How To See Telegram Channel Members? Complete Guide

How To See Telegram Channel Members? With Telegram, users can create a variety of channels through which they can share information, updates, and engage with a specific community by creating and joining channels.

It is important for channel administrators and members alike to understand how the platform can be used to enhance the channel experience.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information and tools that will enable you to maximize your Telegram channel experience, including steps on how to see Telegram channel members. 

The channel header can be used to view the subscribers of your channel or any channel.

By going to the channel and tapping on “Subscribers” under “Members,” the channel administrator/owner can view the subscribers’ list.

Additionally, if you have a large Telegram subscriber base, you may be able to program a Userbot to extract the subscriber’s details. # Telegram Channel Members

So let’s dive in and explore the process together!

Telegram Channel Members

A Telegram channel member is an individual who has joined a specific channel on the Telegram messaging platform.

In order to share news, updates, educational content, entertainment, or organize communities around specific interests, Telegram channels can be used for broadcasting messages to large audiences.

Members of a channel can include administrators, moderators, and regular subscribers who have joined the channel. # Telegram Channel Members

It is often the number of channel members that determines a channel’s popularity and reach, as well as its engagement and influence, among other factors.

Upon joining a Telegram channel, you will receive updates, notifications, and messages from the channel administrators. # Telegram Channel Members

In addition to staying informed, engaging with the content, and interacting with other members through comments, discussions, or sharing media files, being part of a channel allows you to remain engaged with the content.

How To See Telegram Channel Members

Follow these steps in order to see the members of a Telegram channel:

Open the Telegram app: 

It is recommended that you have the most recent version of the Telegram app installed on your device.

If you do not already have it installed, you can download it from your device’s app store.

Access the channel: 

Enter the name of the channel you wish to view the members of into the search bar at the top of the screen.

Telegram will suggest relevant channels as you type. Click the desired channel from the search results.

Open channel information: 

Upon arriving at the channel’s main page, you will see the channel’s name, description, as well as recent posts.

To open the options menu, tap the icon with three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. # Telegram Channel Members

Select “Members”: 

Find the “Members” option in the options menu of the channel. Tap on it to view a list of actions related to the channel.

View the member list: 

Selecting “Members” will direct you to a screen that displays the list of channel members.

Scrolling through the list allows you to view the names of all the channel members.

Sort and search members (optional): 

You can use the sorting and search options to locate specific members or to organize the list.

At the top of the member list screen, you will find a search bar. Enter the name or username of the member you are looking for.

A sorting button can also be found at the top right of the screen. # Telegram Channel Members

Now that you have learned how to view Telegram channel members, you will be able to explore the members list, interact with fellow members, and participate in discussions within the channel.

How can I see hidden Telegram members?

There is no such thing as “hidden members” in Telegram. The member list of a Telegram channel or group is typically visible to all its members.

However, there are a few instances where you may perceive members to be hidden:

Restricted visibility: 

There are instances when channel administrators may choose to hide the member list from non-admin members by adjusting the channel’s settings.

In such cases, regular members will not be able to view the complete member list. # see hidden Telegram members

Private groups: 

There is also the option of creating private groups that are accessible only to those within the group.

These groups are not discoverable through search, and their members are kept secret. If you do not belong to a private group, you will not be able to view its members.

You should be aware that Telegram values the privacy of its users and that members’ information is usually protected.

Therefore, you may not have access to certain members’ details unless they would like to share them with you.

The best course of action is to contact the Telegram channel or group administrators if you suspect that certain Telegram channels or groups contain hidden members or have limitations on member visibility.

You will be able to obtain specific information regarding visibility settings and member list access from them. # see hidden Telegram members

How to See Members of a Private Telegram Channel

It is not possible for you to view the members of a private Telegram channel. This is only possible if you are the administrator of the channel.

Here are the steps you need to take if you are an administrator of a private Telegram channel:

Telegram Channel Members
Telegram Channel Members

Step 1: Launch the “Telegram” application.

Step 2: Enter your private channel.

Step 3: On the top of the page, tap on your private channel name.

Step 4: Click “Subscribers”.

It is now possible for you to view the list of members who have joined your private Telegram group. # See Members of a Private Telegram Channel

Alternatively, you may be able to get the list of subscribers by opening Telegram web, going to your private Telegram channel, and tapping on the channel name.

Using this method, you can easily see members in a private Telegram channel. However, if you aren’t an administrator, you cannot see members of a private Telegram channel.

Can you see the owner of a Telegram channel?

Regular members of Telegram channels cannot see the channel owner unless the channel owner discloses that information.

The channel owner’s identity is not displayed publicly on the channel’s information or member list.

There are, however, certain administrative privileges associated with a Telegram channel owner, and these privileges can be identified by certain indicators:

Admin label: 

In the member list, the channel owner’s name is typically displayed with the label “admin”, which distinguishes them from other channel members who may have different roles, such as moderators or regular subscribers.

Channel settings: 

It is the channel owner who is responsible for modifying the channel’s settings, which includes managing administrators, changing the channel’s name and description, granting posting permissions, and customizing other settings related to the channel’s function.

Channel posts: 

Posts and announcements can only be posted by the channel owner.

It is common for their posts to carry a distinctive “channel owner” tag or a symbol indicating they originate from the channel owner.

In order to find out who owns a particular Telegram channel, you can reach out to its administrators or ask them directly whether that information is available to you.

Various reasons may lead the channel owner to choose to remain anonymous or keep their identity private.

Why can’t I see someone on Telegram?

A number of factors may contribute to your inability to see someone on Telegram, including:

Privacy settings: 

With Telegram, users can control the extent to which they are visible and interact with other users through a variety of privacy settings.

It is possible that the person you cannot see has restricted their visibility or interaction with certain users, including you, by adjusting their privacy settings.

Blocked by the user: 

You will be unable to see the profile, messages, or updates from someone who has blocked you on Telegram.

Blocking is done on a personal basis by the user so that communication with a specific individual can be limited.

Restricted access: 

There is a possibility that the person you are seeking might be a member of a private channel or group that you do not have access to.

Private channels and groups are typically invite-only, and their existence and membership is kept confidential.

Deleted or deactivated account: 

Users whose Telegram accounts have been deleted or deactivated will no longer be able to access their profile information.

Incorrect username or number: 

If you have entered the wrong username or telephone number, you may not be able to locate the individual you are seeking.

Whenever possible, respect the privacy preferences of Telegram users.

If you cannot see someone on Telegram, you should respect their choice and not engage in any intrusive actions.


To summarize, seeing Telegram channel members is a valuable feature that enables channel administrators and members to assess the reach and engagement of a channel.

In order to view the members of any Telegram channel, you must follow the steps outlined in this blog.

It is important to understand how to access this information, regardless of whether you are an administrator or a member interested in connecting with other channel enthusiasts.

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