How to see who I am following on Facebook?  Users often wonder how they can keep track of who they are following on Facebook, because Facebook is such a popular social media platform that connects people from around the world.

In this blog post, we will explore different methods to help you find out who you are following on Facebook, which will enable you to manage your connections and stay informed about the content you engage with.

Your Instagram follower and following list can be easily viewed, but viewing the Facebook following list is a little more difficult.

This is due to the fact that people you are friends with will automatically follow you if you click on the following tab within your friend’s section.

You will be able to view a list of Facebook followers by clicking on the following tab.

What Does Following Mean on Facebook?

A number of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, allow users to follow one another in order to stay updated with the posts of their friends.

The act of “following” on Facebook is essentially the act of subscribing to the account of the person you wish to follow.

All of the public updates posted by the person will now appear in your news feed as long as you choose to follow them.

Nevertheless, following someone on Facebook does not imply that you are friends with that individual.

You may follow someone while being friends with another individual at the same time.

In the case of someone who is not on your friend list, following them will not allow you full access to their shared content.

You will only be able to view posts they share that are publicly viewable under their privacy settings.

When you follow someone, you will be able to stay up-to-date on their posts without searching for their profile and visiting it every day.

How to see who I am following on Facebook? 

The following steps can be followed in order to view the people you are following on Facebook:

Open Facebook: 

Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account by using a web browser or the Facebook mobile app of your choice.

Go to your Profile: 

Go to your personal profile by clicking on your profile picture or name at the top of the Facebook homepage. # How to see who I am following on Facebook

Navigate to the Friends section: 

If you click on the “Friends” tab on your profile page, a list of all your Facebook friends will be displayed.

Explore the “Following” section: 

There is a section on the Friends page called “Following,” where you can view a list of the people, pages, and groups you are currently following.

Filter the list: 

It is possible to filter the list of people you are following using the options on the left side of the page.

For example, you can filter your followers by categories such as “People,” “Pages,” and “Groups.”. # How to see who I am following on Facebook

Manage your following: 

Using the “Following” list, you may unfollow individuals, pages, or groups.

If you unfollow an individual, page, or group, their updates will not appear in your news feed, however, you will remain friends or followers.

It is easy to determine who you are following on Facebook by following these steps.

You can then make necessary adjustments to your connections as needed by following these steps.

How to see who I am following on Facebook on PC

When you become someone’s friend on Facebook, they follow you immediately. You can also allow people who aren’t your friends to see your posts by choosing Public next to your post settings.

You do not have to be friends with someone on Facebook to view their public posts in your News Feed. # How to see who I am following on Facebook on PC

You can follow a Facebook user who is not one of your friends, and their public posts will appear in your News Feed as well.

Similar to this, if you follow someone on Facebook, their News Feed may display your public postings even if you are not Facebook friends with them.

You may not be aware that this is happening until you check your News Feed. # How to see who I am following on Facebook on PC

The steps below will assist you in finding out who you follow on Facebook using a computer:

  • Go to your Facebook profile page (name of profile).
  • Select the Friends tab (next to your profile image, below your cover photo). 
  • Here you will find a list of all your friends. 
  • Click “Facebook Following List or Followed Tab” to see who you follow. 
  • Click the “Followers” tab to view your followers.

How to see who I am following on Facebook with mobile?

It’s time to check out this feature on your mobile app now that you know you’re following on Facebook via your computer. 

Your Facebook followers might not be visible to you according to their settings.

If the “Following” tab is not visible, you aren’t following any Facebook users, Facebook groups, Fan Page pages, or Facebook pages.  # How to see who I am following on Facebook with mobile

Using a mobile device, you can see who you follow on Facebook:

  • Using an iPhone or Android device, open the Facebook app. 
  • To view your profile, click the three horizontal lines at the top right corner. 
  • The settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon

Scroll down till you find Your Information and click Activity Log.

Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, you will be able to find any and all people you have ever followed on Facebook by clicking on “Following”.  # How to see who I am following on Facebook with mobile

Do you know that Facebook provides you with the option of choosing whether to receive notifications whenever users who are not your friends follow you or share, like, or comment on your public posts? 

How to Follow Someone on the Facebook App?

It is very easy to follow someone on Facebook in order to receive updates on their posts and other public activities.

Please follow the instructions below to do so. # How to Follow Someone on the Facebook App

How to see who I am following on Facebook
How to see who I am following on Facebook

As a reminder, you can only follow people whose “Who can follow me” settings have been set to “Public.”

If you do not see this option, the person you are trying to follow has their privacy settings set to “Friends.”

  1. Go to Facebook and enter your credentials to sign in.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the search icon.
  3. To follow someone, type their name and press the search button.
  4. Click the “Follow” button.
  5. By following the steps below, you can confirm that the person has been added to your following list.

How to stop people from following you on Facebook?

There is a possibility that you have recently discovered that you have followers who are not your friends if your Facebook privacy settings are not sufficiently restrictive. 

It is true that Facebook allows you to limit who can view your profile, but someone may follow you even if they are not friends with you. # How to stop people from following you on Facebook

The majority of people who use social media platforms know who their friends are on Facebook, but did you know you can also have new followers who are not even your friends following you on Facebook?

This means that they can see your entire Facebook feed without you being aware of it.  # How to stop people from following you on Facebook

The “following” option may be used by anyone with a Facebook account (public or private) to subscribe to your account so that your public updates appear in their newsfeed, even if you have not added them as friends.

You are responsible for all public postings you submit yourself, as well as any comments you make on other people’s public postings.

Please follow the steps below if you wish to disable this Facebook feature in order to prevent everyone from following you

  • Select “Public Post” from the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Who Can Follow Me” and change the settings to “Friends.” 

You can ensure that only your friends see future status updates by changing the “Who should see this?” option in the draft of the post to “Friends.”

If you need additional assistance, you can also check the Facebook Help Center, similar to the Instagram Help Center, if you are experiencing any difficulty.

You do not have to use third-party apps to see who I am following on Facebook. These third-party apps are usually useless. # How to stop people from following you on Facebook

 How to unfollow someone on Facebook?

The following steps will assist you in unfollowing someone on Facebook:

  • To unfollow a friend, visit their profile page.
  • Click Following near their cover photo. (On the app, click the three dots next to their cover photo.)
  • (On the app, choose Unfollow from the Following menu.)

You can also unfriend a friend without unfollowing them on Facebook. 

  • Go to the person’s profile on the Facebook mobile app to unfollow them completely
  • Click on “Following” under their profile photo
  • Once you have done that, click “Unfollow” 
  • You can unfollow a user from a desktop by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of their post.


The importance of knowing who you follow on Facebook cannot be overstated. By knowing who you follow, you will be able to ensure that your Facebook feed reflects your interests and values.

As we discussed in this blog post, you can check your Friends list, use the Follow feature, and utilize third-party tools to see who your friends are following.

In order to maintain a meaningful and enjoyable experience on Facebook, you should periodically review your connections and adjust them as necessary.

Have fun exploring and managing your Facebook connections!