How To Use Zoom Notes? Complete Guide

How To Use Zoom Notes? Zoom Notes, a feature designed to enhance your meeting experience, provides a digital canvas for jotting down ideas, summarizing discussions, and capturing essential points so that you can remember what you discussed.

Zoom Notes provides a novel way to collaborate and retain crucial information, whether you are brainstorming with colleagues, attending an online lecture, or planning a project.

Let’s explore how Zoom Notes elevates your virtual interactions and makes note-taking a breeze in this blog post.

If you are a presenter, you can use Zoom notes to guide your presentation. You can position the app at the top of your screen and refer to it while you are presenting.

If you want to capture key points, you need a piece of paper. Alternatively, you can use a notes app and position the Zoom app and the notes app side-by-side to give you room to capture the notes.

To record and translate audio into text, you can use a transcription tool. # How To Use Zoom Notes?

Can You Use Notes on Zoom?

You can. Zoom is a global videoconferencing platform available on a variety of platforms. You can easily participate in existing meetings with Zoom and create new ones.

In order to use Zoom, you need a host, others can be participants, and you need an Internet connection that is stable.

The Zoom platform can be used for a variety of purposes, including remote classes, team collaboration, presentations, seminars, and meetings.

During a Zoom meeting, you might be the speaker and need notes to help guide your presentation. # Notes on Zoom

You can also note down key points if you are interviewing someone or participating in a discussion.

The ability to use Zoom notes is an added advantage, regardless of your situation.

Zoom notes provide a variety of benefits, including guiding your presentation or using them as a point of reference when discussing it with your team. They can also be captured, shared, or used as references in the future.

How To Use Zoom Notes

It is possible to use Zoom notes for two different purposes. Either you can use them as part of a Zoom presentation or you can capture them during a Zoom meeting.

Let’s see what both options are available. # How To Use Zoom Notes?

1. Accessing Zoom Notes: 

In Zoom meetings, you’ll find Zoom Notes at the bottom of the Zoom window under the “More” menu (represented by three dots). Click on “More” and select “Zoom Notes”.

2. Opening the Notes Panel: 

A dedicated panel will appear on your screen once you’ve accessed Zoom Notes. This is where you can type, draw, and make annotations.

3. Taking Text Notes: 

Notes is an area where you can jot down key points, action items, or anything else you want to remember from the meeting. Simply click inside the Notes panel and start typing.

4. Using the Drawing Tools:

 Zoom Notes offers drawing tools that enable you to write and draw as if you were using a pen on paper.

Your notes can be made more visually appealing by choosing different colors and line thicknesses. # How To Use Zoom Notes?

5. Inserting Images and Icons: 

Emojis can be ideal for illustrating concepts or highlighting important points in your notes. Insert images, icons, or even emojis to enhance your notes.

6. Sharing Your Notes: 

Click “Share” within the Notes panel, and other attendees can view your notes as you take them.

Zoom Notes is not just for personal use. You can share your notes with other participants in real-time.

7. Saving Your Notes: 

For future reference, you can save Zoom Notes to your device after the meeting ends. Click the “Save” button in the Notes panel and select the location where you wish to save the file.

8. Using Across Devices:

Your Zoom Notes, for example, will sync across multiple devices that you’re using, including a computer and a tablet.

This allows you to access your notes wherever you are, no matter what device you’re using. # How To Use Zoom Notes?

9. Maximizing Productivity: 

It is useful for creating meeting agendas, action item lists, and brainstorming with other participants using Zoom Notes.

Use Zoom Notes
Use Zoom Notes

10. Experiment and Explore: 

Try out Zoom Notes’ features by experimenting with different fonts, colors, and drawing tools to personalize your notes.

During virtual meetings, Zoom Notes offers a versatile way to take notes, collaborate, and remember information.

You can boost engagement, streamline communication, and make your virtual interactions more productive by integrating this tool into your Zoom sessions. # How To Use Zoom Notes?

How To Use Zoom Notes To Capture Key Points

Taking notes is important for reference. Take a pen and paper and take notes as your speaker speaks.

You can listen to what he or she is saying as you write. Alternatively, place a notes app alongside Zoom.

The keynotes are then typed while participating in the Zoom session, which requires fast typing. Still, a transcribing tool or platform can be utilized once the Zoom session starts.

If you keep the transcribed Zoom meeting for future reference, the transcriber will capture everything said during the Zoom meeting.

Can you take notes in Zoom?

Zoom has a feature called Zoom Notes that allows you to take digital notes directly within the Zoom interface while participating in the meeting.

Zoom Notes allows you to take digital notes directly within the Zoom meeting interface.

In addition to capturing key points, action items, or any information discussed during the meeting, these notes can be shared in real time with other participants, making collaboration even more effective.

You can type, draw, insert images, and more while actively participating in the meeting. Zoom Notes can be accessed and used during meetings by clicking on the following links:

Join a Zoom Meeting:

 It is as simple as joining a Zoom meeting. # Can you take notes in Zoom

Access Zoom Notes:

In Zoom, click on the “More” button (representing three dots) at the bottom of the window.

From the dropdown menu, select “Zoom Notes.”

Open Notes Panel: 

The Notes panel will appear on the right side of the screen, providing you with a digital canvas for taking notes.

Take Text Notes: 

To take text-based notes, click inside the Notes panel. You can type key points, summaries, or anything else you want to recall. # Can you take notes in Zoom

Use Drawing Tools: 

The drawing tools in Zoom Notes allow you to draw like you would on paper. You can choose different colors and line thicknesses to make your notes more personal.

Insert Images and Icons: 

You can enhance your notes’ content by inserting images, icons, or emojis. This is useful for highlighting important points or visualizing explanations.

Share Your Notes: 

Zoom Notes can be shared in real-time with other participants. Just click the “Share” button within the Notes panel.

Save Your Notes:

 Zoom Notes can be saved to your device after the meeting ends. Click the “Save” button within the Notes panel and choose the location. # Can you take notes in Zoom

In addition to helping you stay organized, summarizing discussions, and not missing any important details, Zoom Notes can also enhance collaboration and help you capture important information during virtual meetings.

How To Use Zoom Notes as a Presenter

Prepare in advance if you are going to present during a Zoom meeting. Do so by having key points to guide your presentation.

To refer to the notes while presenting, you can write them on paper or put a sticky note beside your device. In addition, you can view the notes using a notes app on your screen.


Having explored Zoom Notes for a few days, it is clear that this feature has revolutionized virtual collaboration.

Zoom Notes seamlessly integrates note-taking into the Zoom interface, facilitating efficient collaboration and engagement by capturing insights, ideas, and action items in real time.

With Zoom Notes, you can transform your virtual interactions, whether you’re a teacher looking to improve student learning or a professional trying to enhance virtual meetings.

Embrace this tool, make it yours, and watch your virtual interactions become more engaging, dynamic, organized, and impactful as a result.

So, when you join a Zoom meeting next time, remember to use Zoom Notes to unlock a world of collaborative possibilities.

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