How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell?

How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell? The doorbell camera has become an essential component of home security in the ever-evolving landscape.

SimpliSafe, a renowned name in the home security industry, has introduced a new doorbell solution for homeowners without a doorbell.

Even homes without traditional doorbell systems can install the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera with ease because it offers advanced features and is easy to install.

You’ll learn step-by-step how to install the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without an existing doorbell in this guide, which enables you to be in complete control of your home’s security.

Will SimpliSafe doorbell work without chime?

Unlike traditional mechanical doorbells, SimpliSafe Doorbell Cameras do not rely on physical chimes to notify you when someone rings the doorbell or when motion is detected.

They use the SimpliSafe mobile app and your smartphone instead.

The SimpliSafe app notifies you on your smartphone when a visitor presses the doorbell or triggers the motion sensor.

You can communicate with the visitor in real time with the live video feed included in this notification.

For homeowners with no existing chime system or who prefer to receive notifications directly through their mobile devices, the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera provides a convenient solution.

Generally speaking, SimpliSafe Doorbell Cameras work effectively without a traditional chime, relying on app-based notifications and live video streaming to keep you informed.

How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell?

If you don’t already have a doorbell system, increasing your home’s security doesn’t have to be a complicated task.

It is easy to monitor and interact with visitors with the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera, which is a seamless solution.

You don’t need an existing doorbell setup in order to install the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera, so here’s a step-by-step guide to do it. # How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell?

The following materials are needed:

  • SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill (if needed)
  • Anchors and Screws (if needed)
  • Smartphone with SimpliSafe App installed

Installation Steps:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Download the App 

Don’t forget to download the SimpliSafe App on your smartphone if you haven’t already.

Gather all the necessary tools and materials before you begin.

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Location 

The camera should be installed near your entryway, with a clear view of the area you want to monitor.

It should be positioned at a height that is comfortable for both visitors and the camera.

Step 3: Attach the Mounting Bracket 

If you’re installing the camera on brick or concrete, you might need to use anchors to hold the bracket in place.

Use the screws that came with the bracket and a screwdriver to attach the bracket to the desired location.

Step 4: Install the Doorbell Camera 

Place the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera gently onto the mounting bracket. Make sure you secure it with a click. # How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell?

Step 5: Connect the Camera to the App 

You will need to scan a QR code on the doorbell camera or enter a unique code into the SimpliSafe App on your smartphone to add the Doorbell Camera to your account.

Step 6: Connect to Wi-Fi 

Make sure you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal in the location where you will place the Doorbell Camera.

Follow the directions in the app to connect the Doorbell Camera to your home Wi-Fi network.

Step 7: Test the Camera 

Test the connection by pressing the doorbell button or triggering the motion sensor.

Check the app for notifications and live video feed.

Step 8: Adjust Settings 

Using the app’s settings, you can configure the motion detection sensitivity, notification preferences, and other camera features.

Using the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without an existing doorbell system can significantly enhance the security of your home. ‘# How to Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera without Existing Doorbell?

Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera
Install SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera

How to Install the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera?

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is an excellent addition to the SimpliSafe security system, but it does not require an existing SimpliSafe security system. Here is a step-by-step installation guide.

1. Remove your old doorbell

Whenever you are working with electrical wiring, your circuit breaker is the first place you should check before removing your old doorbell from the wall. 

Turn each one off one at a time until pressing the button no longer triggers a doorbell chime if your box has no labels or the labels aren’t very descriptive.

With a screwdriver, remove the old doorbell from the wall after the power has been turned off.

You also need to detach the wires from the back of the button. When you grab your SimpliSafe doorbell mounting plate, you may want to bend the wires or wrap them around a stick in order to prevent them from falling into the wall.

2. Mount your SimpliSafe doorbell

Using the mounting bracket for the SimpliSafe doorbell, you can pull the exposed wiring through the large gap in the middle so you can attach it to the wall.

       1. Prepare the wall for the video doorbell by marking the screw holes and drilling pilot holes.

If you wish to attach the video doorbell to the wall with the included 1-inch screws, you may do so without anchors.

       2. Connect the doorbell wiring to the two terminals on the front of the unit after screwing the bracket in place.

It is not important which wires are connected to which terminals, as long as they are snug around the screw before it is tightened.

       3. Slide the doorbell down the mounting bracket until it clicks in place.

Using the included mini screwdriver and small lock screw, you can lock the doorbell in place after it’s been installed.

3. Power on your SimpliSafe doorbell

Turn on the power supply again and test the doorbell. Press the button to ensure it lights up and sounds the chime.

Your smart doorbell may not ring for several reasons:

To check whether the wiring is connected well to the wiring terminals, detach the doorbell from the mount and make sure there are no lights on the doorbell.

It is possible that your wiring is incompatible, which is why you will need to request a chime connector from SimpliSafe if the doorbell chime does not ring or makes a buzzing sound.

  • Only mechanical doorbells will work with SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro; digital or wireless doorbells will not.

If you have trouble contacting SimpliSafe customer support or getting on the SimpliSafe Community, contact SimpliSafe customer support.

4. Set up your SimpliSafe doorbell

You can start setting up your SimpliSafe doorbell after you’ve powered it on. Here’s a quick primer on how to do it:

Step 1: Download and log in to the SimpliSafe app.

  1. Tap “Add Camera” under Cameras in the menu bar.
  2. Choosing the Pro version of the Video Doorbell is recommended.
    • When the doorbell is ready for setup, its front light flashes white.
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi credentials for your doorbell and name it.
    • To use the doorbell, you will need a Wi-Fi connection that operates at 2.4 GHz, so make sure that your network is not only running at 5 GHz.
  4. To tell the Video Doorbell Pro your Wi-Fi information, click “Get Your Code” and your phone will generate a QR code.
  5. Once you’ve connected, you’ll see a confirmation message in the SimpliSafe app after holding the phone in front of the doorbell camera for a few seconds.
  6. You now have access to the smart device, which will probably download a few updates and restart.

Can SimpliSafe doorbell work without wiring?

A SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera does not require traditional wiring. It operates on battery power, making it an excellent option for homes with no existing doorbell wiring or for those who don’t want to deal with wiring.

There is a rechargeable battery in the doorbell camera that lets it work for an extended period of time before requiring recharging.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Cameras can be installed anywhere, without being constrained by wiring considerations, because they are battery-powered.

Depending on the usage and environment, the battery life will vary.

In addition to providing information about optimizing battery life, SimpliSafe also offers notifications when the battery needs to be recharged when using features like live streaming and motion detection.

As a result of its easy installation and wiring-free design, the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera is ideal for securing your home no matter where you place it.


With SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera, homeowners can enhance their home security in a way that is accessible and effective in a world where security and convenience go hand in hand.

SimpliSafe offers a user-friendly installation process that makes it easier to install even if you don’t have an existing doorbell system.

Following these instructions, you will be able to seamlessly install the Doorbell Camera into your home, allowing you to interact with visitors remotely, deter potential intruders, and stay in touch with your home’s entry points.

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