How To See Old Instagram Bios? Complete Guide

How To See Old Instagram Bios? We evolve in our Instagram bios as we change, grow, and redefine.

Your Instagram bio is a snapshot of who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to share with the world.

There are a lot of updates and changes on Instagram, which makes finding old Instagram bios challenging.

This blog post will tell you how to access your old Instagram bios, whether you want to reminisce about past versions of your bio or seek inspiration from your previous creative expressions.

Following these simple steps, you can unlock the doors to your Instagram history and discover the different sides of yourself that you’ve shown.

To retain users longer on Instagram, Instagram has a deep understanding of customer insights.

For example, you can see your old Instagram bios by navigating to the “Account history” section and viewing past bios.

Instagram saves all the data related to what you’ve done to your account.

Overview of Instagram Bios

Basically, an Instagram bio is a brief description or introduction of a user, their interests, or their accounts that can be included in their Instagram profile.

Below the username and profile picture, the bio serves as a quick snapshot of who the account owner is and what the account is about.

Here’s how Instagram bios are typically used:

Personal Information: 

Bios are often used by users to describe themselves in a quick way, such as their age, location, or occupation.

Hobbies and Interests: 

Hobby, interest, and passion sharing is a common way for people to showcase their personalities or attract like-minded individuals.

Brands and Businesses: 

Brands and businesses use Instagram bios to communicate their mission, products, services, or unique selling propositions, as well as contact information and website links.

Influencers and Content Creators: 

The bios of influencers and content creators often highlight their specialist area, expertise, and the type of content they create, as well as collaborations, brand partnerships, and links to their YouTube channels, blogs, or other platforms.

Quotes and Inspirational Messages: 

To connect with their audience on a deeper level, some people share motivational quotes, one-liners, or witty messages in their bios.

Call to Actions (CTAs): 

The bio section of Instagram can also lead followers to specific actions, such as visiting websites, signing up for newsletters, or following other accounts in the community.

Emojis and Formatting: 

The goal of creating an eye-catching and more organized bio is to make it visually appealing and stand out through the use of emojis, line breaks, or spacing techniques.

Using certain symbols or excessive hashtags is not permitted in Instagram bios, which has specific guidelines regarding length and content.

To ensure compliance with Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines, it’s always a good idea to review them.

A user’s Instagram bio provides a brief introduction or snapshot of their identity, interests, or purpose, allowing them to showcase who they are, what they’re interested in, or what they’re about.

Find Your Old Bios on Instagram

The following steps will help you find your old Instagram Bios, which are only available on the Instagram mobile app. You cannot find your old Instagram bios on the web version of Instagram.

1. Tap on the profile picture in the bottom right corner of the Instagram app to begin.

2. Select the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) from the top-right corner of the Profile page.

3. Tap the Your Activity option in the menu that appears.

4. Tap the Account history button on the Your Activity screen.

5. If you click on ‘Bio’ on the Account History screen, you will find your old bios.

6. On the top-right corner, tap the drop-down menu for ‘Update type’.

7. Select ‘Bio’ under Update type, and then tap Apply.

8. On Instagram, you can now see all bio changes you’ve made.

That’s it! Instagram’s mobile app for Android and iOS allows you to access your old bios. # Find Your Old Bios on Instagram

Old Instagram Bios
Old Instagram Bios

How To See Old Instagram Bios

Currently, Instagram profiles only display a brief description or introduction that users can customize to share information about themselves or their accounts.

Instagram profiles do not provide a native feature for viewing or accessing older bios.

Alternatively, you can take screenshots or save them manually to keep track of the changes made to the bio over time.

This way, you can keep track of any changes or updates made to the bio over time.

We will walk you through how to view your old Instagram bios you’ve edited. But first, let’s take a look at what’s important!

Step 1: Log In to Your Instagram Account

The first step is to download the Instagram app and open it. When you open the app, you will be prompted to enter your phone number or email address and password.

If you have already logged in, you will automatically see your Instagram homepage.

This is a quick tutorial for those of you who haven’t yet joined Instagram:

  1. Instagram is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.
  2. To synchronize your information automatically, select “Sign up” or connect your Facebook account.
  3. To verify your account, you must enter your phone number/email address, username, birthday, and password.

Here’s what you need to know about finding old Instagram bios for the next part.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Account History” Section

Toward the end of this article, we’ll explain how you can see your old Instagram bios if you find the “Account History” section of the app.

  1. To access your profile, tap on the profile picture on the bottom-right corner of the navigator bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Is the icon on top with three vertical lines? If so, just click it.
  3. Setting, “Your activity,” “Archive,” “QR code,” and more will appear as a popup. In the “Your Activity” section, you can control and review your Instagram photos, videos, account, and activity.
    • On average, you spend about 45 minutes a day on Instagram.
    • Archived or deleted posts are available in Photos and Videos.
    • You can access Interactions on Instagram to see likes, comments, and other interactions.
    • In your account activity, you can see all the changes you have made since you created it.
    • By selecting Recent searches, you can view Instagram’s search history.
    • On Links you’ve visited, you’ll find all the links you’ve visited since your last search.
    • Archive simply refers to what you’ve archived.
    • Go to Recently deleted to see your deleted posts.
  4. Please select “Account history” from all of these options.

Your old Instagram bios can now be viewed in one more step.

Step 3: View Your Old Instagram Bios

Using the “Account history” section of your Instagram account, you can see all the changes you’ve made to the account’s information, including your phone number, bio description, account privacy settings, and more.

You can view your old bios by looking at the title “Bio” on the right side of the screen. # View Your Old Instagram Bios

Not only can you see your description, you can also see when the last time you edited it was.

These old bios cannot be copied and pasted into your current Bio section. However, you can take a screenshot of what you’ve set in the past and edit your Bio accordingly.

Users could previously navigate to another section of Instagram to find the edit history of their bio, but there have been many updates since then, and this guide represents the latest update.

How to Grab Text from the Bio Section

For Android users, there are hundreds of free OCR apps available that can help you copy the bio text.

After installing an OCR app, you must capture a screenshot of the bio that contains text and open it in an OCR app after you have installed it.

Once extracted, you can use the bio on Instagram or any other social media account if you use an OCR app like Google Lens.


Using your Instagram bio to express yourself to your followers is a reflection of your personality.

Despite Instagram not providing a built-in feature for viewing your old bios, there are still ways to access and re-discover them.

It changes over time as you change, grow, and explore new avenues.

Several methods can be used to see your old Instagram bios, as we have outlined in this blog post.

With a few clicks, you can discover the memories and creative expressions of your past bio iterations by scrolling through your account history, exploring saved screenshots, and utilizing third-party tools and archived web pages.

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