Why Is My Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds? Right Now

Why Is My Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds? Instagram has emerged as a creative and innovative platform in the vibrant world of social media, where visual and auditory expressions are intertwined.

The dynamic features and the ever-evolving updates have made it a popular place for people to share their lives.

In the past few years, Instagram Story Music has drawn a lot of attention, but there is an intriguing question that often arises:

Why is my Instagram Story music only five seconds long? We’ll explore the mechanics behind the phenomenon in this blog, unraveling the reasons for the time constraints and exploring how to make the most of the scarce musical opportunities.

It is most commonly the saved settings that cause Instagram Story music to be only 5 seconds long.

If you previously uploaded a story with 5-second long music, Instagram might have saved it as your preferred choice for future stories.

Don’t worry; this article explains how to change the length of the music.

About Instagram’s Story Music

There isn’t much time and effort involved in adding music to your Instagram Story, but it can boost the appeal of your content.

If you get frustrated by how long your Instagram story music should be, here are some tips.

Make Sure That Your Account Is Not Business

Make sure you don’t have a business account if you have just created the account or are about to do so.

Because businesses are not allowed to use Instagram music for commercial purposes, music cannot be used on business accounts.

Instagram accounts that are personal or creator accounts, but not business accounts, may search for and use music.

To use Longer Music, Latest Instagram Update Needed

Adding music to Instagram stories can sometimes be difficult for users who don’t update their Instagram or don’t install the latest version of the app.

If you wish to add music to your stories and would like it to last longer than five seconds, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed. 

Why Is My Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds?

There are several reasons why Instagram Story music is limited to 5 seconds, including technical, copyright, and user engagement considerations.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons for this limitation:

1. Technical Constraints: 

In Instagram Stories, users are able to consume content in a short and engaging manner, catering to their fast-paced consumption habits.

Instagram Stories are intended to deliver content quickly and efficiently, so the duration is limited.

Longer clips could impede Instagram’s seamless experience by slowing down loading times.

2. Copyright Regulations:

 There is often a copyright or licensing agreement associated with music used in Instagram Stories.

Instagram reduces the likelihood of copyright infringement by limiting the duration of the music to 5 seconds.

A shorter music clip makes it less likely to be used without permission when it’s copyrighted.

3. User Attention Span: 

During an era of information overload, users’ attention must be captured within seconds.

Instagram’s 5-second limit encourages users to create compelling stories that engage viewers immediately.

Users are more likely to retain interest and consume more content when stories are concise.

4. Mobile-Friendly Experience: 

With Instagram being primarily a mobile app, shorter music clips help stories load quickly and smoothly on various devices and networks.

This helps prevent possible frustration caused by stories that load slowly.

5. Platform Design and Aesthetics: 

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram uses visual and auditory elements in harmony.

The short 5-second music clips accompany the visuals without overshadowing them.

It is a design philosophy that makes Instagram stories visually appealing as well as easy to follow.

6. Encouraging Creativity: 

With Instagram’s 5 second limit on music duration, users are challenged to think outside the box and use visual and audio elements in innovative ways to convey emotions, moods, and messages.

In spite of initial perceptions that the 5-second limit is restrictive, Instagram’s storytelling format is unique in that it encourages concise, impactful content creation and challenges users to maximize every second.

In case you wish to share longer music clips, check out Instagram features like Reels or IGTV, which are available in more extended video formats and can accommodate your creative endeavors.

How To Add Multiple Pictures and Longer Videos With Music on Instagram?

It is okay to post videos longer than two minutes, but they must be divided into two segments of two minutes each.

To apply Instagram story music to these segments of videos, select your clip and tap “Next,” then tap “Trim” and hold and drag the video until the minute you wish to use is within the handles.

Then, use Instagram’s music library to add music to your story. You can browse the genres and categories on the music screen.

In addition to different tracks, Instagram users can also upload multiple photos. However, this feature has only recently been introduced to the platform.

However, if this feature is not available in your region, you can update your Instagram to the latest version to take advantage of it. 

Instagram Story Music
Instagram Story Music

How To Change the Duration of Instagram Story?

Instagram now allows you to make longer stories and even make Instagram story music longer than five seconds.

In order to achieve this, you can use the new feature and make longer Instagram stories.

Tap “Your story” and then hold the record button in the bottom-right corner for however long you want your story to be recorded. You are not restricted to 15 seconds.

Make Your Photos Last Through Music on Instagram

When someone sees your stories, you can add music to your photos or still shots to make them last longer. You can also add music to videos that you post on Instagram.

The limits for video clips and photos are the same, so you can add a song to make the photo in your story longer.

The Story editor allows you to add music by following these steps:

  1. Select stickers from the menu.
  2. Go to the “Music” section.

The steps below will help you create an Instagram story that is engaging and attractive with your choice of background music.

Why can’t I change music length on Instagram?

Depending on technical, copyright, and engagement considerations, Instagram’s music feature for Stories is limited to 5 seconds.

A seamless and engaging user experience is provided by the platform’s design and functionality.

Although Instagram Stories doesn’t allow you to change the length of the music directly, there are reasons for this restriction:

1. Technical Consistency: 

A variable music length could disrupt the flow of Instagram Stories and potentially lead to inconsistencies in the way stories are presented to subscribers.

Instagram Stories are designed to be brief and quickly consumable, ensuring a consistent user experience across the platform. # change music length on Instagram

2. Copyright Concerns: 

Instagram carefully curates its music library to include tracks that have been properly licensed for use. Longer music clips increase the potential for copyright infringements.

By limiting music clips to 5 seconds, Instagram can better manage and monitor potential copyright violations.

3. User Engagement: 

A 5-second music clip aligns well with Instagram’s engagement strategy, which is to maintain a high level of user engagement within a short period of time.

In the event that users feel the content is too lengthy, longer music clips might deter them from watching stories.

4. Platform Identity: 

Music clips align with Instagram’s style and format, which is visually compelling and succinct content.

These clips ensure that the auditory component complements the visual aspect of Stories without overshadowing it. # change music length on Instagram

5. Storytelling Challenge: 

In the context of the 5-second limitation, users are challenged to convey their messages, moods, or emotions in a concise manner, encouraging innovative ways of storytelling that appeal to viewers faster.

If you’re looking to incorporate longer music clips into your Instagram content, you might want to explore other features like Instagram Reels or IGTV, which offer extended video formats and might offer more flexibility in terms of music length.

For the most current information, it’s best to check Instagram’s official resources. Features and functionalities of the platform may change over time. # change music length on Instagram


Instagram’s Story Music feature has been ingeniously crafted to fit seamlessly into our fast-paced lives in a world inundated with short attention spans and rapid content consumption.

The 5-second snippet, though seemingly limited, encapsulates the essence of a moment, adding a melodic dimension to our visual narratives.

Although we may be left wanting more, brevity encourages us to craft content that is both brief and impactful.

Making the most of those ephemeral musical interludes requires an understanding of the technical and copyright intricacies that shape this feature.

The next time you think about your Instagram Story music being too short, remember that, within those mere 5 seconds, you can create a symphony of memories, emotions, and connections that resonate with your audience.

You will often form the most enduring impressions in the smallest of moments, so embrace the rhythm of these fleeting moments.

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