How to Join Nike Affiliate Program? Make $1000 a month

Is Nike offering an affiliate program?  Yes!!!!!!

One of the best brands in the world is Nike; perhaps the best marketer in the world. Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign has been ingrained in our psyche. As an affiliate, there are a number of ways to sell Nike products. They are, however, less straightforward than other brands.

What is affiliate marketing?

The brand is well known and loved by many of us. Nike dominates the sports industry, so I’m pretty confident that several of you will be wearing a Nike product as you read this Nike affiliate program review.

With this review, you will learn everything you need to know about the Nike affiliate program, the commission structure of Nike for affiliates, what you can promote for Nike, how to do Nike keyword research, and how you will produce content to generate traffic that converts on Nike sales pages.

Nike Affiliate Program

A multinational corporation known as Nike designs and produces shoes, clothes, and accessories. It is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world and the largest in Europe. The brand Nike is synonymous with telling stories that inspire, motivate and encourage others to achieve the best.

How to Join Nike Affiliate Program?

Nike Affiliate Program at DCMnetwork offers affiliates the opportunity to earn a commission by referring users to via social media influencers, bloggers, information sites, discount sites, and price comparison sites.

The affiliate will receive a commission for every purchase routed through the affiliate links and codes provided by DCMnetwork.

The Nike affiliate program can be joined through the Nike landing page

You will be taken to the Nike affiliate program overview on the AWIN affiliate network when you click the ”Apply Now” button (your location may determine the affiliate network used).

You can also join the program through CJ Affiliates.

Whenever possible, I recommend that you first go to the landing page and click the “Apply Now” button. From there, you will get an overview of the program and also check the affiliate network terms and agreements.

Using Google to search for the Nike affiliate program directly may lead you to other affiliate networks, but the terms of the program may differ from CJ Affiliate.

N/B There is a lot of variation in the length of the referral period, as well as in the commissions.

Nike Affiliate Program Commission

Up to 11% of the commission is offered by this program, which is great. The Amazon Associates program offers 7% commissions for promoting Nike products on Amazon. The Nike affiliate program can earn you a 4% higher commission rate if you direct traffic to the official Nike website.

Nike affiliate program

Nike’s affiliate program does not offer an 11% commission rate on every product, but in general, it is better to promote the company’s products through its own affiliate program.

On CJ Affiliates, you will have both a lower referral period and commission rate when promoting Nike. Nike affiliates who promote the brand on CJ Affiliates earn 1% on every sale.

I find it interesting that despite the horrible terms of the affiliate program, the program appears to be working for many affiliates.

Who can become a Nike Affiliate program?

Here are categories of groups that can join the Nike affiliate program

  • Sports sites
  • Fashion/clothing/shoe sites
  • News sites
  • Health and fitness sites
  • True content sites
  •  Shopping directories
  • Bloggers

Nike affiliate products

How does Nike Affiliate Program benefit you?

By joining Nike Affiliate Program, you’ll be able to receive the following benefits:

  • All valid sales earn you a commission of 11%
  • Cookies expire after 30 days
  • Various affiliate banners for different categories
  • Promotional materials designed specifically for Nike By You
  • Product feeds that are automated
  • A frequent affiliate communication system for offers and new products
  • Affiliates can offer gifts as prizes for competitions and promotions

Choosing Nike affiliate products to promote

After creating an account with Nike and verifying it, the next thing to do is you are supposed to pick a product that you want to promote.

Here is the process to help select the best Nike product to promote

Now that you’re considering adding Nike affiliate marketing to your business model, let’s talk about how to choose which products to market. You don’t want to choose just any product.

If you become an affiliate and start promoting any product that comes your way, you’ll:

  • Have a hard time convincing your customers about the authenticity of the product and will waste your time. Instead, you could be focused on specific products that you are confident with.
  • Take authenticity away from your products. This is because you are willing to promote any products that come your way.
  • Be seen as not trustworthy and this is bad for building your brand. If your goal is to build a good foundation for your brand and customers then being trustworthy is key.

It’s important to decide what kinds of Nike products you want to promote as an affiliate. It is now vital that you do not compromise your values when you are growing your brand.

What are the best ways to make sure that you’re putting your name behind products that are worthy of your name?

Pick a product that you are confident with

Although it may be tempting to promote shoes you have not yet worn or an online course you have yet to take, resist the urge to jump into promoting something you are not familiar with.

Ensure that what you choose to promote is a product that you personally will not regret having yourself. It is important to do product research before you promote it.

Promote companies you can stand behind

Prior to affiliate marketing a company’s products, you must make sure that your core values match theirs. If there’s a major disconnect between your brand’s mission and theirs, it won’t seem organic to the audience.

With various products available online and numerous brands wanting people to promote their products, it is imperative that the brand you associate with is legit and positive.

How to promote Nike affiliate products?

In light of our knowledge of how to identify a niche and products, let’s move on to marketing Nike products.

Methods range from low-cost to high-cost in this part.

#1. Paid and Organic Social Media

Over the past few years, social media marketing has evolved considerably. Engagement and building a more genuine and personal online presence used to be the focus of online strategies. Currently, social media is used to acquire, remarket, retain, and serve customers. 

Nike affiliate program

It is less about paid social versus organic social in full marketing approaches to social media. These approaches combine the power of both. As organic reach across social platforms continues to decline, it becomes increasingly important to invest in paid social opportunities to reach a broader audience.

It’s, unfortunately, more of a dream than a reality to make an impact on social media only through organic reach at this point in the evolution. According to Facebook, organic posts reach only about 2% of followers, and the number is steadily declining.

#2. YouTube

YouTube is a popular affiliate marketing platform! Here you can post your affiliate links, among other things. As a result, you do not need to create a website to use this channel for all your affiliate marketing needs!

You must create valuable content around your offer if you want to succeed on YouTube. The most obvious way to promote your brand is to review products or round up a category, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

#3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

The most powerful way to make money with the Nike affiliate program is through pay-per-click advertising. When compared to organic marketing (such as blogging or creating YouTube channels), media buys on platforms like Google make it possible for you to begin making money quickly if you’re willing to test your ads often.

#4. Promote Nike products with a blog

Now it is time to create your own blog if you do not have one. This is the easiest method of promoting affiliate links.

One of the biggest benefits of blogs is their ease of management. As a means of building your company’s brand and growing your audience, your website serves as a home base.

affiliate marketing

You can also post other people’s work on a blog in addition to creating your own. It is preferable to produce your own content and to write your own articles in order to keep costs down. Furthermore, blogs are an excellent method to build your email list.

Here is a complete guide on own to promote Nike affiliate products without a website.

Is the Nike Affiliate Program Right for You?

There is definitely potential in the Nike affiliate program. For a big brand like Nike, the commission is high and the referral period is 30 days.

One of the downsides of this program is that there is so much competition. It is becoming increasingly difficult to rank for keywords that have higher buyer intent because so many affiliates are promoting Nike.

Nevertheless, don’t let this stop you. Choosing the right approach can help you earn money promoting Nike products.

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