If you want to share Spotify songs on Instagram, you can do so by sharing them as a link. When the user clicks on the link, the music from Spotify will play. # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

To share a song on Instagram, open the Spotify song, click on the three-dot icon to open the share menu, and choose Instagram from the list. It will be shared in your story, and if anyone taps on the link, they will be able to listen to that song on Spotify.

The Instagram app introduced a new feature in 2018 which allowed users to share Spotify music with their followers and take the fun to the next level. # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram stories, many users always post them along with a song, and using third-party tools has not proven to be enough to give Instagram users the best story-creating experience possible.

The Spotify music can’t be shared on Instagram, which has been an issue for many users.

In this guide, you will learn if you can share a Spotify song on Instagram, as well as what to do if you are unable to find the Instagram share button on Spotify.

In addition, we have provided a detailed guide for sharing a Spotify song on Instagram. So, let’s get started!

Why can’t I share a song from Spotify to Instagram story?

It may be that you are not able to share a song from Spotify to your Instagram Stories due to the following reasons:

  1. You may not have the latest Spotify app installed. Make sure you have the latest Spotify version installed.
  2. If you do not have the latest version of Instagram on your device, make sure your app is updated.
  3. You may not be able to use Spotify’s “Share on Instagram Stories” feature in your region due to region-specific restrictions.
  4. Check that you have the same account logged in across Spotify and Instagram.
  5. Linked Instagram accounts cannot share songs on Instagram Stories. To share a song on Instagram Stories, you must link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

The best way to resolve this issue would be to contact Spotify support or Instagram support. # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

With an Android or iPhone, it’s easy to share Spotify songs on Instagram. With a desktop, you can’t.

The following steps can be followed to share Spotify:

  1. You can launch Spotify by clicking here.
  2. To share music to your Instagram story, open the music file.
  3. Tap the three dots next to the song.
  4. Choose Instagram from the list of applications listed under the “Share” option.
  5. Instagram will open on your mobile device. Select “Your story” to share to.
  6. Make the song more fun by adding fun content and GIFs before posting it to your story.

How to Do the Spotify Trend on Instagram on Android

Here’s how you can join in on the Spotify Trend on Instagram if you’re an Android user. First, you need to make sure you have the newest version of the Instagram app installed on your phone.

Once you’re on your Instagram app, you’ll need to go to your profile page by tapping on the edit button. # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

Then, tap on the “Edit Profile” button and scroll down until you reach the “Manage Preferences” button. Once you’ve clicked on that, scroll down until you find the box labeled “Allow Third-Party Apps.” Make sure that this box is checked.

The next step of the process is to find the Spotify application on the Google Play Store, download it and sign in with your Spotify account. Once you have signed in, tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen (it looks like three lines stacked on top of each other) and then tap on “Settings.”.

In Spotify, when you click on the link to open it in a browser rather than inside the app, you will be able to open it in your default browser.

You can do this by scrolling down to where it says “Open Links In:” and choosing “External Browser.” Once everything has been set up, you will need to find a post using the #SpotifyTrend hashtag on Instagram.

From there, you will need to navigate to the website in your browser, and then follow the instructions onscreen to start playing the video. You’ll be able to control playback directly from Instagram without having to leave the application.

How to share spotify song on instagram story without video

There are a couple of steps that you can follow in order to share a Spotify song on Instagram Stories without a video:

  1. Select the song you would like to share from the Spotify app.
  2. On the right side of the song, tap the three dots and select “Share”.
  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Copy Link.”.
  4. A new story can be created by opening the Instagram app.
  5. Text can be added to the story by tapping on the “Aa” icon.
  6. In the text field, paste the copied link.
  7. If you would like to add additional text or graphics, please do so.
  8. Finally, tap “Send to” and choose whom you wish to share it with.
  9. The story can then be shared by tapping “Share”.

You can provide the link of the song to your followers so that they can open it through the link by clicking on it. # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram

How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram?
How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram?

How to change spotify instagram story background

Here are the steps you can follow to change the background of a Spotify song you are sharing on Instagram Stories:

  1. Select the song you would like to share from the Spotify app.
  2. On the right side of the song, tap the three dots and select “Share”.
  3. Among the options that appear, select “Instagram Stories”.
  4. A new Instagram story will be created displaying the song’s cover art and a Spotify link.
  5. By tapping on the song cover art, you’ll see Instagram’s story editor, which allows you to change the background color or add a background image.
  6. Select the people or groups you wish to share your story with, then customize it with text, stickers, and other elements.
  7. Lastly, tap “Share” to share your story.

Adding a background image to your Instagram story is just as easy as saving it to your device, then uploading it to your Instagram story and then adding the background image you want.

How Do You Post a Spotify Wrap on Instagram?

In case you are one of those Spotify users who use Spotify, you have probably seen your friends post their “Spotify Wrapped” on Instagram-a collage of the songs, artists, and genres they listen to the most.

Here’s how you can do the same. To begin, open the app and click on the profile tab then select the “wrapped page.” # How to share spotify song on instagram

This option may not be visible to you if you have not been using Spotify for a long enough period of time, or if you use Spotify’s free service instead of its premium service.

Once you are on the wrapped page, scroll down until you see the share button and then click it. Then select either the “copy link” option or the “share image” option.

Simply paste the link you chose into your Instagram caption if you selected copy link (you can also add whatever else you feel is appropriate about your taste in music over the past year here).

When you choose to share image, hold down on the picture until the message “Save image” pops up. Once this is done, go to your photos app and post it just as you would any other picture. That’s it!


With Spotify’s launch of a share button, music lovers are now able to share music with their friends in a totally new way.

It is available to users of premium and free Spotify accounts, although it doesn’t share the song’s sound directly with the other users.

Here is a guide that will explain what you can do if you are unable to share a Spotify song, and you want to know how to fix it! # How To Share a Spotify Song on Instagram # How to share spotify song on instagram