Instagram IP Address Finder: Complete Guide

How to use Instagram IP Address Finder? In some cases, IP addresses provide information about a person’s location.

However, they cannot be used for absolute location, but they can be used to provide a general idea of where an individual leaves the city.

Instagram is one of the sites that hides the IP addresses of its users for privacy reasons.

Because of this, many websites keep this information hidden. It is necessary to take other routes in order to find out the IP address of an Instagram user, and this is what this article is about.

While it is possible to obtain the IP addresses of Instagram users, please be aware that this is an illegal activity.

In some cases, you may wish to identify a cyberbully or fraudster by knowing the IP Address and, by extension, their location.

Security agencies can use this technology in conjunction with other technologies to track down Internet users, but it cannot be used on its own to track down Internet users.

Can you find someone’s IP address from Instagram?

There are many websites that claim to be able to help you find the IP address of an Instagram account.

Some sites even provide a search box in which you are able to trace the IP address in real time. # IP address from Instagram

There is no such tool, as IP addresses, like passwords, are sensitive information. Obtaining an IP address is like hacking Instagram.

So why would someone share a tool that could hack a social media platform for free? # IP address from Instagram

Aside from that, IP addresses are meaningless. They cannot provide you with any information about the exact location of that Instagram user.

In most cases, people in the same region share the same IP address, so you can only get a rough idea of where your target lives.

It is not necessary to worry. There are legitimate websites available where you can search for an Instagram account’s exact location. # IP address from Instagram

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

There are many people who communicate through Instagram. As a result, many people need to know someone’s IP address.

What you need to do is read our detailed step-by-step instructions. # Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Use Instagram IP Finder

These apps, which are free and allow you to calculate someone’s IP address using a web app, are available through apps such as Storyslash and iStaunch. # Instagram IP Finder

If you want to track a person’s location, these apps can assist you as well. The use of these apps does not require the installation of any third-party applications, which makes them a very convenient option for many.

Here are some instructions on how to use them:

  • Choose Your Victim

In order to obtain the IP address of the person, you must first go to the Instagram app and copy the Instagram username of the person.

If you have forgotten the person’s IP address, you can use Instagram Search to determine their username. # Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram # Instagram IP Finder

  • Go to IP Finder

This step involves going to either StorySlash or iStaunch. These apps are similar in functionality and design, so this tutorial may be used for either app.

On the website, locate the field titled “Enter Instagram Username.”

Once you have done so, enter the Instagram username into the field and click the “Find IP Address” button. # Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Use Grabify IP Logger

You can track IP addresses in real-time using IP grabbers. Using an app like IP Logger, you can compose a link that contains code.

This code takes the person’s IP address as soon as they click on the link. In most cases, you only need to shorten the link and interest the user.

The following is how you can use Grabify to retrieve the IP address:

  • Get the Profile Link

On your phone, open the Instagram app, and visit the profile of the person whose IP address you need to grab.

Click on the three dots next to the profile of the individual, and copy the IG profile link.

  • Go to Grabify

Click on Grabify IP Logger and paste the profile URL you copied earlier. There will be writing “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” on it. Click on the “Create URL” button under the link.

You will receive a unique link with the tracking code that will assist you in capturing the IP address. # Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

  • Share the Link

A link will not work unless it is presented to the person of interest. For the link to work, you need to initiate a conversation with the person of interest.

Chat with them for a while and then present the link in an appealing manner. It may be a picture or a song related to that person’s interests.

  • Refresh the Grabify Page

The app will record the IP address of the user once they follow the link.

All you have to do now is go back to the Grabify page and refresh it in order to see the current IP address of the individual. # Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Use Command Prompt

This is a built-in tool that can be found on your computer. In addition to giving computer commands, it allows you to use code strings to make the computer perform various actions.

Among its other functions, it is capable of showing your computer’s IP address. Thus, it is a convenient method for calculating the IP address of the individual who connects to you.

  • Close All Apps

You can view all of the addresses currently connected to your computer using Command Prompt.

In order to eliminate any mistakes, you must close all redundant applications on your computer to identify which one is the Instagram address.

Do not forget to close background applications – use Task Manager to accomplish this.

  • Establish a Conversation on Instagram

It is necessary to go to Instagram, log into your account, and locate the person who needs your IP address.

Then, you will need to initiate a conversation with them. Note that the Instagram app cannot be used on mobile devices.

Instagram IP Address Finder
Instagram IP Address Finder

The app must be opened on your desktop or PC. You can initiate a regular chat, but initiating a video call is much more effective.

  • Use Command Prompt

The following steps should be performed on your computer once you have established a call or a chat on Instagram:

  1. To open the search menu, press Win+R on your keyboard
  2. To open the Command Prompt, type cmd in the search box
  3. Type netstat -an into the Command Prompt

What IP address does Instagram use?

It may be necessary for Instagram to use a different IP address depending on a variety of factors, such as the user’s location, the Instagram server being accessed, and the infrastructure Instagram uses to provide its services.

Facebook Inc, the parent company of Instagram, typically utilizes a range of IP addresses to ensure the smooth operation of its services and to efficiently distribute network traffic.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Instagram IP addresses, you should consult Instagram’s official documentation.

Or contact their support if you are seeking the IP addresses associated with Instagram for specific purposes, such as configuring network settings or troubleshooting connectivity issues.

How can I find a location by IP address?

The following is a general overview of how you can use an IP address to locate a location using various IP geolocation services or tools available online:

Determine the IP address: 

The IP address of the device you are trying to locate can be obtained from any device connected to the internet, whether it is a website visitor, an email sender, or any other device connected to the Internet.

Choose an IP geolocation service: 

A number of IP geolocation services are available online that provide information regarding the approximate location associated with an IP address, including MaxMind, GeoIP, IP2Location, and IPstack.

Access an IP geolocation service: 

You will need to visit the website or platform of the IP geolocation service that you have selected. # find a location by IP address

Enter the IP address: 

On the IP geolocation service’s website or API endpoint, enter the IP address you wish to locate.

Obtain the location information: 

Your IP address will be processed by the IP geolocation service once it has received your request, providing information about the approximate location associated with that IP address.

In addition to country, region, city, latitude, longitude, and other relevant information, this information may also be available. # find a location by IP address

A geolocation estimate is derived from a variety of data sources, including IP allocations, information about Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and geolocation databases.

Location information is usually more accurate at a country or regional level than at a street level, depending on the data source.

Moreover, IP geolocation services should be used for legitimate purposes only. Do not misuse the services for malicious purposes or to violate the privacy rights of others.


It is well known that Instagram is a popular social media platform today. As a result, people can face many problems if they have accounts there.

The problems include online harassment, misinformation, and fake content. It is possible to obtain the IP addresses of those who hurt your reputation or business.

You can calculate the IP instantly by using Storyslash or iStaunch. You can also use Grabify to create links to get the IP.

You can also use Command Prompt. If you get the address, make sure you use Opentracker or IP Tracker to find the location.

Even if you are able to locate the IP address of an Instagram user, it may not be accurate or reliable, as IP addresses can easily be spoofed or hidden.

Furthermore, attempting to locate the IP address of another individual without their permission could be considered a violation of their privacy, and in some cases could be illegal.

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