How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV? The availability of streaming services has allowed us to watch our favorite shows online on a variety of devices. As far as streaming services are concerned, there are plenty to choose from. There are quite a few streaming services to choose from, but we need to pick one that is convenient for us. #How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Whenever you need help with articles that are providing information about the streaming services and their streaming techniques, we make sure to help you with them. As with yesterday, today we are here to help you with an article all about a streaming service that has recently been launched and is considered to be one of the best streaming services that have been released to date.

It’s AMC+. At the most reasonable price, the AMC+ streaming service is the perfect way for you to watch your favorite shows online on your favorite devices. Now let’s learn how to download AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV by reading the article. #How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

AMC+ Features

An AMC Networks streaming service called AMC+ was launched in June 2020. The AMC+ service is the successor service of AMC Premiere. The content included in this service comes from a variety of sources like AMC, IFC, BBC America, Sundance TV, AMC+ Originals, etc. #How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

There is a lot of content to choose from on AMC+. On-demand programming content is available in a range of thousands of hours through this service. In addition to TV Shows, Series, Movies, and much more that you can watch, you can also download them. With the AMC+ service, each week, a new movie or TV show is added to the library of content.

Subscription Cost Of AMC+

There is a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 plus tax for the AMC+ service or an annual subscription fee of $89.99 plus tax for the AMC+ service. The official website of AMC+ is where you can subscribe to the service.

In addition to the Roku Channel app, the Apple TV app, or Amazon Prime Video, it is also possible to subscribe through one of these apps. Moreover, it is also a monthly fee of $8.99 plus taxes, and an annual fee of $89.99 plus taxes. However, if you have these credentials, you will not be able to access the AMC+ app or the website to watch content. Only Apple TV, Roku Channel, and Amazon Prime Video apps are available for watching the AMC+ content, so there are no other apps available.

You can watch AMC+ content on YouTube TV and Sling TV if you have either of these services. The AMC+ app or the website of AMC+ will not allow you to watch AMC+ content with these credentials. YouTube TV and Sling TV are the only places where you can watch AMC+ content. #How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

AMC+ can be accessed through TV provider services such as DirecTV, Dish, or Comcast Xfinity. For more information about the cost, visit their official website. TV providers’ credentials can only be used to access AMC+ content through their apps or websites, not through the official AMC+ app.

How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Currently, AMC+ is not available on Samsung Smart TV, but the next few workarounds that we are going to present to you will allow you to get AMC+ on your Samsung Smart TV.

With Chromecast AMC+, you can watch AMC+ on your Samsung smart TV

Through Samsung Smart TVs and streaming devices, AMC+ is available

Here are the steps for Chromecasting AMC Plus to your Samsung smart TV

The AMC+ app can be Chromecast on Samsung TV with the following steps.

  1. To get started, you’ll need to connect your Chromecast dongle to your Samsung Smart TV.
  1. Set up the same Wi-Fi network on your Chromecast and smartphone.
  1. Log in to your AMC+ account on your Smartphone after installing the app.
  1. Afterwards, open the AMC+ app on your Smartphone and play the content.
  1. Choose the Chromecast device from the search results in the AMC+ app on your Smartphone by clicking the Chromecast icon.

On Samsung Smart TVs, you can watch AMC Plus

Once the AMC+ app has been connected to your Chromecast-enabled Samsung TV, it will play the content you have selected.

How to Watch AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

AMC is a popular American television channel that you can add to your Samsung Smart TV if you enjoy watching movies. AMC is a channel that you can add to your Samsung Smart TV if you enjoy watching movies. # How to Watch AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

The streaming service is not only a great source of movies, but also a great source of series and shows. For those of you interested in streaming the original shows and series of AMC, the AMC app is the best option for you. Among the many amazing original shows that AMC carries, you will find The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Gangs of London to name a few. # How to Watch AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of when using the AMC app. With the exception of the live streaming of AMC, you can watch all the shows on-demand apart from the live streaming of AMC. Whenever a new episode airs on the channel, it will be added immediately to the app as soon as it airs on the channel.

The good news is that you can stream the episodes on demand even if you missed an episode. There are also a number of episodes of the series that can be found on the AMC app, which you can use to watch them all.

How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?
How to Watch AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

How to Install AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

The Samsung Smart TV doesn’t have the AMC app available for download in the Smart Hub. If you want to stream AMC on your TV, use screen mirroring. You can screen mirror it on your TV using the SmartThings app on your phone. Both Android and iOS devices can be used to download the SmartThings app. # How to Install AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

  1. To begin, make sure you are connected to the same WiFi network on your smartphone and Smart TV.
  1. Then, open the SmartThings application on your smartphone.
  1. When you click on Add devices, the available devices will be displayed.
  1. You will see a PIN on the screen of your Samsung Smart TV when you choose it from the list.
  1. You will need to enter your PIN on the app in order to connect. On Samsung Smart TV, enter the PIN – AMC
  1. In the Smart View menu, click on Mirror Screen to begin mirroring the screen.
  1. Open the AMC app on your smartphone by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  1. Your TV will stream any content you choose from the app.


AMC+ is a popular service for streaming your favorite shows. You can watch your favorite shows wherever you are by installing the AMC+ app on your Samsung Smart TV using the instructions in our article. # How to Watch AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

All you need to sign up with AMC is a TV provider subscription. AMC is free on all devices, including Samsung Smart TVs. The AMC app is available on Samsung Smart TVs. If you have any questions regarding the app, please feel free to leave them within the comments section of this article.