How to See Hidden Friends On Facebook? The user often locks or hides their friend list to prevent anyone, including their friends, from viewing it.

The majority of people prefer to keep their friends and activities hidden on social media, which is why they limit who can see their friends and activities.

There are some friend lists that are not available for public viewing, so you may not be able to see your friend’s friends if they have hidden them for privacy or security reasons.

However, there are several ways that you can view hidden Facebook friends, so you should not be concerned about it.

What is a Facebook Friend list?

We should clarify what a Facebook friend list is in order to ensure we are on the same page.

It is the section of Facebook where you can find a list of all the friends you have and all the friends of other users.

It allows you to view your friends as well as those of others.

There has been an update by Facebook management that has changed what you can do with a friend list.

They introduced a feature that allows you to hide your friends from unauthorized users.

This feature will prevent fraudsters from cloning your account and communicating with your friends.

The only friends you will be able to view with a hidden friend list are those with whom you have a mutual relationship.

It is not the end of the world either way since there are several alternatives to viewing a friend list. In this article we will demonstrate how to use these alternatives.

Seeing Hidden Friends on Facebook

You may not be able to see your friend’s friend list if you follow the usual route on Facebook.

If you wish to see hidden friends, you may use some other methods. These methods are easy to use once you have learned how to do them.

The following methods have been listed along with a step-by-step procedure for how to use them.  # Hidden Friends on Facebook

As an example, here are the methods:

1. Identifying mutual friends on Facebook can help you spot hidden friends

  1. Visit the Facebook profile of the person whose friends you’d like to see.
  2. Click on any post or image the user uploaded and look for “fbid=” and copy its value.
  3. Copy[number]/friends and paste it in a new tab.
  4. Enter the number you copied earlier between search/[number]/friends.
  5. Once you press enter, a list of all the person’s friends will appear.

2. Seeing Hidden Friends Through the Facebook Feature.

This method involves searching for keywords related to the person who has something in common with the person you wish to locate.

In some cases, the keyword may be the company name and the location where the person works. # Hidden Friends on Facebook

For example, if you are looking for David, who works at Microsoft, you may simply type “David Microsoft” into the search engine.

From there, you can locate the friend you are seeking by seeing all the friends who fall under that category.

3. Seeing Hidden Friends Using Social Revealer

  1. Installation of ‘Social Revealer’ from the Google Chrome web store. Accessing your Facebook account.
  2. View the hidden friend list of the person whose profile you wish to view.
  3. Open Chrome and click on the ‘Social Revealer’ extension. Once it is open, click the “See Friends” button.
  4. A new tab will open with the friend list for the Facebook user.

How to See Hidden Friends On Facebook?

It is possible for Facebook users to control how visible their friends list is, allowing them to hide it from the public eye.

It is important to respect privacy boundaries on Facebook; however, some individuals might be interested in finding out how to see hidden friends.

How to See Hidden Friends On Facebook
How to See Hidden Friends On Facebook

The hidden friends list of someone on Facebook cannot be viewed directly by anyone in any official or legitimate manner.

Online, a variety of methods or claims claiming to reveal hidden friends are widely available, but many of these methods are unreliable, ineffective, or potentially harmful.

It is possible to violate Facebook’s terms of service, compromise your own privacy and security, or even suspend your account if you engage in such activities.

Instead of attempting to see hidden friends, it is best to build genuine relationships and respect others’ privacy preferences.

It is important to be aware that individuals have the right to keep their friends list private and control who has access to that information.

In order to expand your social network or connect with new people on Facebook, you may want to consider alternative methods.

It is possible to create a positive and personalized Facebook experience by engaging in meaningful interactions, joining relevant groups or communities, and managing your own friend list using the platform’s privacy settings.

In order to maintain a secure and trustworthy online environment, it is important to respect the privacy of others.

If someone has chosen to hide their friends list, it is important not to interfere with that decision.


To conclude, while it is understandable that people want to know about hidden friends on Facebook, it is important to respect privacy boundaries and understand that Facebook allows users to control the access of their friends lists.

The hidden friend list of someone on Facebook cannot be viewed directly as a result of this.

There are several methods or claims that promise revealing hidden friends that are usually inaccurate, ineffective, or even potentially harmful.

As a result, you may be compromising your privacy and security, violating Facebook’s terms of service, or engaging in unauthorized activities.

They may involve using third-party applications, browser extensions, or engaging in unauthorized activities.

In terms of sharing personal information on social media platforms, it is important to prioritize privacy and respect the choices of others.

If someone wishes to keep their friends list private, it is their choice to do so.