How To Win Tanks iMessage Game? Check it Right Now

How To Win Tanks iMessage Game? In order to win in Tanks, you must make sure that you set your bomb in such a way that it hits your opponent’s tank, which lies across a tower or castle, strategically to hit it successfully.

As you might have noticed, the direction and magnitude of the wind can greatly influence your aim. So, when you set up your angle, make sure that you take the wind into consideration.

The right formula to win this game is not available. However, you can practice the game as much as you can in order to hone your winning strategy.

The recommended method is to keep one element constant while adjusting the other only according to the conditions of the wind at the time.

The iMessage game, which is a feature of the messaging application, enables you to play two-player games with the person you message. On iMessage, you can use Gamepigeon to play games with your friends.

It has over 20 games including Tanks, Paintball, and Sea Battle. The most popular game on Gamepigeon is the Tanks iMessage game, which is played a lot on the app.

We will teach you how to play and get tips and strategies that will lead you to victory when you are playing Tanks. In this article, we provide you with information about how to play and get tips and strategies that will lead you to victory.

What Is Tanks iMessage Game?

Gamepigeon, a service that allows you to send games to your contacts via iMessage, offers many games that are exclusively for iOS devices, such as Tanks, which is one of them.

Tanks is a game that involves you destroying other tanks and making sure your tank doesn’t get hit by the enemy tanks that you encounter.

If you want to make sure you win the game, you can use specific items such as rockets, landmines, dirt removers, and slingers.

There is a lot of practice and strategy that must be put into the Tanks iMessage Game in order to win.

How To Play Tanks on iMessage?

It has been said that Gamepigeon is one of the best apps for playing iMessage games, since the application has 24 games available which users can play with their friends, and Tanks is one of the most popular ones out of all of them.

As a prerequisite to playing Tanks, both you and your opponent must own a iPhone or iPad, as it is an iMessage game that can only be played on the iPhone or iPad.

The fact that they say “if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone,” they mean that in such a specific situation, you don’t have an iPhone.

In addition, another thing to keep in mind is that both of your devices must have the iMessage feature enabled. Make sure you check the settings on each of your devices.

To play Tanks, please follow these steps in order to get started:

  1. You can access iMessage on your iOS device by opening the app.
  2. Play this game on iMessage by opening a conversation.
  3. Your keyboard should have an App Store icon above it.
  4. Go to Google and type “GamePigeon.”
  5. Download it from the GamePigeon with the green pigeon; simply tap the “GET” button next to it.
  6. To install Gamepigeon, select the icon above your keyboard after you’ve downloaded it.
  7. Choose “Tanks” from the games list.
  8. Once your opponent accepts your invitation, you can begin playing and destroying each other’s tanks.

How To Win Tanks iMessage Game
How To Win Tanks iMessage Game

How To Access Tanks On iMessage

The Tanks iMessage game is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Step 1: Open iMessage

Select the person you want to play Tanks with in your iOS device’s iMessage app, and tap on the conversation.

Step 2: Tap App Store

Select the App Store from the app bar on top of the keyboard.

Using the search bar, locate Gamepigeon, which is the green pigeon-themed app, and click on the Get button to begin the download process.

Step 3: Tap Gamepigeon

Once the download has been completed, open the iMessage application, and tap on the conversation of the individual with whom you wish to play the Tanks game.

You can select the Gamepigeon application from the bar at the top of your keyboard.

Step 4: Start The Game

Once you have selected Tanks from the list of games displayed, the game will begin as soon as the person accepts your invitation to play. #How To Access Tanks On iMessage

Tips on How to Win Tanks iMessage Game

In order to ensure your success when playing the Tanks iMessage game, here are some tips that will assist you.

  1. Your opponent should be chosen strategically.
  2. If you want to play with someone, make sure they are on the same level of experience as you.
  3. Keeping moving will help you avoid being hit.
  4. Take care and strategize when choosing your power and angle levels.
  5. Choose a terrain according to your tank type.
  6. Your opponent’s tanks can be destroyed with boosts
  7. When playing, stay focused and avoid distractions from real life.
  8. Last but not least, keep practicing.


On Gamepigeon, Tanks is one of the top-rated games, and players are always wondering what the best strategy is to win.

In order to play, you will have to send an invite through the iMessage app to the person you would like to play with.

#How To Access Tanks On iMessage

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