How to Join WhatsApp Group Without Invite? Right Now

 How to Join WhatsApp Group Without Invite? Today, messaging apps have become an integral part of our lives. WhatsApp, in particular, has gained huge popularity due to its easy-to-use interface and robust features.

Among WhatsApp’s key features is its group chat function, which brings together people with common interests to engage in conversations.

The group admin usually invites you to join a WhatsApp group. Nevertheless, how can you join WhatsApp groups without an invite?

In this post, we will go over various methods and techniques for joining WhatsApp groups without an invitation.

With the group’s link, you can join any WhatsApp group. It is possible to access many WhatsApp group links on various directories of WhatsApp groups.

By clicking the link, you become a member of that group. Dedicated apps and websites offer these group links.

WhatsApp Groups

Due to WhatsApp’s primarily a messaging platform, not a social platform like Facebook, joining a group on the biggest messaging platform is not as straightforward as on Facebook, despite both platforms being owned by the same company, Meta.

Generally, WhatsApp groups are created for family and friends. In WhatsApp, it is not possible to search for a group and join it.

Groups in WhatsApp are more of a private business to encourage privacy. 

Everyone has a WhatsApp group with their siblings and cousins where you share absurd things.

It is not uncommon for businesses to create WhatsApp groups, which you are welcome to join if the administrator allows.

The admin adds members via their phone numbers, or you can join with an invitation sent by the admin.

What is the process for joining a WhatsApp group without an invitation from its admin?

How to Join a WhatsApp Group Without Invite?

You may find it difficult to join a WhatsApp group without an invitation, but there are a few methods and techniques you can try.

However, they are not always foolproof, so you should take them with a grain of salt.

Public Group Directories: 

Online directories for public WhatsApp groups are available through several platforms and websites.

These directories categorize groups based on various interests, such as education, sports, entertainment, etc.

You can search for these directories using search engines and explore the groups listed there. When you find a group that interests you, click on the link provided to join.

WhatsApp Group Invitation Links: 

Social media platforms or websites can sometimes be used by group admins to share invitation links.

If you find such links on social media platforms or dedicated WhatsApp group link sharing websites, you can join the group instantly.

You should, however, confirm the group’s legitimacy before joining.

QR Codes: 

QR codes were introduced by WhatsApp as a convenient way for users to join groups without invitations.

Group admins can generate QR codes for their groups, and users can scan these codes using WhatsApp’s camera to join those groups.

QR codes may be shared by group admins on websites, social media, or print media. Look out for QR codes related to the groups you are interested in joining.

Network Connections: 

It is possible that your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances are already members of WhatsApp groups that you wish to join.

Contact them and ask if they are willing to add you to the groups. You might be able to join the group if you have a shared interest or have a connection with someone already there.

Join WhatsApp Group
Join WhatsApp Group

The purpose, rules, and privacy of WhatsApp groups must be respected, even though these methods may help you join them without receiving an invite.

Engage in meaningful discussions within the group and be careful about the content you share.

Additionally, be aware of potential scams or fraudulent groups and don’t share personal or sensitive information in unverified groups.

How to add a number in WhatsApp group without adding contact and without link?

To join a WhatsApp group, the contact must be added as a contact, or the link must be included in the address book.

WhatsApp requires the contact to be added to the address book.

The following is the typical process for adding a number to a WhatsApp group:

Save the contact: 

Create a new contact with the desired number in your phone’s contacts app. Then, save the number in your contact book. # add a number in WhatsApp group

Open WhatsApp: 

Download the WhatsApp app to your smartphone and launch it.

Create or select a group: 

Select one of the existing groups where you have admin privileges or create a new one.

Add the contact to the group: 

To access group settings, tap on the group name or the three-dot menu icon in the group chat.

You’ll be presented with a list of your contacts once you choose the “Add participants” option. If you just saved a contact, scroll through the list and select it to include it in the group.

Adding a contact without their consent or without using a group link is not possible if you don’t have a group link and you’re not an admin of the group. Using group links, you can invite others to join a group directly.

Users must, however, confirm their participation by clicking on the link.

Before adding others to any WhatsApp group, make sure you obtain their consent. # add a number in WhatsApp group

Adding people to groups without their consent can be intrusive and can lead to unwanted outcomes.

Can I join WhatsApp group without sharing my number? 

There is no way to join WhatsApp group without sharing your phone number. WhatsApp uses phone numbers to identify users, and to create a WhatsApp account and join a WhatsApp group, a valid phone number is required.

When you join a WhatsApp group, the members of the group see your phone number.

In order to ensure the safety and accountability of users within the platform, this is done.

You can use your phone number to verify your identity, secure your account, connect with your contacts and manage group invitations.

WhatsApp also uses phone numbers to ensure only authorized users can join particular groups.

In order to join a group, you must share your phone number; however, you can protect your privacy by doing so.

In WhatsApp, you can control who sees your profile picture, status, and other personal information by adjusting your privacy settings.

Additionally, you can be selective about which groups you join and only join those that are relevant and reputable.


Especially when you’re seeking like-minded individuals to connect and interact with, joining WhatsApp groups without an invite can be exciting.

Despite the fact that an invitation is the default method of joining groups, we’ve explored alternative methods of finding and joining groups without an invitation in this blog post.

In addition to using third-party websites, you can also use WhatsApp’s public groups feature to locate and join groups of your choice. Be responsible when using these methods and follow the group’s rules.

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