How To Unmute Someone on Discord? Right Now

How To Unmute Someone on Discord? It is our goal to provide you with the information you need to unmute someone on Discord, a popular messaging platform used by gamers, communities, and teams.

It is common for moderators or administrators to temporarily muffle users in busy voice channels or moderated servers to maintain order.

There may, however, be times when it becomes necessary to unmute someone who was previously muted.

Here are easy-to-follow instructions for unmuting someone on Discord.

Whether you’re a moderator, server administrator, or someone who muted someone accidentally, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for re-enabling voice communication.

The Discord desktop app can be unmuted by right-clicking the user’s name and unchecking the “Mute” box.

The mobile app does the same by tapping the user in a voice channel and choosing “Unmute”. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord?

Overview of Unmuting Someone on Discord

The Disord platform allows you to control your interactions with users. You can mute and block people if you feel uncomfortable.

Also, if you are an admin, a moderator, or have special rights, you can mute, kick, and ban someone.

Alternatively, you can muffle someone in the voice channel if they are too loud, annoying, or disrespectful.

The muted person won’t receive an alert after being muffled, so you won’t offend anyone.

Last but not least, server moderators can mute, ban, and kick problematic members. An example is the Dyno bot, which lets you unmute and mute people with a single command.

If you want to mute the user, you can specify how long the mute should last and why you are muting them. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord?

How To Unmute Someone on Discord?

You can unmute someone on Discord by following the steps below. Server administrators, moderators, or anyone with proper permissions can do it.

Method 1: Unmuting in a Voice Channel:

  1. Log in to your Discord account.
  2. Ensure you have permission to manage roles in the voice channel where the user is muted.
  3. On Discord’s right side, you’ll see a microphone icon next to the name of the muted user with a red slash through it.
  4. To unmute a user, right-click the username.
  5. To unmute, click the “Unmute” option in the context menu.
  6. It is now possible for the user to speak in the voice channel again after being unmuted.

Method 2: Unmuting from Server Settings:

  1. Join Discord by logging in.
  2. To find out which server the user is muted, go there.
  3. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the server name, then select “Server Settings.”
  4. To access the “Members” tab, click the “Server Settings” tab.
  5. To find the muted member in the member list, scroll down or use the search bar.
  6. To the right of the user’s name, you’ll see an icon of a microphone next to the “Mute” button.
  7. To unmute the user, click the “Mute” button. The icon will change from muted to unmuted. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord? # Unmuting from Server Settings

Method 3: Using Commands (For Bots or Self-Bots):

  1. Discord’s Terms of Service prohibit self-bots from unmuting users. However, you can use the unmute command if you have a moderation bot.
  2. Generally, the unmute command is “!unmute @username” or “/unmute @username”. It will be different depending on the bot.

It is important to note that unmuting someone may require specific permissions that they have within the server.

In the event that you do not have the appropriate permissions to unmute someone, make sure to contact a server administrator or someone who has the required privileges.

These steps will enable you to unmute someone on Discord, enabling them to speak again in voice channels and cultivating open communication within your community. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord?

Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

Several reasons could explain why you cannot unmute someone on Discord mobile.

Here are some of the most common reasons and possible fixes:

1. Lack of Permissions:

 The server administrator has to grant you the appropriate permissions or role in order to unmute someone.

If you don’t have those permissions, you cannot unmute someone.

If you can’t unmute the person on your own, ask the server administrator or a user with the necessary permissions to do so.

2. Technical Glitch: 

Occasionally, you may not be able to unmute someone due to technical glitches or temporary problems with the Discord app.

In that case, try restarting the Discord app and see if the problem persists. # Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

Should the problem persist, try again later or look for any updates to the Discord app that might fix the problem.

3. Server-Specific Mute: 

Server moderators and administrators sometimes set mute durations that prevent a user from being unmuted until the mute period expires, preventing the user from being unmuted until it expires.

Unmute Someone on Discord
Unmute Someone on Discord

It is recommended to wait until the mute duration expires, or to contact the server moderators or administrators and request they unmute.

4. User’s Own Settings: 

It is possible that the user you are trying to unmute has already set their own mute settings, either on the server or channel level, or on their device’s mute settings.

Make sure the user has not accidentally muted themselves by checking their mute settings.

Depending on the server’s settings or permissions, the unmute feature could be restricted on mobile devices. Instead, try unmuting the user from a desktop or web version of Discord.

In the event that the issue persists and it appears to be a bug or technical issue, you can contact Discord’s support team to seek further assistance. # Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

How do I fix not being able to unmute on Discord?

There are several steps you can take to troubleshoot muting someone on Discord if you’re not able to unmute them.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Check Your Permissions: 

Unmuting a user is not possible unless you have the necessary permissions to manage roles or mutes in the server or voice channel.

It would be helpful if you could speak to the server administrator or someone with the appropriate permissions and ask them to grant you the necessary roles and permissions.

2. Restart Discord App: 

Discord’s functionality can sometimes be interrupted by technical glitches or temporary issues, such as being unable to unmute users.

Ensure the Discord app is closed completely and restarted. Check if the issue persists. # unmute on Discord

3. Check Mute Duration: 

A server moderator or administrator can mute a user for a specific amount of time, but you cannot unmute them before the mute period expires.

Alternatively, you could ask the server’s moderator or administrator to unmute the user after the mute duration is over.

4. Verify User’s Settings: 

Ensure the person you are trying to unmute has not accidentally muted themselves or has certain settings enabled which prevent them from being unmuted.

Check the user’s mute settings and make sure they haven’t muted themselves by accident.

5. Use a Different Device or Platform: 

It is possible that Discord app issues on a specific platform or device can prevent certain actions from being performed, such as unmuting. # unmute on Discord

To unmute the user, try switching to a different device (for example, switching from mobile to desktop) or accessing Discord through the web version.

6. Check for Discord Updates: 

Update your Discord app. Older versions might have bugs or compatibility problems that prevent you from using the app properly.

The latest version of Discord is available for download via the app store or the official Discord website.

7. Report the Issue: 

It’s possible to report the issue to Discord’s support team if none of the above solutions work.

 If you are experiencing problems with Discord, contact their support team through their official website or community forums.

If you are unable to unmute someone on Discord, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem. # unmute on Discord


A straightforward process for unmuting someone on Discord enables server administrators, moderators, and users to correct accidental mutes or provide meaningful communication second chances.

The steps described in this blog post will help you find out how to unmute someone on Discord, whether you use the server’s settings, right-click on their name, or use a command.

Discord’s flexible interface makes it easy for anyone with the appropriate permissions to restore voice communication for muted users.

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