How To Stalk on Facebook? It’s best to find your friends by their names or phone numbers first; then, you can take a look at their recent photos, stories, activities, and interests.

You might consider adding them to your friend list if you cannot see any and they are not on your friend list. You should use all of these skills in a subtle way, and you should avoid commenting on their old posts or liking them.

Do you still love your ex, and things ended badly, so you can’t get any updates about their life, or would you like to get to know that ex-friend better but without being obvious about it.

In fact, most of us have probably been there, and we all don’t want others to know that we are interested in getting to know them better.

In spite of the fact that this is sometimes referred to as stalking, most of us just want to get to know more about someone; it is not that extra, and even if it is extra, who wouldn’t love to watch other people’s lives?

In many people’s lives, especially in Generation Z and Millennial, Facebook was their coming-of-age application.

This app saved all the most precious memories they had as they grew up, which they are still able to access today.

Therefore, Facebook is the best place to obtain rare information about people.

How to stalk someone on Facebook

Input Their Digits

It would be a great help if you were able to get the contact details of the person you would like to stalk, because that would bring you just one step closer to getting the information you are looking for.

When you search for someone by their phone number, you will find out who their mutual friends are, their birthday, and even their relationship and educational background, if the number is linked to their Facebook profile, which will pop up on the search engine.

The only problem is that if their phone number isn’t associated with their Facebook account, you have to take another step further in order to reach them.

Try Name Luck

There are times when you have a phone number you want to stalk, but that number isn’t connected to their account, so nothing shows up; this is when their name comes into play.

In Facebook, you can search for their names or their nicknames and it will show you a list of searches that match your search terms. Click on each of these profiles to see which one is more interesting to you.

Recent Photos Luck

After you have located the profile that you are interested in, it is possible that the profile may only contain a few pictures, or that most of the photographs are old, or the profile may not be forthcoming with information regarding their profile. It is at this point that you need to take action.

When you type ‘recent pictures of’ into the search bar, add the name of the person on Facebook, and you will be able to see all the recent photos of the person. In addition, you might even get to see what the person was doing in 2012.

You can see the photos that have been taken by these people by entering ‘photos by’ and adding their names.

If you would like to see the photos that they have been tagged in, enter ‘photos of’ and add their names.

Activity Search

To take your stalking game to the next level, you can search for posts they have liked on your social media platform.

It will show you the posts that they have liked over time, and you will be able to find out what interests and likes they have.

You can even get a better understanding of how they think through some of the comments they leave on posts.

The Subtle Stalk

In my opinion, the primary reason you stalk a person and do not express your interest in them is that you do not want them to be aware that you are stalking them.

Consequently, you need to be subtle when you are stalking them. Do not leave comments on their pages, particularly when they do not seem to interact with you that much.

As an additional tip, it is very important that you do not follow too many of their friends.

The reason behind this is because it will seem like you are stalking them, and since you do not want to be labeled a stalker, you should keep your interactions limited.

Also, do not like all their old posts! They will notice this and mark you as a stalker.

In this article, we are going to tell you that you do not need to always search someone’s profile on Facebook before stalking them.

You can discover more about someone through their stories and the posts they share on Facebook when you send a friend request to them, and when it is accepted, you will be able to find out more about them.

As the 24 hour story feature is a short-term posting feature, it is likely that people will update their lives within 24-hours.

Unlike profile posts, the story feature posts are going to disappear after 24 hours. As a result, we tend to share more on the temporary space compared to the profile space.

How to see Facebook activity between two friends

Does it not satisfy you to simply check someone’s friend list on Facebook? Are you looking for someone’s interactions with a friend on Facebook, rather than just checking the friend list? #How to see Facebook activity

Step 1

Sign into your Facebook account by launching a browser.

It is important to note that the Facebook app cannot be used to find interactions between one and a friend. Only the web version is effective.

Step 2

As part of this section, you will need to get the Facebook IDs of both of the persons.

Check the homepage of the first victim and you will be able to find the exact Facebook ID of this person if you check the URL where this information can be found.

  • This link will be displayed as If the link appears as This will be the Facebook ID of moh roe.

Once you have the second ID, you need to go to the Homepage of the other person and get it from there.

How To Stalk on Facebook
How To Stalk on Facebook

Step 3

Using your browser, open a new tab and type in the following link as the first ID and the second ID:

To view the friendship page between them, you will need to replace the “FirstID” and “SecondID” with the two that you get. Just press “Enter” to view the friend page between them.

In the likes, comments, and mentions section, you will be able to see who liked what. However, private messages will not be shown.

How to see what someone likes on Facebook

It is possible to see what someone likes on Facebook if you are friends with them on Facebook. #How to see Facebook activity

Here are some tips on how you can see someone’s likes on Facebook:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. You can type in the following in the search bar: posts liked by [Name of the person’s Facebook account].
  3. There may be some thumbnail images that he/she has liked on Facebook. Click See More to find out more.

You can try the following if you have not sent a friend request to the person you are curious about:

  • Go to the person’s Facebook homepage by signing in with your PC.
  • Unless a stranger has been blocked, you won’t find Likes under More.
  • The accounts this person has thumbs-up for can all be found under this tab.

It is now common knowledge that Facebook has proven to be a powerful tool to bring people closer than ever before. On Facebook, strangers can be turned into close friends, and chatting and sharing are commonplace.

Also, it is a place where friends can get to know more about each other as well as get to know each other better.

You will be able to find out a lot about your friend by checking out his or her Facebook homepage.

You will be able to find out what your friend likes, where your friend has been, if you have common friends, and so on. #How to see Facebook activity

The Facebook platform is, however, a place full of temptations and challenges that couples face on a daily basis.

There are a lot of people who post home video on Facebook, attracting many people to like the video and comment on it.

If your partner is not good at self-control, is it likely that he/she will flirt with some hot girls on Facebook, or even worse, cheat on you?

I’d like to start by making you aware that if you want to know more about someone, let’s check their Facebook activity. We can check their likes, friends, interactions, messages, and much more.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you can find out precisely how to check all Facebook activities separately – or simultaneously – in the following sections.


In society, stalking people is regarded as creepy and if it is done, you should avoid doing it excessively so as not to become compulsive with stalking people, which could lead to you stalking many more people than you intended to.

Moreover, the more you stalk people, the more you come across annoying things that could affect your mental health.

Although you can stalk away as much as you want, but it is important that you don’t cross borders and avoid stalking everyone at all times.