How to set up tiktok ads manager? There is a growing audience of users on TikTok, making it an ideal option for businesses looking to reach potential customers through targeted advertising.

It is a popular social media platform that has a large, growing user base, making it a powerful tool for businesses. It is the TikTok Ads Manager that allows businesses to manage, track, and create ads on the platform.

You will learn how to set up the TikTok Ads Manager in this blog post, as well as how to create and manage your first ad campaign using the TikTok Ads Manager. #How to set up tiktok ads manager

This post will provide you with information and insights on how to make the most of your advertising efforts on TikTok, whether you are a small business owner, a marketing professional, or just starting out with TikTok advertising.

What is TikTok Ads Manager?

Businesses can advertise on TikTok through TikTok Ads Manager, a popular social media app.

Businesses can use TikTok Ads Manager to create, manage, and track the performance of their advertising campaigns on the platform with the tools and features available through the TikTok Ads Manager.

As part of TikTok Ads Manager, businesses can create and target ads at specific audiences, set budgets, and track metrics such as reach, impressions, and conversions. #How to set up tiktok ads manager

With TikTok Ads Manager, advertisers are able to create a variety of advertising formats, including video ads, brand takeovers, and native ads that appear within the TikTok feed.

Additionally, the platform offers advanced targeting options, including demographic, interest, and behavior targeting, in order to assist businesses in reaching the appropriate audiences and achieving their advertising objectives.

You can use TikTok Ads Manager to effectively reach your target audience and grow your business, regardless of whether you are a small business owner, marketing professional, or just getting started with TikTok advertising.

How to create TikTok ads account

To advertise on the popular social media app, businesses must first create a TikTok Ads account.

The TikTok Ads account allows businesses to create and manage advertising campaigns, reach their target audiences, and track the success of their ads.

Here are the steps for creating a TikTok Ads account:

  1. Click on “Sign Up” on TikTok Ads’ website.
  2. You will need to enter your company name, country, and time zone.
  3. Sign up with your email address and password.
  4. The email you received will contain instructions on how to verify your account.
  5. After your account is verified, you will be able to create your first ad campaign through TikTok Ads Manager.

The TikTok Ads platform is a popular social media platform that makes it easy to reach your target audience and grow your business. With an account, you’ll be able to utilize the platform’s advertising features and tools.

TikTok has a number of advertising policies and guidelines, so it is essential that you familiarize yourself with these policies and guidelines prior to beginning advertising campaigns.

How to create and connect a TikTok Ads Manager account

1. Registering for TikTok Ads Manager

The next step is to download TikTok, visit the business page on the TikTok website, click or tap on ‘Start Now’, and either fill out your details or click ‘Sign up with TikTok’ if you are already logged in.

A verification code will be emailed to you once you have signed up with TikTok.

You will be directed to another form where you will need to provide some business-related information, such as the country/region, business name, phone number, industry, timezone, and currency, after entering the TikTok Ads Manager code into the sign-up form and accepting the terms and conditions.

Upon completion, click the ‘Register’ button.

2. Custom Mode vs. Simplified Mode on TikTok

It is possible to choose one of two TikTok Ads Manager modes. We recommend selecting ‘Custom Mode’, which provides you with the most advanced and granular control over your ads and ad groups.

How to set up tiktok ads manager
How to set up tiktok ads manager

In case you need assistance navigating ‘Custom Mode’, please contact us. You can switch to ‘Simplified Mode’ at any time to create ads faster, although with fewer customizable options.

3. Configuring TikTok Ads Manager

Upon completion of the sign-up process, you will see your dashboard on which you will manage your TikTok ads. Before you can begin running ads, you need to provide a few additional details about your business. 

Click ‘Account Info’ from the menu below your avatar (in the top-right corner on desktop).

Please fill in any basic information you may have missed, including tax details, and then click on the ‘Payment Method’ link.

4. Adding a payment method to your TikTok Ads Manager account

If you click on ‘Add Payment Method’, you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to select whether you would like to make payments automatically or manually.

  • With automatic payments, you can set up recurring payments for the delivery of your ads.
  • If you choose to make manual payments, you will be able to add funds to your account before your ads are delivered.

Click ‘Next’ after choosing your preferred method, and fill in the rest of the required information.

5. Awaiting account approval

As soon as you submit all the required information to TikTok, you will be able to see how your account is going under ‘Basic Information’.

TikTok will review your account, and around 24 hours later you will be able to see if you have been approved.

It is recommended that you check the status of your account after 24 hours to see if it has been approved.

If your account has been approved, you will see a green status and a ‘Good to go!’ indication. You are now ready to start creating and delivering ads through TikTok Ads Manager.

How to get your ads approved on TikTok

Let’s get started and let’s see how you can get your TikTok Ads Manager account set up in no time at all so that you can get your ads approved seamlessly the very first time you try.

Because TikTok Ads Manager is relatively new, its content policies are still subject to change on a regular basis, but they tend to be stricter than Facebook’s rulings, so it is a good idea to have a familiarity with them.

Sending ads to a landing page on TikTok

If you want to link your TikTok ads with landing pages that you’ve created as part of a campaign, you have to make sure that those pages comply with TikTok’s landing page policy.

which requires that privacy policies are made clear, that the website is responsive (compatible with all devices), and that the page adheres to the TikTok landing page policy.

For the purpose of assessing your landing pages, you should refer to the chart below.

Matching languages between TikTok ads and landing pages

You can specify the language you want in your ads – spoken, subtitled, or captioned – and TikTok will make sure that the language matches that of a. the landing pages you’re linking to, and b. the language spoken in the geographical area you’re targeting.

Ensure that your website is HTTPS ready

As a web protocol, HTTPS provides users with the ability to use the Internet more securely, so it is imperative that your website and all of its pages are HTTPS compliant.

If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A couple of years ago, many large websites began penalizing non-HTTPS links, including Google, which will lower a website’s ranking in search results if they still use the old ‘HTTP’ protocol.

In addition, TikTok recommends that you use HTTPS landing pages for maximum campaign success.

Keeping your TikTok ads and landing pages consistent

As a key factor in getting your ad approved, be sure that your ads are consistent in their content, including the text and product representation on the landing page.

This is one of the most important aspects in getting your ad approved, and it also gives the user the sense that you are trust worthy.

In conclusion

Having the TikTok Ads Manager set up is an essential step for businesses looking to reach a wider audience on the popular social media platform by using it.

In order to create and manage your advertising campaigns on TikTok, you have the ability to set budgets, target audiences, and measure the success of your advertising campaign by utilizing the advertising options.

There are only a few simple steps that need to be followed to set up TikTok Ads Manager. #How to set up tiktok ads manager

No matter if you are a new or veteran advertiser, TikTok offers you an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing your advertising campaigns regardless of whether you are an experienced or new advertiser.

You will have access to a wealth of data and insights about your target audience when you set up TikTok Ads Manager, so you can make informed decisions about your advertising strategy based on this data.

As a result, you can also reach millions of users on this platform, increasing your brand’s visibility and increasing conversions for your business.

In order to reach your target audience and grow your brand, TikTok Ads Manager is a valuable tool that is available to all business owners, whether they are small businesses or large corporations.

You don’t want to miss out on the advertising opportunities on TikTok. So let’s get started and set up your TikTok Ads Manager today.