How To Use Messenger Kids Account? Complete Guide

How to use Messenger Kids Account? Keeping in touch with friends and family is only natural for children in an era where digital communication is a part of our lives.

Specifically designed for children ages 6 to 12, Messenger Kids provides a safe and controlled environment for them to explore messaging and video calls.

For parents and guardians who wish to ensure their children’s online safety while introducing them to digital communication, this app is a valuable tool. # How to use Messenger Kids Account?

In this blog, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of Messenger Kids, giving you instructions on setting it up, using its features, and keeping your child’s online interactions secure.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to help your child use Messenger Kids responsibly and enjoyably, from setting up an account to managing contacts to understanding parental controls.

What is Messenger Kids

An app called Messenger Kids is designed for kids to communicate with their families and close friends.

Messenger Kids features include:

  • To set up a Messenger Kids account for their child, parents can use their own Facebook accounts.
  • A parent supervises the friending process.
  • Messenger Kids allows parents to chat and message their children using their own Messenger account.
  • Using Messenger Kids, family and friends can connect with kids using their existing accounts.

For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Fire tablets, as well as all Android devices, Messenger Kids is available in select regions by downloading it from the App Store or Amazon Appstore.

How to use Messenger Kids Account?

Messenger Kids uses an easy-to-use interface that is designed to be user-friendly for children and controlled by parents.  # How to use Messenger Kids?

How to use Messenger Kids: Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Download and Install the App:

  • To begin, download the Messenger Kids app on your child’s device. Both iOS and Android devices can use the app.
  • You can open the app after you have installed it.

2. Create Your Child’s Account:

  • Upon opening the app, you will have to log in or create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
  • Set up your child’s Messenger Kids account by following the on-screen instructions.
  • An account can be customized with a profile picture and other optional details once it has been created.

3. Add Contacts:

  • It is up to you as a parent to add your child’s contacts. They cannot add their own contacts.
  • Select “Add Contacts” from the “Contacts” tab in the app, then search for existing Facebook friends.

4. Set Up Parental Controls:

  • To make Messenger Kids a safe experience for your child, you can set usage limits, control who can contact them, and review their chat history.
  • Select your child’s profile picture in the upper left corner of the app, go to “Privacy and Parental Controls,” and follow the prompts.

5. Start Messaging and Video Calling:

  • Through the main chat interface within the app, your child can now start sending text messages, stickers, and having video calls with approved contacts.

6. Review Activity:

  • Parents can review their children’s chat histories and reported content to ensure their safety. # How to use Messenger Kids?

7. Encourage Safe and Responsible Use:

  • Teaching your child responsible online behavior requires ongoing conversations. Teach them not to share personal information, to be respectful of others, and to report any concerns.

8. Monitor Usage:

  • Ensure your child is having positive and safe conversations with Messenger Kids by regularly checking in with them and reviewing their chat history.

9. Keep the App Updated:

  • Make sure the Messenger Kids app is updated to the latest version to ensure the best security and experience.

It is designed to introduce children to digital communication in a safe way. # How to use Messenger Kids?

If you follow these steps and remain actively involved in your child’s online activities, you can help them enjoy the benefits of staying connected in a safe and controlled environment with friends and family.

How to create a Messenger Kids account for your child?

If you have a child, create an account for them. # create a Messenger Kids account

  • Go to Facebook and log in.
  • If it doesn’t appear in your menu, click See More… and scroll down until you find Messenger Kids.
  • Click Create Another Account under Accounts you manage.
  • You will need to enter the first and last names of your child.
  • Please click the Continue button.
  • Then click the Create Account button.
  • Click the Done button.

How to use Messenger Kids Account
How to use Messenger Kids

How do  I add more than one child on Messenger kids?

Multiple children can each have their own Messenger Kids account, which can be managed from one Facebook account if you’re a parent or guardian.

A new Messenger Kids account must be created for each additional child to be added to Messenger Kids. # add more than one child on Messenger kids

Your Facebook Parent Dashboard allows you to manage all your children’s activity:

  • On a computer, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • If it doesn’t appear in your menu, click See More… and scroll down until you find Messenger Kids.
  • Click on the name of one of your children on the left to manage their Messenger Kids account (for example, adding and removing friends, setting up sleep mode).

Why does Messenger Kids need Facebook?

Children do not have to have a full-fledged Facebook account to use Messenger Kids, which operates independently and is a child-friendly version of Messenger.

The following reasons, however, make it possible for it to be connected to a parent or guardian’s Facebook account:

Parental Oversight: 

A parent can manage their child’s Messenger Kids account by linking Messenger Kids to their Facebook account. # Why does Messenger Kids need Facebook

This level of oversight ensures a safe and controlled online environment for children by allowing parents to manage contacts, review chat history, and set up various safety and privacy features.

Contact Management: 

Messenger Kids allows parents to approve or deny friend requests and manage contact information for their children to ensure that only those they are allowed to communicate with get access to their Messenger Kids account.

Account Creation: 

It is necessary for parents or guardians to use their Facebook credentials to set up and create Messenger Kids accounts for their children. # Why does Messenger Kids need Facebook

This establishes a secure connection between the parent’s and child’s accounts, giving the parent control over the child’s digital life.

Privacy and Safety: 

Messenger Kids brings these safeguards into Messenger in order to provide additional protection for young people.

Facebook as the parent company has policies and guidelines in place to protect users, including children.

It’s important to note that Messenger Kids is associated with Facebook, but is a separate app designed specifically for children under 13 years of age.

Parents or guardians monitor and control the interactions of children using Messenger Kids, who do not have full access to Facebook’s main platform.

Can you use Messenger without Facebook?

You could use Messenger without a Facebook account, but the process was somewhat limited.

Facebook enabled people to sign up for Messenger with just their phone numbers.

  1. In the app store of your device, you can find the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can sign up using your phone number.
  3. To verify your identity, Facebook Messenger will send you a verification code to the phone number you provided.
  4. Messenger allows you to create a profile with a name and a profile picture.
  5. Once your profile was created, you could begin messaging friends and family who also used Messenger.

In spite of this, please note that the availability and features of Facebook Messenger may have changed since my last update. 


In this digital age where technology plays such a significant role in our lives, it’s imperative that kids learn the responsibility of digital communication.

Messenger Kids offers a safe and controlled online environment where children can interact with their friends and family members.

You can introduce your child to online messaging with confidence if you follow the steps outlined in this guide and make use of parental controls.

As your child grows, keep in touch with them about their online experiences, monitor their usage, and adapt to their changing needs.

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