How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn? Users will soon have the ability to schedule their own posts on LinkedIn with a new platform feature. Whenever LinkedIn releases new features, it tests them out on selected users to make sure that there are no problems that might arise.

If you are lucky enough to be able to use this feature, here are the instructions. This is how you can use LinkedIn without having to use a 3rd party scheduler.  # How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn?

We often hear from LinkedIn users that they wonder if they can schedule a post on the platform. The good news, however, is that scheduling a post is not possible using an inbuilt feature on LinkedIn.

The company does not yet offer an inbuilt tool for scheduling posts, however a number of third-party tools have been developed to allow people and businesses to schedule posts on LinkedIn. # How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn?

Where to find the LinkedIn Scheduler

As a way to access the scheduler on LinkedIn, go to the homepage from your LinkedIn profile and click on the start a post button. Next to the start a post button you will find a clock icon. Once you finish writing your post, click on the clock icon, and it will take you to the next step in scheduling it on LinkedIn.


Scheduling Your Post

After clicking on the clock icon, you can choose a date and time for your post. The posting time will be determined by your time zone. In other words, if you schedule the post for a certain time in your timezone, then another time zone will receive the post according to where they are in the world at that time.

As far as scheduling content is concerned, it is possible to schedule it up to three months in advance, and as many posts as you wish if your target audience lives in another time zone. A post can currently be scheduled on top of another post with varying results depending on how it is scheduled.

Viewing and deleting your scheduled posts

It is easy to access your scheduled posts once you have scheduled them. Click on the clock icon and then click on the view all scheduled posts button. You will see your scheduled posts in your feed and you will be able to reschedule them or delete them.

It is currently not possible to edit a scheduled post, so be sure that you are satisfied with your post before scheduling it. If you wish to delete your post, simply click on the bin icon and confirm your decision. 

How to schedule a post on My LinkedIn?

  1. Click on the “Start a post” button
  2. Put your post together and add your images and videos to it
  3. Please click on the clock icon to begin 
  4. Please select your preferred date and time and click on “Next” to proceed
  5. Make sure that you click on Schedule

The benefits of scheduling a post are numerous. It can save you time to create a post, especially in the morning when posting content is most popular. The content can also be scheduled to take into consideration the timezone differences around the world so that you can reach a larger audience from around the world.

It will take some time for the feature to roll out to all users, or if it will be released at all. In order to use this feature, you should make sure to make use of it as soon as possible. # How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn?

What is the Importance of Scheduling a Post on LinkedIn?

It is very important to schedule posts on LinkedIn. This is especially important if you have a lot of posts to write and a lot of other things to take care of as you go about your business.

The following are some of the reasons why it is important to schedule LinkedIn posts in advance. # How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

Improves the consistency of the content

There are many people who have been able to get an audience across a variety of platforms because of consistency.

Whenever you feel you will not be able to post because of unforeseen circumstances, you should schedule the post so you do not disappoint your audience.

Keeping your audience engaged is the key to making sure they come back to you again and again.

How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn
How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn?

Increases Productivity

As a result of scheduling posts, you can make it possible for you to schedule time for other activities during that time.

The productivity of your employees will be enhanced if they are involved as they will have to put in more effort as to make all the scheduling possible.

Thus, they can set aside more time for other matters, and it becomes much easier for them to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Avoid Missing Dates

Whenever you schedule a post, you are assured that you will not miss a deadline and your audience will be able to see it on time.

Also, if you have any planned activities, you will be able to attend to them and you will still be able to post on LinkedIn at the same time.

How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?

It is important that you add your LinkedIn account to Hootsuite before you can schedule a post on LinkedIn.

If you want to plan a LinkedIn post, you should follow the following steps.

  1. Integrate your LinkedIn account with Hootsuite.
  2. Tap on your profile photo in Hootsuite.
  3. Select “Manage account and teams”.
  4. Select “+Private account” and tap it.
  5. You can add LinkedIn as a social network if your account is enterprise. Tap “Manage” and choose “Add a social network” from the list.
  6. Activate the Hootsuite connection by logging into your LinkedIn account and selecting “Allow”.
  7. Select the LinkedIn profiles or pages you want to add to Hootsuite, then click “Done”.
  8. Using the Hootsuite dashboard, select “Create” then “Post” after connecting LinkedIn.
  9. Choose your LinkedIn page or profile under “Publish to”.
  10. Click “Schedule for later” and enter the content of your post, such as text, images, and links.
  11. Tap on “Done” and click “Schedule” to schedule your post.

# How To Schedule a Post on LinkedIn Using Hootsuite?