How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2022

Through affiliate marketing, you earn commissions or make money by promoting products made by other people (or companies). The challenge is always how to start Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing, your job is to promote a product you like, and then earn a share of the profits for every sale you make.

For beginners that are trying to learn how to start Affiliate Marketing business, I have broken it down into a step-by-step guide.

Following this guide will put you on the right track to earning your first affiliate income soon. Read it over and over again. Only then will it stick.

How to start affiliate marketing

Here are ways on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners:

  1. Pick a niche for your affiliate program
  2. Create a blog
  3. Write content for Your Blog
  4. Utilize affiliate programs to monetize your content
  5. Make sure your content is promoted

A. Choose Your Affiliate Niche

Let me advise you that affiliate marketing isn’t a getting-rich-fast scheme. NO!!!! Affiliate marketing is a cash source that you need to approach with a lot of patience and determination. It takes a while before you get a real satisfactory check on your pocket from the affiliate program as a beginner. It takes time!

It’s important to remember that if passion and interest do not drive the business, then you will find yourself frustrated. This also applies to affiliate marketing.

If you want to do affiliate marketing, focus on a profitable niche. Your likelihood of connecting with advertisers and sponsors will increase if you target a specific market. You will broaden your audience more rapidly because of becoming more well-focused in your marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketers find niches by assuming that those that aren’t widely known, or those in which other marketers aren’t active, will be profitable. 

As a result, the most popular industries and topics are the preservation of traditional magazines, which invest enormous sums of money each month creating content, outreaching, and optimizing their sites. Many top websites, for instance, have marketing budgets to hire freelancers to write health information. The company spends thousands of dollars on paid promotion, link building, and other advertising methods. Clearly, the average marketer would have a hard time competing with these brands.

However, the most desirable market niches are actually in the mainstream. There are several marketing niches that are competitive, popular, in-demand, offer long-lasting results, and have many relevant products, social media groups, forums, and websites.

There is the possibility of finding a niche that other affiliates have overlooked, but this is more likely to happen when the niche has low demand – meaning there are few customers – and fewer products available. Such a challenge would be difficult for even an experienced marketer.

affiliate marketing

Focusing on a sub-niche of your industry – such as ‘health tips for seniors’ or ‘healthy living for families’ – will help you create a successful website and stand out from the crowd. In this manner, you can generate affiliate sales by using long-tail keywords, which are overlooked by the larger publications. A more sensible approach is to target a niche that is evergreen, for that reason, you know you can make money. 

Here are seven steps to finding an affiliate marketing niche that is profitable.

#1. Does Your Niche Have Money?

Make sure you do your research well enough to determine if you can easily monetize the niche and make money from it before you choose one. Choosing the correct niche is the key to a successful endeavor.

Since I started my affiliate journey, I’ve cherished the idea of teaching people how to start a business and make money. It took me some time to accept this. However, I am passionate about income generation.

After narrowing it down, I chose e-commerce as my make money online niche. As you already know, this can be done in a number of different ways.

#2. What Topics Are You Passionate about and interested in?

This is another way you can easily spot your niche. Ask yourself what topic I’m passionate about? This could be sport or something else.

I have a friend that is passionate about health and fitness and she’s willing to write about health and being fit. It is easier for her to monetize her blog on affiliate marketing because she loves that topic already.

In order to find niches, you should start by thinking about what interests you personally. Probably you have already invested in these things, so you know how customers think. You just need to figure out whether you can make money selling them online.

Here is my challenge to You!

You should make a notepad and go through your hobbies carefully. Your list of hobbies will reveal many niches you might not have thought about. Take the time to think about which niches you are familiar with in the market you would like to enter. You don’t have to be an expert, but you should know a little bit more than your target audience. 

You should feel confident in your ability to create content if you are going to create it yourself. It will be difficult to publish articles often if you enter a technical niche you do not fully understand. You can, of course, hire freelance writers with niche specializations to produce the content for your website. The niche does not need to be well known to you in this situation, however, you should factor in the costs associated with it.

#3. Is the niche being promoted by a lot of affiliates?

Various affiliate marketers already occupy many niches in our market. Research the niche you want to join carefully and ensure that there is ample room for you.

There is already saturation in the popular niche of weight loss. This means that competition will be fierce for this job. Since you don’t have much experience yet, you may not be able to do well enough.

Therefore, you should try to choose something less competitive. Nevertheless! Niche markets with little competition should be avoided.

Since niches with little competition have little profit potential, it is best to avoid them. This mistake is easy to make, as many people confuse niche analysis with keyword research. As you try to rank highly for these phrases, you should look for low- to medium competition keywords. A niche analysis, on the other hand, is concerned with determining whether the niche itself can generate income for you.

B. Start A Blog

You’ve researched your affiliate niche and now you’re ready to choose one. In order to promote affiliate programs, you will need to create a blog.

You can make your affiliate business a recurring income by building a blog around it. By blogging, you can profit from your previous work even when you are not working again.

How to start affiliate marketing

The process of creating a blog is now somewhat easier than before. You don’t even need to know how to code to start a blog successfully. WordPress is just what you need.

Following these steps will allow you to get your blog up and running:

#1. Get A Domain Name

Getting a domain should be the first thing on your list. The name of your website will be the name of your domain. My domain is

Make sure you have several alternative names in mind, as the first name that comes to mind might already be taken.

Bluehost is one of the places where you can get a good domain name.

I suggest you use BlueHost since it includes a free domain name and a free SSL certificate.

You can check if the domain name you want is available here and secure it before someone else does!

#2. Buy and Set Up Hosting for Your Website

Hosting is like the house your website lives in, just like a domain name is the address of your website. Bluehost is the best I can recommend if you don’t have one yet.

Your website’s response on the internet and how fast it loads are determined by your hosting company.

When it comes to your website, the hosting company is the most important thing you can get right, as bad hosting can cause your website to go down at any time.

#3. WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress on your website is the next step after setting up your web hosting and domain name.

You’ll have WordPress pre-installed if you’re using Bluehost. That means you won’t have to worry about installing it yourself.

I have written a more comprehensive and detailed article about how to make a blog from scratch. 

Starting a blog from scratch can be intimidating. Unique and eye-catching name, hosting provider, and many more. These factors should be taken into account.

You haven’t even written a single word yet. It is therefore understandable for you to be overwhelmed in the beginning.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the early stages, getting started is quite simple if you follow a few simple steps. Meanwhile, I created this guide so you can begin your blog with a little less intimidation. From start to finish, here are 10 Important Tips that will help you write a better Blog.

C. Start creating content for your blog

Once your blog is set up, you need to start creating content to be read by your readers.

The first article you write might be intimidating, but trust me they’re always the toughest. Write consistently. As you write more, you get better. Simple as that.

A good piece of content requires extensive research. Keep reading blogs related to yours to stay current.

It shouldn’t stop you if you don’t know how to write or don’t have time to write. Always people hire writers to write for them. 

However, if you decide to write, then please consider the following.

Which topics would you be able to write about? Here are some ideas:

#1: Reviews

If your blog has a niche, you could discuss a product or service related to it. An ideal review should contain the pros and cons of a product or service in no less than a thousand words.

You will help your audience understand the product and also build trust in your review. You won’t bias your review and thus they will want to come back to read on your blog whenever they want.

affiliate marketin programs

#2: “How to” Articles

“How to” articles usually focus on how to do something or how to get started. A good example of this is this particular article you’re reading now. “How to start affiliate marketing”

The following tips should be useful if you are knowledgeable about your chosen niche. Generally, these kinds of articles attract traffic and if you have a well-monetized blog, then this means more money for you.

#3: “Tips and List” articles

As a beginner, this is also a great article to write since it generates more traffic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know enough about your chosen niche or if you’re not good at writing.

Getting better means being willing to learn more, and doing more research is one way to accomplish this. Follow blogs you are interested in and learn from their content to create your own.

Please refrain from doing copy and paste… you will surely be tempted, but resist the temptation.

D. Promote Your Content Using Affiliate Programs

This is where you promote affiliate offers on your website to distinguish yourself as an affiliate marketer.

Steps A – B should not be skipped, and you shouldn’t jump directly to step D. Every step of the way will set your business apart, so make sure you follow through with each one.

Following your ability to write valuable content about your niche, the next step will be to promote products or services that your audience will find useful.

A variety of affiliate marketing methods can be used to promote affiliate products and services, including:

#1. Banners

Promoted products and services can be displayed as banners on your site. Affiliate programs usually provide their affiliates with banners to promote their products.

By using this method, you won’t have to worry about creating your own banner because you will have access to a variety of creative ways to promote affiliate offers.

#2. Contextual Links

Affiliate offers are often promoted by contextual links. You have probably seen blog posts with links to other websites selling products or services.

A commission is earned by the blog owner if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase after clicking the affiliate link.

#3. Email Promotion

If you have an email list, this will give you an advantage. In this manner, contextual affiliate links can be easily added to emails.

You will receive a commission for every purchase they make on the affiliate website if they click the links.

It comes with great training on mastering email marketing as well. I also use GetResponse for my email marketing. You can also check them out.

#4. Product Reviews

Affiliate offers can also be promoted on your website by writing reviews about them. The problem is, this is usually done wrong most of the time.

Don’t write biased reviews on products and services to earn commissions by focusing only on the positive aspects.

By doing it this way, you can easily let your readers know what you’re up to. Both the good and bad sides of a product should be included in a good and standard review. In any case, they will not be deprived of the opportunity to purchase the product or service.

It will only make them more inclined to trust your site and read more from you in the future. It will get you closer to your readers and make them more trusting.

E. Increasing site traffic

If you’re just starting out, you won’t get much traffic unless you’re dedicated. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll definitely see results. However, it will require much of your time.

Your blog can be promoted in various ways. Remember, promoting your blog is done to generate more traffic, and the more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

Your blog can be promoted in the following ways:

Learn how to promote affiliate marketing without a website


Several recurring income streams can be generated through affiliate marketing. However, it will not come easy at the beginning. As soon as you accomplish the hard part, you can relax and enjoy your hard work. You need to be committed and consistent. Affiliate marketing has changed my life in so many ways since I made my first income.

Hopefully, this post on how to start Affiliate Marketing business is going to help you kickstart your affiliate journey. 

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