How to See Recent Followers on Instagram? As you grow your Instagram following, it is natural to be curious about who is joining your community and following your account.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to connect, share, and interact with others through photos and videos.

Although Instagram does not provide a specific feature to identify recent followers, you can use some methods to identify the individuals who have recently followed you.

It is our intent to explore various methods and tools in this blog post that can assist you in discovering your recent Instagram followers and gaining insights into your growing following.

Can You See Recent Instagram Followers?

By going to the notifications section of your account, you will be able to see your recent followers.

Users are able to manage their followers on Instagram according to their preferences. # Recent Instagram Followers

The process of accepting each person who decides to add you needs to be manually completed if you, for example, have a private account.

Your posts, pictures, videos, and more will be available for them to comment on.

As with other apps, such as Facebook, it works similarly, but there are certain limitations.

There are some limitations to hiding Instagram followers, for example.

You will always be able to see the total number of followers on someone’s profile. # Recent Instagram Followers

Nonetheless, when we discuss another person’s profile, the story is somewhat different. # Recent Instagram Followers

Is it Possible to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram?

There is no way to view someone’s recent followers on Instagram. Instagram does not provide a feature or option that allows users to view the recent followers of another account.

As part of its commitment to maintaining the privacy of its users, Instagram limits the visibility of follower information. # Recent Followers on Instagram

Instagram accounts can only be viewed by visiting their profiles and manually scrolling through their followers.

However, this will display the entire list of followers, and it is not possible to determine the most recent followers unless a relatively small number of followers are present. # Recent Followers on Instagram

When it comes to social media platforms, the most important thing is to respect others’ privacy and engage with your own audience rather than trying to access the information of others’ followers without their permission.

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

In addition to what we have mentioned before, it is not currently possible for you to view a person’s recent followers.

Is it possible to view who you have recently followed on Instagram?

Sure, you can do that. # Recent Followers on Instagram

Nonetheless, we are going to show you a few methods that can help you to obtain a definitive answer to your question.

1. See Your Most Recent Followers on Instagram

By default, Instagram tracks your recent followers in chronological order.

By checking your followers list, or by using the activity tab, you can find this information.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App

To begin with, open Instagram. You will need to go to your profile page, which you can do by tapping the profile icon.

There is also a browser version of Instagram that allows you to do this. # Recent Followers on Instagram

Step 2: Go to Your Instagram Profile Page

Tap on the number of your follower once you are on your accounts page.

You will find it at the top left corner of the screen, next to your picture, where a new list will appear in this main menu. # Recent Followers on Instagram

Step 3: Tap on Your Followers List

By tapping here, you will be able to see your most recent followers in chronological order.

As a result, you will see all the accounts that have recently followed you and be able to interact with your Instagram profile and comment on your posts.

2. See Someone Recent’s Followers on Instagram

Instagram does not allow you to view a user’s recent followers, and we cannot emphasize this enough.

You will be able to view their followers, but they will not be arranged according to their order.

Rather than using verified online tools to view someone’s most recent followers, you should use unverified tools that do so. # Recent Followers on Instagram

Use a Third-Party App

A third-party Instagram app or browser extension can also provide more accurate search results for Instagram users.

It is possible to extract information from Instagram using third-party applications, which provide you with information on the latest activities of other Instagram users, as well as a weekly report of their likes, interactions, and followers.

It is possible to obtain better records of who recently followed you on Instagram with third-party apps.

It may, however, be better to use an application other than a third-party application for this purpose.

Your account information and privacy may be at risk if you use unsecured third-party applications that you download and install.

You should choose a trusted and preferred third-party application if you are interested in trying them out. Some may also charge you for using the application.

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram
How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

Instagram Following List Order

Is there a reason why Instagram does not allow you to sort Instagram followers by most recent on other users’ profiles?

This setting may not exist on Instagram, or it may have been removed as a result of updates and adjustments to the app.

With the current app update, there is no definite way for you to sort other users’ following lists by any means.

However, you can do this on your profile as described below:

  1. Go to Instagram on your device and open it.
  2. Select your account profile icon.
  3. Click on the following option.
  4. The Sorted by Default section can be found by clicking the up and down arrows.
  5. To sort by most recent to least recent, change the setting to Date followed: Latest.

It is also possible to determine the latest profiles followed by someone without having to borrow their accounts to do the sorting method above, or without having to sneak on their phones if you are attempting this secretly.

The following list of users on Instagram is sorted and displayed randomly, so you cannot tell which profiles were followed when, and the order of the list will also vary depending on the device.

Best App to See Instagram Followers in Chronological Order

With Snooopreport, you can track the activity of more than 100 Instagram accounts in a single click, and it is not limited to tracking followers alone.

All the activities of your target on Instagram can be found through the app, including who they have recently followed, what they like most on Instagram, and what they have recently posted.

It is an online tool, so you do not need to download it on your smartphone or enter your Instagram login credentials to access it.

The application will present to you the “New Follows” list once you have entered the target user’s profile by combining their recent followers with their overall followers.

Snoopreport does not provide these services free of charge. In order to access the required data, you must choose a suitable paid plan.

The plan begins at $4.99 per month and allows you to track only two friends. The website contains a sample report that you may be interested in reviewing.

See Most Recent Followers on Instagram Website

  1. Log in to your Instagram account using your browser.
  2. Open the profile of someone by typing their username in the search bar.
  3. To follow others, click on the “Followers” link next to the “Followers” tab.
  4. Recent followers will be displayed in chronological order.

As a result, you should be able to view the list chronologically, with the most recent followers showing at the top.

If you continue to see the same default list with followers listed randomly, move on to the next method.


There are several methods and tools that you can utilize to gain some insight into your growing Instagram audience, even though Instagram does not provide a direct view of your recent followers.

Keeping track of new followers and staying connected with your Instagram community can be achieved by utilizing features within the app, exploring third-party applications, or manually monitoring your follower count.

To foster meaningful connections with your followers, it is imperative that you build authentic relationships, engage with them, and provide valuable content.

Explore and experiment with a wide range of strategies to optimize your Instagram presence and to continue growing your following.