How to make money with Kilimall affiliate program

Today, I will show you how to make money with Kilimall Affiliate Program. It is referred to as affiliate marketing. If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is? Then please stay tuned!!

Are you a regular online user? We can browse the web, interact with social media, watch videos, search online, shop, work, and all of the other things the internet offers, right? Today I am going to teach you how to add another element to your strategy – making money online!

Kilimall affiliate program
Kilimall affiliate program

Kilimall is a good affiliate marketing program to consider if you are interested in it. Every since I joined, I have referred lots of qualified sales from my website, and I can only say they are worth it. 

In particular, this is about earning money online with Kilimall from home or anywhere. As you will discover, Kilimall is so much more than just shopping.

Join the Kilimall Affiliate Program

As a Kilimall Affiliate, you can earn revenue from the traffic you direct to Kilimall products. Usually this is possible if you own a website, blog, or even moderate social media following. All you have to do is join our affiliate program for free and receive a referral url that you can share on your blog, website or social networks.

When a user clicks on your link and makes a qualifying purchase, you earn up to 10% commission on that product.

Straight to the point, no surprises – nothing to worry about! Adding relevant links to your posts doesn’t even require that you change your blogging style. You simply write your posts and include links to relevant content.

If you run a tech-oriented blog, you might like to begin reviewing new phones and accessories and including Kilimall Affiliate links in your reviews. You can also earn money from purchases people make after clicking through your links since Kilimall accept and pay for purchases done through your links.

There are already a number of people making good money from Kilimall’s Affiliate Program just a few months after it was launched. The best part is that you do not have to post online. You can easily give your friend your url if they need to buy anything online. The money will be deposited into your bank account or M-Pesa account.

Sell On Kilimall

The Kilimall store would be like any shopping mall in your town if it existed offline. Shopkeepers would open their stores there and customers would buy things. Our system works the same way. Kilimall’s e-shops have been set up by individuals and businesses (both small businesses and huge corporations).

You can join the stress-free mall online mall and earn money while you do other things. Let Kilimall design your e-store for free and sell your stuff on Kilimall. There are no per-item listing fees at Kilimall, and you receive a commission only when your items are sold.

Kilimall the largest online shop offers a new business opportunity with bloggers and website owners through the affiliate program in which one will earn commission.

Affiliate programs are easy to use and you can earn income. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Sign up

If you are interested in joining the affiliate program, please visit and sign up at the bottom (Become an Affiliate Member) and become an Affiliate partner. You will be required to agree to the Affiliate Partner Agreement. Upon logging in, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This will enable you to access the affiliate program back end.

2. Check your Dashboard

Through the ‘promotion’ tab on your affiliate dashboard, you can easily obtain the banners and links for your promotions once you’ve logged into the affiliate dashboard.

3. Select Banners and Links from the Promotions link

On the home page, there are various banners that you can choose from promoting the products available. Affiliate members will be able to get support from the Kilimall affiliate team with the different banners.

Kilimall affiliate program

4. Banners and links

The banner code can be found on the banner page. Just copy and paste it on your blog. Select HTML/ JavaScript/Text in the dashboard. View the ad banner on your blog or website. The link on your page directs visitors to Kilimall if they click it. Depending on your blog, you can choose different banners.

5. Using Deep link generator

To create a deep link, click on the promotions button. Visit and select the product you wish to share via one of the following services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Whatsapp. Because Kilimall Kenya is a Kenyan site, choose it for the deep link generator campaign.

Depending on where you place the link, choose one of the channels. By pasting the copied link on the destination page, a code is generated that can be shared on your social media account.

Shorten the link by copying the URL from your blog/website.

6. Commission Rates

Making money through commissions is the most exciting aspect of this program. There are different commissions for different products. A commission is 2% for mobile phones, 8% for clothing, 8% for shoes, 8% for toys, accessories for kids and 8% for baby products. Both Mpesa and bank transfers can be used to pay the commission.

7. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

When a visitor follows an affiliate link, Kilimall tracks referrals using cookies and IP addresses. A commission is paid to you when a visitor orders and pays for a product.

 You can sell on Kilimall in two ways:

  • Having Kilimall Fulfill your products is the first option. Kilimall will store your products in our warehouses, so that they can be delivered directly to your customers if they order. You won’t have to worry about storing or managing products.
  • Dropshipping is another option. Stock is kept here, and you yourself deliver orders if they come through. You can also have Kilimall pick up your orders and deliver them!

How does your business work? Many of us use Facebook Groups to advertise our products. Why not try Kilimall – we might be able to help you with the marketing and logistics, and sales are almost guaranteed.


Kilimall is an affiliate program that rewards affiliates for referring new customers to the program. Affiliates get paid a percentage of the total sales earned by their referrals.

There are a few things to keep in mind when signing up for the Kilimall affiliate program. First, affiliates must have a valid website and be able to provide proof of referral activity. Second, affiliates must provide Kilimall with accurate tracking information for their referrals. Third, affiliates must agree to a monthly billing schedule.

Kilimall offers a wide range of products and services, so there’s sure to be something that interests affiliates. The affiliate program offers a commission of up to 45%. So, if an affiliate is able to refer a customer that spends $100 with the program, the affiliate will earn $45.

There are a few things affiliates need to keep in mind when promoting the Kilimall affiliate program. First, affiliates need to provide accurate and up-to-date

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