How to Install and Activate Pandora on Roku Now?

How to Install and Activate Pandora on Roku? With millions of songs available for listening, Pandora is the world’s leading music streaming service.

The Pandora app is easily installed and activated on Roku devices, so you can enjoy your favorite music on your TV while watching it.

We will guide you through the process of installing and activating Pandora on Roku in this blog post.

Besides music streaming, Pandora provides a variety of live radio stations. Pandora offers four offline stations that can be listened to.

There are three types of Pandora services: Pandora Free, Pandora Plus, and Pandora Premium. Pandora is available on Roku as well as Pandora Plus.

If you wish to install Pandora on your Roku streaming device, please follow the steps below.

How Much Does Pandora Cost on Roku

A number of Pandora services are available, such as Pandora Free, Pandora Plus, and Pandora Premium.

Pandora Premium offers ad-free music streaming and unlimited skips.

There was a free ad-supported version of Pandora along with a paid subscription service, Pandora Plus, which cost $4.99/month or Pandora Premium, which cost $9.99/month.

However, pricing and subscription plans may have changed since then.

To find out more about pricing and subscription options, please visit the Pandora website or Roku Channel Store.

How to Install Pandora on Roku

In addition to being available directly on Channel Store, Pandora can also be downloaded from there. # Install Pandora on Roku

  1. Start your TV and check your internet connection.
  2. The Roku home screen can be accessed by pressing the Home button on the Roku remote.
  3. In the home menu, select Streaming Channels.
  4. The next step is to click on the channel search option.
  5. Choose Pandora from the list of channels using the virtual keyboard.
  6. Pandora on Roku can be installed by clicking Add Channel on the Pandora app information screen.

How to Activate Pandora on Roku

  1. To launch Pandora on Roku, select Go to Channels.
  2. There is an Activation Code on the TV screen if you choose Continue.
  3. Visit the Pandora Activation Website via a PC or smartphone using any browser.The Pandora app can be accessed with your Pandora account login credentials if you already have one.
  4. On the Roku TV screen, enter the Activation Code.
  5. Choose Activate Now to activate the app. The channel will now be available on your Roku-connected TV.

Different Ways to Stream Pandora on Roku

You can also stream Pandora through screen mirroring, which can be done through Cast and AirPlay since Pandora does not support casting.

Stream Pandora on roku from iOS

It is possible to stream apps to the Roku device using Apple AirPlay and HomeKit from the device’s settings.

The AirPlay on Roku option needs to be enabled before you can stream apps to the device.

  1. Connect the Roku and iOS device to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Locate the Pandora app in the App Store of your device.
  3. From the App Store, select Get to download the Pandora app.
  4. To access the Control Center, click Open to launch the Pandora app.
  5. To connect to the Roku device, select the Screen Mirroring option in the menu.
  6. On Roku, you can now stream songs, playlists, and podcasts.

Stream Pandora on roku from Android

The Android screen on the Roku TV must be mirrored by enabling the screen mirroring feature in the Roku TV settings.

  1. Launch your Android smartphone and navigate to the Google Play Store.
  2. Obtain the Pandora app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  3. Select Cast from the Notification Panel.
  4. To connect your Roku device, follow these steps.
  5. Once the Pandora app has been launched, sign in to your Pandora account.
  6. You can play any music on your Roku TV by choosing it and playing it.

How Does Pandora Work?

The Pandora streaming service consists of three distinct packages. Pandora Free is a free service supported by advertisements.

It allows you to create your own personalized radio station without having to subscribe to a service, and allows you to listen to music without being a subscriber.

In addition, you cannot rewind tracks or select specific tracks. However, you can skip tracks only a limited number of times.

The Pandora Plus package offers a combination of free and premium features. It does not contain ads and enhances Pandora’s free features.

Pandora Plus provides unlimited skips and offline listening options, as well as the ability to select specific tracks.

In addition to the 30-day free trial, Pandora Premium also offers discounts for students, active military personnel, veterans and their families.

The premium version adds playlist creation and sharing functions to the plus version.

How do I activate apps on Roku?

It is easy to install apps on Roku. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Go to the home screen by pressing the “Home” button on your Roku remote control.
  2. Use your remote control to navigate to the “Channel Store”.
  3. Click on the app that you wish to activate.
  4. Download and install the app by clicking the “Add Channel” button.
  5. As soon as the app has been installed, it will be activated automatically, so you can begin using it immediately.

You may need to complete additional steps for activating certain channels, including providing a code on a separate website or logging in with your cable provider’s credentials.

Pandora on Roku
Pandora on Roku

Adding and activating apps on Roku is an extremely straightforward process that takes only a few clicks.

Through these steps, you will be able to add and use any app that you desire directly from your Roku device.

Where is activation code for Pandora?

The following steps will assist you in finding the Pandora activation code for Roku:

  1. On your Roku device, launch the Pandora app.
  2. On the Pandora home screen, select the “Settings” option.
  3. Click on “Activate Device”.
  4. On the TV screen, you will see an activation code. Make a note of it.

You will need to enter your Pandora activation code on the Pandora website on your computer or mobile device in order to link your Pandora account to your Roku device.

Once you have the activation code, you will be able to activate the Pandora app on your Roku device.


After you have installed and activated Pandora on your Roku device, you can enjoy your favorite music on your television.

It’s simple to set up, and you’ll have access to all Pandora’s features on your television.

Just follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Happy streaming!

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