How to see deleted tweets of others on Twitter? Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing thoughts, news, and opinions in the vast realm of social media.

With millions of tweets being posted every day, Twitter’s content is evidently fleeting in nature.

When tweets are deleted, they seem to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace.

However, what if you were to be curious about the deleted tweets of others? Is it possible to discover this hidden digital trail?

As part of this blog, we will explore the topic of viewing deleted tweets on Twitter and explore the reasons why this is not possible. # How to see deleted tweets of others

Can you see someone’s deleted tweets?

It is not possible to view deleted tweets of others on Twitter.

When a tweet is deleted, it is removed from the public timeline and will only be visible to those with a direct link to it.

A deleted tweet can be viewed on or Google Cache. However, if you wish to review your deleted tweets, you can download the Twitter archive for assistance.

Third-party apps such as SnapBird can also be used to revisit your deleted tweets. # How to see deleted tweets of others

However, it is important to note that Twitter does not allow you to recover deleted tweets. is a digital library that archives web pages and other digital content. Since Twitter does not delete deleted tweets from its servers immediately, it is possible to recover them.

In fact, Twitter does not allow you to recover deleted tweets. Instead, they mark them as deleted and hide them from public view. # How to see deleted tweets of others

How to See Deleted Tweets of Others

It is possible to view deleted tweets of others in several ways.

To view deleted tweets, you can visit the Wayback Machine at using a browser of your choice.

Enter the Twitter account URL of the person whose deleted tweets you wish to review.

It would display several snapshots corresponding to the time and date of the previous scan if the Wayback Machine had previously scanned the page.

Click on the date that coincides with the deleted tweet you are seeking in order to locate it.

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like SnapBird to revisit your old tweets. You should be aware that Twitter does not offer a recovery service for deleted tweets.

1. Twitter Archive Deleted Tweets

Twitter archives can be used to retrieve your deleted tweets. To do this, you must request the download of your archives.

You can do this by going to settings > account > archives and then selecting “request download”.

From here, you may download the list of your deleted and archived tweets, which are sorted according to the date they were created.

You may easily locate the tweet you are looking for by looking at the dates.

2. Wayback Machine: Internet Archive

To view a Twitter profile’s deleted tweets, visit the Internet Archive – Wayback Machine website.

Enter the URL to the Twitter profile you wish to view the deleted tweets of. Select a date range and look at the archived version of the profile.

As an example, here are some steps you can take:

  1. From your browser, open the website Wayback Machine – Internet Archive.
  2. Click the Browse History button. Enter the Twitter profile link whose deleted tweets you wish to view.
  3. By selecting the year and date of the deleted tweet, a Twitter profile snapshot will be displayed.
  4. Here you will find deleted tweets with text and images.

3. Use of SnapBird

In the past, SnapBird has been widely used for searching and retrieving old tweets, including deleted tweets, in addition to Twitter’s regular search capabilities.

It provides a method for searching and accessing tweets beyond Twitter’s regular search capabilities.

Please note, however, that I cannot guarantee the current availability or functionality of this feature, as it may have undergone changes or no longer be available.

In order to retrieve tweets from the timeline, mentions, direct messages, and favorites of SnapBird users, users were required to authorize SnapBird to access their Twitter account.

It was particularly useful for individuals seeking to retrieve their own tweets or search for specific tweets from others based on a specified timeframe.

Users were able to search for specific keywords, usernames, or hashtags within a specified timeframe.

Always exercise caution when using third-party tools and ensure you understand and trust the company or tool before giving them access to your Twitter account or personal information.

It is important to note that Twitter’s policies and APIs may change over time, which may limit or restrict certain functionality provided by third-party tools.

Maintaining up to date with Twitter’s latest information is a good practice, and caution should be exercised when using third-party tools for retrieving or accessing tweets.

How do I archive someone tweets?

This is a comprehensive record of all tweets posted by a user or a specific set of tweets based on certain criteria. # archive someone tweets

A Twitter archive is a collection or backup of tweets from a Twitter account.

There are a variety of uses for Twitter archives, including personal record keeping, research, analysis, as well as preserving historical records of online conversations.

How to see deleted tweets of others
How to see deleted tweets of others

The following information is typically included in a Twitter archive:

  1. Each tweet contains text or media content.
  2. The tweet’s timestamp indicates when it was posted.
  3. User information: The username, display name, and profile information associated with the Twitter account that posted the tweet.
  4. Metrics of engagement: The number of retweets, likes, and replies received per tweet.
  5. A tweet’s metadata typically includes information such as its ID, URL, hashtags, mentions, and any media attached (e.g., images, videos, or links).

In addition to manual saving, third-party tools, and Twitter’s own data export feature, Twitter archives can be created and stored using many different methods.

Even though it is possible for individuals to archive their own tweets, archiving another’s tweets without their consent may violate their privacy and Twitter’s terms of service.

Whenever dealing with Twitter archives, be sure to respect other people’s privacy and rights. # archive someone tweets

It is possible to archive someone’s tweets for use in research or personal reference by using the following methods:

  1. Manual Archive:
    • Capture the content and relevant information of individual tweets by taking screenshots or saving them manually.
    • Organise the screenshots or files you have saved on your computer or device by creating folders.
  2. Twitter Advanced Search:
    • For more information on Twitter’s Advanced Search feature (available on the desktop version), click here.
    • For future reference, you can save or bookmark the search results.
  3. Third-Party Tools:
    • For archiving tweets, third-party tools like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and Twint are available.
    • With these tools, you can search, filter, and save tweets from specific users or specific periods of time.

Using these methods to archive someone’s tweets for any malicious or unauthorized purposes violates their privacy and terms of service.

Make sure to respect the privacy and rights of others at all times when using these methods. # archive someone tweets

Does Wayback Machine work on Twitter

There is a Wayback Machine, operated by the Internet Archive, with which it is possible to archive and access certain snapshots of Twitter pages.

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive that records and preserves web pages throughout history. # Does Wayback Machine work on Twitter

Despite the Wayback Machine’s primary focus on archiving websites, it does periodically capture snapshots of Twitter pages and profiles that are publicly accessible.

Through the Wayback Machine, archival versions of Twitter profiles and tweets can be found.

There is, however, a caveat: the Wayback Machine’s coverage of Twitter pages is not comprehensive.

For example, the frequency and extent of archiving may differ from one day to the next, and not all Twitter profiles and tweets may be available for retrieval.

In order to use the Wayback Machine, you must access the official website at and enter the URL of the Twitter profile or tweet you are interested in.

If archived versions are available, you will be able to view snapshots taken at different points in history. # Does Wayback Machine work on Twitter

There is no assurance that archived Twitter content will be available on the Wayback Machine, and it may depend on a variety of factors, including the frequency of archiving and accessibility of the particular pages during the archiving process.


The allure of viewing deleted tweets of others is not without its own allure, but individuals should respect their privacy and choices when using social media platforms such as Twitter.

Upon deletion, Twitter’s system ensures that tweets are generally removed from public view.

In order to ensure a positive atmosphere within the Twitter community, it is important that we focus on engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing valuable content, and promoting positivity.

As users, we should understand and appreciate the boundaries of privacy online. Please keep in mind that it is the collective responsibility of all users to contribute to an online environment that is respectful and responsible.