How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic? Right Now

How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic? It is our pleasure to share “How to Talk on Discord Without a Mic” with you.

Discord, the popular communication platform, has become a popular place for gamers, online communities, and businesses to collaborate and connect.

Despite the fact that many users prefer voice communication using microphones, there are situations where using a mic may not be possible.

There are several ways to participate in conversations on Discord without a microphone, whether you don’t have one, are having problems with it, or just want to communicate differently.

Our guide explores creative and effective ways to talk on Discord without using a microphone. 

You can talk on Discord without a microphone through your texts on text and voice channels.

You can use emoticons for added nuances. A microphone is required to speak verbally. # How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

Therefore, you can purchase an external microphone, use your headphones’ built-in microphone, or turn your phone into a microphone by using an external microphone.

What is a no mic channel Discord?

Discord’s “no mic” channels are voice channels specifically designed for users who don’t have or don’t wish to use microphones during voice chat sessions.

Voice channels in Discord are spaces where users can converse in real time with other members of the server.

Users are required to use microphones to participate in voice channels by default.

A number of reasons may prevent a user from using a microphone, including technical problems with their microphone, background noise, or personal preferences.

In order to accommodate these users and promote inclusivity, some Discord servers have created “no mic” voice channels.

The key benefit of “no mic” channels is that users use text chat to communicate rather than voice chat, so they can participate in voice chat sessions without the need to have a microphone.

Regardless of the audio setup of the user, they can still listen to the conversation and respond through text, allowing everyone to participate in the discussion.

When participants in diverse communities or educational settings have different preferences or limitations when it comes to voice communication, these channels can be particularly helpful.

How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

To enjoy all that voice channels can offer, you will need two accessories; one is an input device for talking, another is an output device for listening, and a stable internet connection for obvious reasons.

Can you still talk on Discord if you don’t have a microphone? Our guide will cover how to communicate without a microphone on Discord. # How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

Use Mobile Phones As Mic

In Discord, you can use your mobile phone as a microphone since all mobile phones have built-in microphones.

If you have an iOS or Android phone, you can use the Discord app. No voice settings have to be changed. 

Additionally, you can use your mobile phone as your mic for Discord on the desktop if you prefer not to use the mobile app (because the desktop app has more features and a bigger screen).

The following steps will guide you through using your mobile phone as a microphone on Discord:

  1. On your mobile device and on your PC, download the WO Mic app. It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.
  2. On a Windows computer, download the VC Runtime, the client and driver.
  3. To begin, open the mobile app.
  4. To get the Wi-Fi IP address result, click on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Download the desktop client and open it.
  6. Go to the “Connection” menu and click it.
  7. “Connect” should be selected.
  8. On the left panel, click “Wi-Fi”.
  9. To find the IP address of your phone, enter it into the “Phone IP address” field.
  10. Connect by clicking “Connect”.
  11. Microphones are enabled on mobile phones with your permission.

There you go! Using your phone microphone with Discord is now possible. # How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

The following steps should be followed if the mic is not working:

  1. At the bottom left of the screen, click the settings icon.
  2. Navigate to “Voice & Video”.
  3. Make sure “Microphone (WO Mic device)” is selected as the input device.

It is now possible to talk to your Discord voice channels using these settings.

Talk on Discord Without a Mic
Talk on Discord Without a Mic

Use a Pair of Headphones

Whenever you talk on voice channels, you MUST use a microphone (Period!).

It is possible to use any headphones you own without buying external microphones. Many headphones have internal microphones that work perfectly with Discord.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on headphones when you can buy a cheaper pair that will work satisfactorily (if not superbly). # How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

It is important that you configure your headphones so that you can use their microphones as input devices in Discord:

  1. On your computer, open Discord.
  2. To change your settings, click on the settings icon at the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Select “Voice & Video” from the menu.
  4. Select your headset’s microphone under “Input Device.”.
  5. To listen through headphones, select the headphones under “Output device”.
  6. By clicking “Let’s Check”, speak through your mic and if it works properly, you’re good to go.

Your headphones can be used as microphones, so there you have it! # How To Talk on Discord Without a Mic?

Through Text Chat

There is only one requirement for voice chat: a microphone. However, for text chat, a keyboard is all you need.

Typically, text and voice channels have similar kinds of conversations that revolve around the theme of the server.

Despite my preference for voice communication, there is no shame in texting.

Your friend will understand your limitation and will be more than happy to accommodate it for you.

You can also use the text chat feature on voice channels to respond to anyone speaking on their mic.

Using the voice channels, you can access text chat like this:

  1. Get a hold of the voice channel.
  2. Navigate to the voice channel area.
  3. In the top right corner, click the message bubble icon.

How To Configure Your Mic On Discord

It is possible to play the game and participate in voice chat without distracting others if you have a microphone and headset set up.

Nevertheless, the steps to configure a microphone on Discord differ depending on whether you are using a computer or a phone.

For Computer:

  1. Ensure that your mic is connected to your device.
  2. Discord can be accessed from a computer.
  3. On the top header, click Voice Channels.
  4. Join relevant voice channels.
  5. We invite you to join us.
  6. Upon entering the channel, click Settings.
  7. Click Voice & Video from the left menu.
  8. Scroll down the menu and tap Voice Activity.
  9. If you would like, you can adjust the volume.

Using your microphone, you can gain access to the channel after taking these steps. # How To Configure Your Mic On Discord

For Phone:

  1. Ensure that your mic is connected to your device.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. To access the menu, tap on the three dots at the top.
  4. To join a channel, click Voice Channel and search the dialogue box.
  5. To connect to the voice, scroll to the bottom and tap Connect.
  6. To access the three dots menu, tap the screen’s top left corner.
  7. Open Voice Settings by scrolling down.
  8. On the top menu, select Input Mode.
  9. To activate the voice, tap Voice Activity.

You will be able to configure your microphone once you have completed all the steps.

Go back to the server’s home page once you’ve finished setting up the settings. # How To Configure Your Mic On Discord


The Discord platform offers multiple options for talking through the platform without the use of a microphone, so all users can participate in conversations and collaborations regardless of their audio set-up.

In this blog post, we’ve explored a variety of methods for communicating effectively and creatively on Discord without relying on a microphone, including text chat, speech-to-text, voice changers, and soundboard apps.

There are a number of solutions available to you if you cannot speak out loud, have technical issues with your microphone, or simply want to try something new.

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