How to Use Hydra Bot Discord? Right Now

How to Use Hydra Bot Discord? Using the Hydra bot on Discord is as simple as inviting it to your server. Once you have done this, go to Discord, open the server where you added the bot, and join a voice channel on that server.

You can use the “.play artist name and song name” command to play a song that suits your tastes.

For instance, you can use the command “.play Nicki Minaj Anaconda.” You can also use the .setup command to set up a song request channel.

You can also use this channel to pause, stop, loop, shuffle, or remove a song from a playlist.

As an administrator or user of the Discord server, you can use a music bot to play music in your voice channel to play high quality songs from SoundCloud, Deezer, and Spotify, which will enhance the mood of your hangouts and make them more lively.

Hydra is undoubtedly one of the best music bots available for Discord with hundreds of songs to choose from.

Additionally, you have the option to set up a playlist with functions such as play/pause, next, skip, loop, and shuffle, as well as set up an automatic playlist that plays music seamlessly without lagging or distortion.

Overview of the Hydra Discord Bot

While you are chatting with other Discord users, playing games, and hanging out on the server, you can also play music.

Music bots allow you to stream music from streaming services to the server’s voice channels.

Using a good music bot, you will be able to access high-quality links from Spotify, Deezer, and SoundCloud and have them available with minimal lagging and distortions.

One such bot is the Hydra bot. Unlike other bots that source music from YouTube, the Hydra bot allows its users to seamlessly stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer to their devices.

Some bots that source music from YouTube have been shut down by Google because of copyright infringement issues.

As long as you have a Hydra account, you will have access to free or licensed music, as well as high-quality music.

Moreover, you will have access to new features and functions if you upgrade to a premium subscription.

How To Use the Hydra Discord Bot

The first thing we would like to discuss is how to invite the Hydra bot onto your Discord server before we get into how to use it:

Inviting Hydra Bot to Discord

The following steps will guide you through the process of inviting the Hydra bot to Discord.

  1. Visit the Hydra website.
  2. Then click “Invite.”
  3. Choose the server where the bot should be added.
  4. “Continue” will appear.
  5. Click “Authorize” after you have granted the bot all the necessary permissions.
  6. Captcha must be completed.
  7. Navigate to Discord after closing the tab.

A Hydra bot has successfully been added to your Discord server. #How To Use the Hydra Discord Bot

Using Hydra Bot on Discord

Follow these steps to set the bot up and start playing music after inviting it to your preferred server.

  1. Ensure the bot is open on the server where it was added.
  2. At the top of a voice channel, find the #hydra-song-requests channel. Using this channel, you can enter commands.
  3. You can play your favorite music by using the .play [song name], .play [song URL], or .play [artist and song name] commands.
  4. Additionally, the .setup command can be used to create a song request channel. This channel can pause, stop, loop, shuffle, and remove songs.
  5. To obtain more guidance and instructions from the bot, use the .help command.

Various functions can be achieved by using commands after the bot has been set up. #How To Use the Hydra Discord Bot

How to fix hydra bot discord

In case you find that Hydra Bot is not working on Discord, here are some steps you can try:

  1. Try restarting the bot if it doesn’t seem to be running. Make sure it’s connected to your server.
  2. Make sure your bot has access to the channels and functions that it needs by checking the server permissions.
  3. The bot should be kept up-to-date by checking for any available updates and installing them.
  4. Run the “!clearcache” command to clear the bot’s cache if it is experiencing issues.
  5. Ensure that Hydra Bot runs properly if other bots are conflicting with it: If you have multiple bots running on your server, it’s possible that they may conflict with each other.

For further assistance, you may need to contact the Hydra Bot or Discord support teams. #How to fix hydra bot discord

Hydra Bot Discord
Hydra Bot Discord

#How to fix hydra bot discord

How do you command Hydra bot Discord

As you will see in the following steps, you have to ensure that Hydra Bot is added to your Discord server as well as have the necessary permissions to function.

Once this is done, you can proceed with the following steps to command Hydra Bot in Discord:

  1. To command Hydra Bot, type “!” followed by the command. Hydra’s commands are prefixed with “!” by default.
  2. If you want to play a song, for example, enter “!play” followed by the song’s name or a YouTube link after the prefix.
  3. Additional arguments may be required for some commands, such as a playlist name or a queue position.
  4. By pressing enter, you can execute the command after you’ve entered it and any necessary arguments.

Hydra bot commands

It uses Discord’s bot API to let you control your music playback using a variety of commands. #Hydra bot commands

A few of Hydra Bot’s most commonly used commands are as follows:

  1. !play [song name or YouTube link]: Play a song. Specify the song by name or provide the YouTube link.
  2. !skip: Skip the current song and move on to the next one in the queue.
  3. !stop: Clear the queue and stop playing music.
  4. !queue: Displays the currently queued songs.
  5. !pause: Pause the current song.
  6. !resume: Resuming playing currently playing music.
  7. !volume [number]: Adjust the volume of the bot. Setting the volume level can be done by specifying a number between 1 and 100.
  8. !shuffle: Shuffle the current song queue.
  9. !loop [on/off]: Turn looping on or off. A loop will repeat the current queue continuously when looping is enabled.
  10. !clear: Clear the song queue.
  11. !np: Display the current song.
  12. !seek [time]: Skip to a specific time in the current song. It is possible to specify the time in seconds.
  13. !lyrics [song name]: Display the lyrics of a particular song.
  14. !bassboost [on/off]: Select whether bass boost should be on or off.
  15. !autoplay [on/off]: Turn autoplay on or off. When autoplay is enabled, similar songs will be added to the queue when the current song ends.

There are a number of commands available for Hydra Bot, but these are just a few examples.

If the bot is present in your Discord server, you can find a list of all commands and their functions by typing “!help”. #Hydra bot commands


A Discord bot called Hydra is one of the most useful music bots available on the platform.

It will allow you to play music on your servers, as well as create playlists on the fly with play, pause, skip, loop, and shuffle functions.

On its official website, you can download the bot and use it for free or you can upgrade to a premium version for more features and functions.

If you wish to use the bot on Discord, go to its official website and invite it to your chosen server.

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