How do I know my StockX shoe size? GS, PS, TD & I

How do I know my StockX shoe size? It is convenient to purchase shoes online because you have access to a wide range of styles and brands.

However, finding the correct size can sometimes be challenging, especially on platforms such as StockX.

We will examine how you can determine your StockX shoe size and make confident purchase decisions in this blog.

StockX is a popular marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, and knowing your shoe size is crucial to ensuring an ideal fit.

What Does I Mean On StockX?

The smallest size available on StockX is I, which stands for infant.

Infancy sizes are designed for infants and babies under the age of one, as there is little difference between baby boys and baby girls in the shape of their feet.

What Does TD Mean On StockX?

As the name suggests, StockX sells toddler shoes. TD shoes are designed to fit the typical foot size of a toddler.

Shoes by TD are designed for children between the ages of 1 and 3, and the sizes are gender-neutral

What Does PS Mean On StockX?

StockX offers the PS size, which corresponds with the size of an average preschooler’s foot.

It is generally accepted that children between the ages of three and five are the best candidates for these shoes.

However, there are some toddlers with larger feet who may be able to wear PS-sized shoes as well.

What Does GS Mean On StockX?

A GS shoe refers to a child’s foot size that is associated with the size of an average child’s foot, and it is one of the sizes that StockX offers.

This type of shoe is typically made for kids who are aged 6 and over. However, depending on the size of your child’s foot, this may vary.

There are some kids shoes that are gender specific, but when it comes to GS shoes, the gender of the shoe does not matter.

On some children’s shoes, the gender might be indicated, but this is not apparent on GS shoes.

What Does GS, PS, TD And I Mean On StockX?

StockX uses the abbreviations GS, PS, TD, and I to indicate different options for shoe sizing.

Let’s look at what each abbreviation represents as far as shoe sizing is concerned:

GS: GS stands for “Grade School.”

GS stands for general size, and is typically available for older children, usually between the ages of 3.5 years and 7 years.

GS sizes are larger than the sizes that are available for preschools and toddlers. # What Does GS, PS, TD And I Mean On StockX

PS: PS stands for “Preschool.”

The PS size range is usually designed for children who are outgrowing toddlers but are not ready to wear grade school sizes yet.

PS sizes range from around 10.5C up to 3Y in size.

TD: TD stands for “Toddler.”

A TD size is typically a size that fits the youngest children who are just learning how to walk and are doing their best to wear shoes.

A TD size ranges from around 0C to 10C. # What Does GS, PS, TD And I Mean On StockX

I: “I” represents infant sizes.

Typically, infant sizes range from around 0C to 4C and are intended for newborns and very young babies.

Infant sizes vary between newborn and very young baby sizes, and are even smaller than toddler sizes.

It is recommended to select the appropriate sizing abbreviation based on the intended wearer’s age group when browsing shoes on StockX.

It is important to ensure that the size you choose is the right one for the intended wearer if you’re browsing shoes on StockX. # What Does GS, PS, TD And I Mean On StockX

As a buyer or seller of shoes on StockX, it will be helpful for you to know what these abbreviations mean when navigating the sizing options, so that you will be sure to select the correct size for your needs when buying or selling shoes.

What Happens If I Ordered The Wrong Size?

There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges allowed on StockX’s platform if the shoes you ordered are the wrong size.

If you are lucky, you may be able to cancel your StockX order if you ordered the wrong size shoe.

In order to ensure that there will be fair conditions for both buyers and sellers, they maintain a strict return policy as a marketplace.

Since prices are subject to change at any time, it is critical to protect both buyers and sellers from being exploited.

In order to get your shoes back on StockX, however, you’ll need to relist them for their current market value.

Please note that because StockX’s shipping and verification process includes several steps, the price of the shoes can change from the time you order them to receiving them.

It is always a good idea to double check the size of a shoe before placing an order on StockX, both the size number and the classification of the shoe.

Whenever you place an order, double check the size of the shoes you are ordering if you are a man purchasing the shoes for yourself.

StockX shoe size
StockX shoe size

Is UK shoe size same as US?

There is a difference between the sizing systems used in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

Each of these systems uses its own sizing system and it becomes important to understand the differences between the two systems if you are trying to choose the right size for your shoes.

It is generally believed that shoe sizes are measured in the UK using the UK sizing system, which uses whole numbers and corresponds to a specific measurement of foot length.

For example, a UK size 6 corresponds to a specific measurement of foot length.

However, the US uses a slightly different sizing system than the UK, where units of measurement vary based on the length of the foot. # Is UK shoe size same as US

For instance, a US size 6.5 may be equivalent to a UK size 4. On the other hand, the US uses a different sizing system that includes half sizes.

In addition to this, some footwear brands may have their own exclusive sizing scale, which can differ slightly from both UK and US sizes.

Therefore, when purchasing shoes, it is always advisable to refer to the specific brand’s sizing chart in order to ensure a snug fit. # Is UK shoe size same as US

To determine your shoe size accurately in the appropriate system when buying shoes online or internationally, it is necessary to consult conversion charts when buying shoes from abroad.

If you buy shoes from a different region, this will help you make sure that you are picking the right size and that you do not have any problems fitting them. # Is UK shoe size same as US

Change my shoe size on StockX from US to UK?

The following steps will guide you through the process of changing your shoe size on StockX from US to UK:

  1. Access your StockX account by logging in on the StockX website.
  2. You can find your account settings or profile in the top-right corner of any website.
  3. Manage your preferences or personal information by going to your account settings.
  4. Find the “Shoe Size” or “Sizing Preferences” option, and click it to update your shoe size.
  5. Find the section in the sizing preferences where you can choose between US and UK sizes. Select the UK size option.
  6. After selecting the UK sizing option, click “Save” or “Update” to save your changes.

StockX shoe sizes can be changed to UK sizes using these steps in your account preferences. # shoe size on StockX

By doing so, the listings and sizing information displayed on the platform will reflect the UK sizing system.

To ensure your preferences have been updated correctly, double-check them.

Changing your StockX sizing preference only affects the way the sizes appear on the platform when you change them. #shoe size on StockX

Always check the seller’s specific sizing information prior to purchasing shoes, as they may use different size conventions or provide measurements to ensure accurate sizing.


For a seamless and successful shopping experience on StockX, it is necessary to know your shoe size.

Following these steps and utilizing the available resources can assist you in accurately determining your shoe size and making informed purchasing decisions.

You should always refer to the sizing charts provided by StockX and the respective shoe brands when determining your size, as well as brand variations and specific shoe models.

It is possible to browse and purchase sneakers on StockX confidently with the right knowledge of shoe size, knowing that they will fit you comfortably once they arrive. # shoe size on StockX

Therefore, before making your next sneaker purchase on StockX, ensure that you have the correct information by measuring your feet, consulting the sizing guides, and consulting the correct information.

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