How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit? A large percentage of social networking sites are free to use, and they offer different rewards and benefits to their users.

These rewards might be a way to show their appreciation for contributing to the platform, or they may be a way to encourage users to continue using the site in the future.

It is generally the case that each social network offers its users good gestures for joining the platform and being active. On the Reddit platform, however, upvotes are among the rewards that people receive for posting and commenting.

I would like to provide you with some guidelines to follow if you want to get a better understanding of this feature. You must also purchase Reddit comments if you want your account to get upvotes organically. Use these guidelines and get your account organically boosted.

Upvote and Downvote on Reddit?

A social media platform has its own way of rewarding its users. For example, if you tend to share valuable content on your timeline, you will often have more followers. As a result, you will have the chance to be a verified user on the site.

Furthermore, there are ways for other users to support you and express their preference for your comment or post when you submit a critical take in a discussion on some sites.

On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for example, there is a “Like” feature. On Reddit, there is an attribute titled “Upvote” or “Downvote,” which gives users the ability to vote for or against the posts. 

The Upvote section on Reddit is a way for users to show their support and approval for a post or comment by indicating their support and approval. # How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit?

How To View Upvoted Posts on Reddit?

You can access the posts you support through the same method as you keep track of your upvoted comments on Reddit.

  1. Use any device to access Reddit.
  2. At the top right of your screen, click on your avatar.
  3. Click on the profile option.
  4. On the top left, click “Post”.

Some users may not be able to see upvotes or downvotes when they leave comments on some posts. This is due to the fact that some communities on Reddit adjust their settings in order to hide votes on posts and comments for a short period of time.

By enabling this feature, users will not have to follow the majority in order to upvote or downvote a post or comment. You can vote either up or down based on what you think about the post or comment.

How To View Upvoted Comments on the Reddit Desktop Version?

Here are the steps you need to take to view your upvoted comments on the desktop version of Reddit:

  1. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to Reddit.
  2. In the upper right corner, click your username.
  3. From the list, select “Profile”.
  4. You can view all your upvoted comments by clicking on the “Comments” tab.
  5. Sort comments by upvotes by clicking on the “Top” option.

How To View Upvoted Comments on the Reddit Mobile App?

Using the Reddit mobile app, you can view your upvoted comment as follows:

  1. Download the Reddit app for your mobile device and open it.
  2. Right at the top of the screen, tap your avatar.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “My profile”.
  4. Click “Comments” to see all the comments you’ve upvoted.

How to find My Upvoted Posts and Comments?

As a new Reddit user, it may seem difficult to know what upvoted comments are so you can go back to them later. If you are a new Reddit user, or aren’t familiar with Reddit, then this might be difficult for you to understand. This is why, let’s learn how to view upvoted comments on Reddit.

On Reddit, you can view the upvoted comments that you have made by going to your profile, clicking on “Comments”, and then scrolling down to see them sorted by the number of upvotes they have received.

The upvote feature can also be used to view comments and posts you have upvoted in your profile. Read on to find out more about how the upvote feature can be utilized for your benefit on Reddit in order to improve your profile.

How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit
How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit

Reddit Upvote

As a feature of Reddit, the upvote indicates support and approval for the posts and comments that are published on the platform. # How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit?

When a post or comment receives several upvotes, it indicates that the user made a quality contribution, which is well accepted by other users on the platform and goes well with them.

As a result, posts that have received a high number of upvotes on the site will automatically be promoted and will gain more exposure if they are promoted organically.

Reddit Downvote

In terms of the name, it indicates disapproval of a post or comment on Reddit. As it implies, the downvote feature is the opposite of the upvote feature. # How To View Upvoted Comments on Reddit?

It is primarily used to express disapproval of popular opinions, regardless of the number of upvotes on those posts or comments. On Reddit, it is your right to downvote content that does not sit well with you.

Apart from using these features on posts, you can also upvote comments to express your support for a user. When you receive an upvote on one of your comments, please return the favor by upvoting their comments, as a way of showing your appreciation for their contributions.

In addition, did you know that there is an archive of all the comments you upvote on Reddit? We will show you exactly how to view upvoted comments on Reddit in the next paragraph.


The upvote button is one of the features that Reddit offers for users to show their support and approval for a given post or content. Upvotes are a sign that you agree with that post, and as such, the most upvoted comment appears on the site first. 

The following simple and quick steps will make it easy for you to view your upvoted comments. We hope it will be sufficient to grant you access to all of your upvoted comments.