join Meta’s waitlist. Meta is currently being tested in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Here is all the information you need to know about the Meta Verified subscription: Everything You Need to Know About Meta Verified.

So there you have it — Instagram verification in two ways!

You can build trust and credibility for your brand and yourself on Instagram by getting verified beyond the status of a blue check.

These tips can help you whether you’re applying for a badge or signing up for Meta Verified. # Get Verified on Instagram

Your brand can then focus on making quality content and engaging with your audience.

What Does the Verification Form on Instagram Include?

Below we will discuss the three steps that make up the verification form.

Step 1: Confirm Authenticity

Fill out your full name and provide proof of identity there. The name on your ID proof should match the name on your full name.

The document must be uploaded after you have entered the full name and chosen the document type. # Verification Form on Instagram

In addition to a driver’s license, passport, national identification card, tax filing, and utility bill, Instagram accepts articles of incorporation as proof of a company’s existence.

Step 2: Confirm Notability

The account must demonstrate that the public figure or brand it represents represents the public interest.

Use the Category field to select your account’s niche, such as News/Media, Sports, or Entertainment.

Afterwards, you must select your country/region and fill in two optional fields, “Audience” and “Also known as.”

Describe how many fans you have in “Audience” and list all your famous aliases in “Also known as.”

Step 3: Links

In the “Links” section, you can fill out the details and links to your other social media and websites.

In spite of the fact that this section is optional, it is extremely important for Instagram verification and dramatically increases the probability of you receiving positive feedback. 

It is important that you wait until they respond after following these steps diligently. # Verification Form on Instagram


Obtaining an Instagram verification badge can be exciting and exciting at the same time.

Understanding how the verification process works can help you set appropriate expectations, since there is no fixed timeframe for how long it takes.

It is intentional for Instagram to keep its verification process secret, so that only accounts that meet specific criteria receive the blue badge.

It may be quick for some users to receive verification, while others may have to wait a little longer.

Building a strong and authentic presence on Instagram, engaging with your audience, and following Instagram’s guidelines are the key.

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