Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization

Do you have an awesome website? Great. Do you have the best and newest content to share? Perfect. Are you worried about the changing landscape of SEO tools? Worry no more, you are not alone.

Not only is Google getting smarter day by day, but also very powerful at analyzing and understanding web pages and posts.

No matter how beautiful your website or portfolio is, if you don’t have adequate SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you will not succeed.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

 In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility online. A more visible listing in search results will increase your chances of gaining attention and attracting new and existing customers.

Without submitting to the paid schemes provided by search engines, there are several methods to improve your page’s ranking.

 Listed below, are Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization to improve your SEO ranking.


Placement of Keywords in your website is the most important SEO tool that you utilise. This Keywords should be relating to the product or service your are offering. Moreover, you should not spam keywords in your content because Google does not like that.

You should know that approximately 98% of marketers identify keywords research as the high-impact  practive of driving traffic to your site.

Before you start writing new content for your page, identify 4-6 keywords that are relevant to your content. Also, ensure that you incorporate those keywords in the best fit place and also insert it on on-page elements.

Avoid keyword stuffing or else Google will punish you.

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SEO as keyword.


Backlinks are Links from one website to another website (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links”, or “one way links”). A backlink is considered a vote for a particular page by Google and other search engines. Organic search engine rankings tend to be higher for pages with many backlinks.

Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization
Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization

A backlink is what other websites use to vote for you. Search engines recognize each vote as saying “This content is useful, credible, and valuable”.

In the case of Google and other search engines, the more votes your site has, the higher its ranking will be.

For example check this site.

How will you get backlinks to your site?

Yow can read more about backlinks here.

Quality content

This means people who are appreciating your content will want to carry your link on their site.

Quality, fresh and unique content will generate backlinks on its own. More backlinks to your site is an indication to google on how important your site is.

The challenge is building those king of backlinks usually take times.

Guest blogging

When your share your content with other publication sites, those content should have links tracing back readers to your site. Ensure the content you share is valuable and attractive. 

Do not make the mistake of just writing bad content in order to share on third parties websites. That won’t help at all.

Pitching to interested people

 This involve your finding related content creators and talking to them to back your links.

This is hard and take time if your are a starter, but with time it becomes easy.

Thought leadership content

In conclusion, an increasing number of marketers are beginning to realize the importance of backlinking to thought leadership content. 

This strategy consists of two parts:

1. Develop content that generates links on its own.

2. Find ways to promote your business through podcasts, webinars, and other media.

Finally, whichever method you choose, please ensure that your content is likeable, unique and quality.

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Write unique quality content

The most important SEO practice is to write fresh, new, unique and quality content.

the mission of search engine is to direct users to answers for their questions. 

Compelling content either articles, Videos, photos etc will eventually generates lots of traffics to your site.

 Alway position yourself as a reader.

Updating content regularly is also very vital for your Google ranking. Even though I’m sure this is something you would do regularly anyway, it is essential! Content that is regularly updated is often the best indicator of a site’s relevance. 

Don’t forget to keep it fresh.

Internal linking

Search engines always check your website and index different piece of content in your site. This means it is crucial to link different pages on your site.

When your internal linking structure is organized and well-established, search engines (and users) have an easier time finding what they’re looking for.

Internal linking works best if your site content is created in a particular topic cluster. And when you write new content you know where to find particular related info when you need to link.

Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization
SEO important tools for web optimization.

This makes it easier for search engines to index and understand the content. User experience is also improved by topic clusters. By using this method, your content is easier to navigate, and readers won’t need to go to multiple websites to find the information they need.

User-friendly website

Create an intuitive, easy-to-navigate website. It should be immediately apparent to visitors who you are and what you offer.

SEO also relies heavily on site speed. Having a slow-running website can irritate your visitors and that will hurt your Google ranking.

Improve readability with numerous headings and use your keywords within the headings. The right headings will make your site stand out to search engines.

Usability on mobile

Ensure your website is optimized for mobile platforms. Search engines will penalize you if your site does not display well on the smartphone.

Google uses mobile-based indexing to crawl on your websites. As a result, the search engine typically evaluates web pages using mobile version software.

What does Mobile-First indexing mean?

Optimize your Title tag, ATL tags, and Site Loading Speed.

Title tag

 On search results pages, it is the title tag that is highlighted the most.

The first step to ranking for a keyword is to put it into specific places on your page, like the title and header tags. Search engines use these tags to understand the subject matter of a page and index it accordingly.

Be sure that the title and headline of your page accurately reflect what you have to offer. Don’t name your page Food Review” if the content doesn’t reflect that. You’ll lose trust, authority, and search engine rankings if you do that. Lying to the reader is frowned upon by Google and other search engines.

Atl tags

It is possible to add descriptive text to every image and video on your site. These are called alternative text descriptions. 

You should add both image and video descriptions to your pages. Search engines will use these descriptions alongside the regular text throughout your site to find your pages. Consequently, you increase your chances of having your site found, raising its page rank as a result.

Don’t forget to include the proper Alt attributes for your images. The search giant can’t actually see the images on your site, but the Alt attributes that you use aid it in categorizing them. Alternative attributes should contain a brief description of the image. The maximum character count should be around 125.

Meta Descriptions

A meta descriptions also know as snippet, is small paragraph that appears benearth the title on the search results page.

It explains the page purpose in short and in depth.

image 8
Meta Desciptions.

The meta descriptions in some content management systems can be changed without editing the HTML. It is possible to easily add meta descriptions to a WordPress site without coding by using plug-ins like All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO.

Here are some tips for optimizing featured snippets: 

Use a structured approach when organizing your content.

The article should address many related questions.

Consider images that are eye-catching.

Make your answers table-based.

Optimize Your Images

Any image on Google pears a text and this test serves the following functions:

Alternate text will appear if your image is not loaded

Images with alt tags are easier for search engines to understand and index.

It allows visually impaired Internet users who rely on screen readers to easily access your website.

The first step in optimizing your images is by shrinking them down to manageable size. Ensure your images under megabyte, especially if your site has lots of them.

Your pages will load faster if your images have a resolution of only 1920 by 1080 pixels and the JPG or WEBP file format is used.

Have a web analytics in your site

It’s essential to make sure you define your search engine optimization goals clearly in advance and use software to track what is working and what isn’t.

Web analytics software such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you measure your progress..

Before your first visitor lands on your site or landing page, you need these web analytics in place.

Answer featured snippets with dedicated headings such as “Is fast food healthy?”

Check Google Console.

SEO Tips Conclusion

I hope your found this Top 10 SEO Important Tips for Website Optimization to be helpful and interesting. If you follow the above SEO tips, then be assured to rank higher and get more traffic to your website.

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