How To Return Spectrum Equipment? The process of terminating a cable service is more complicated than it seems. Even after canceling a subscription, it can be quite difficult to return the equipment.

If you are a Spectrum subscriber and wonder how to return Spectrum equipment, the information here might help.

If you wish to return your Spectrum equipment, you may drop it off at any Spectrum store.

Spectrum has 682 locations across the country, and you can find the closest one to you.

In order to return Spectrum equipment, you need to visit a Spectrum office or retail store and drop off the equipment directly.

UPS will handle the packaging and shipping once you declare you are a Spectrum customer.

In accordance with the company’s policy, you have 15 days to return the equipment following cancellation.

It is important to learn how to return Spectrum equipment – especially if you do not wish to incur any possible penalties for keeping this equipment after canceling your service – regardless of the reason.

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How Long Do I Have to Return Spectrum Equipment?

They request that equipment be returned within 15 days of cancellation as per their company policy.

It is these terms and conditions that the company states in black and white in their Terms and Conditions.

This is what their customer service representative will inform you when you call to disconnect your service or cancel it.

While this company is not always as flexible as people might expect, as we mentioned a moment ago, it is most of the time.

Spectrum may give you up to 30 days (or a little bit longer) to return your equipment before they become frustrated and begin to pursue penalties against you.

What Equipment Do You Need To Return?

Depending on the services that you have subscribed to, you will receive a list of devices to return.

In the case of a subscriber who is only receiving internet service, items that need to be returned include rented routers from Spectrum, Spectrum modems, WiFi Pods, modem-router combos, and gateways, auxiliary devices, and power cords.

In the case of a TV bundle, you should return the Spectrum TV receiver, Apple TV, and power cord.

For those who have a voice plan, you should return the voice modem and the phone.

The Ethernet cables are not required to be returned if you chose Spectrum self-installation.

Do I Have to Return Spectrum Equipment?

Any Spectrum equipment that you did not purchase outright will need to be returned, including modems, routers, and modem and router combo units.

It is possible that you may have received other Spectrum components as well, although usually these are related to telephone or television service.

In the event that you have purchased equipment from Spectrum outright (or separately) it is not necessary to return the equipment to Spectrum.

Details of Returning Spectrum Equipment

It is Spectrum’s policy to refund any dissatisfied customer within 30 days of the purchase.

Spectrum has different deadlines for different types of equipment.

These include:

  • There is a 14-day return policy for Apple products and accessories.
  • All other equipment, including routers, modems, auxiliary devices, and Spectrum receivers, is covered for 30 days.
  • Equipment such as remote controls and cables need not be returned.

How to Return Spectrum Equipment

In order to return your equipment to Spectrum, there are a few different ways you can do so.

This is a company dedicated to making the process as simple as possible. After all, they would like to receive their equipment back!

In the event that you would like to return Spectrum equipment, such as a cable modem, router, or set-top box, the process can be quite straightforward.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

Prepare your equipment for return:

Ensure that your Spectrum equipment is in good working order before returning it, which means it must be clean and undamaged, as well as having all the accessories and cables included.

Locate the nearest Spectrum store:

By visiting the Spectrum website and using the store locator tool, you can locate the nearest Spectrum store where you can return your equipment.

You can also call the Spectrum customer service hotline to find out where it is located.

Pack the equipment: As soon as you have located the nearest Spectrum store, you should pack your equipment carefully.

If possible, you should use the original packaging; otherwise, use a sturdy box and plenty of bubble wrap to ensure that it is protected during shipment.

Bring the equipment to the store:

The equipment needs to be packed and brought to the Spectrum store, along with your account number and any other relevant information, such as the date you cancelled your Spectrum service.

Return the equipment:

It is important that you inform Spectrum staff when you arrive at the store that your equipment needs to be returned.

The staff will assist you with the procedure and ensure that all necessary paperwork has been completed. The equipment may also be checked for condition.

Get confirmation:

In the event that the equipment is returned, you should request a receipt or confirmation of the return.

This will serve as proof that the equipment has been returned, and can serve as evidence if there are any future issues.

Generally, returning Spectrum equipment can be completed in a few easy steps. By following these steps, you can ensure that the equipment is returned in good condition as well as that all necessary paperwork is completed.

How To Return Spectrum Equipment
How To Return Spectrum Equipment

Drop Off at Spectrum Location

If you would like to return your equipment in person, please stop by the nearest Spectrum location and hand it over to the staff.

They will account for the equipment and make a note of its return, so you will not have to do anything further.

To assist Spectrum with processing your return and ensuring that nothing is missing, it is important to bring along any related accessories, such as cables, power cords, or remote controls when returning your equipment.

Make sure to check Spectrum’s business hours before you visit the store so you can be sure that they will be open when you intend to drop off the equipment.

You may also want to confirm that they accept equipment returns and to double-check any specific instructions or requirements for returning your specific equipment by calling ahead.

You may return your Spectrum equipment to any Spectrum store by dropping it off there.

It is as simple as finding a Spectrum store near you, bringing your equipment and accessories, and handing them over to the staff.

Return via FedEx

You should first locate the FedEx return label that came with your Spectrum equipment.

If you are unable to locate the label, you may contact Spectrum customer service.

In order to avoid any delays in the return process, attach the return label to a cardboard box and include any related accessories, such as cables, power cords, and remote controls.

Bring the equipment to a FedEx location when you are ready to return it. Spectrum will cover the postage fees, so you do not have to worry about any additional costs.

In order to ensure that the equipment has been returned successfully, it is imperative that you obtain a FedEx receipt or confirmation.

In order to avoid any disputes or issues during the return process, you may want to take photographs of the equipment and accessories before shipping them back.

Return via UPS

The UPS service is another option for returning Spectrum equipment if you cannot visit Spectrum in person and prefer to mail back the equipment.

If you would like to begin the process, you should visit your local UPS outlet and inform them that you have Spectrum equipment to return.

They will guide you through the process and provide you with any labels and paperwork that might be needed.

Pack your equipment carefully, including any related accessories. Spectrum will cover the shipping costs, so you will not have to worry about that.

If the equipment has been packaged, simply drop it off at a UPS location. Be sure to obtain a receipt or confirmation of acceptance from the UPS staff.

Unless your equipment falls outside of these categories, you may need to return it by another method.

If you have equipment that falls outside of these categories, you may need to return it by another method.

Scheduled Equipment Pickup from Spectrum Contractors

In addition to making it easy and convenient to return Spectrum equipment, Spectrum contractors are also available to come to your location and pick it up.

You may find this option useful if you cannot drop off the equipment at a Spectrum store or UPS location.

Please contact Spectrum customer service to schedule a pickup.

You will need to provide some basic information about your account as well as the type of equipment you will be returning.

The equipment should be packed carefully and the cables, power cords, and remote controls should be included.

It is also a good idea to take pictures of the equipment and accessories to document their condition.

If you plan to collect the equipment, please ensure that someone is present at your location to hand off the equipment to the contractor.

The contractor will inspect the equipment to ensure that it is in good working order and account for it on your Spectrum account.

You should be aware that Spectrum contractors may charge you for scheduling a pickup, so be sure to contact customer service for more information.

You can return equipment without leaving your home or office by scheduling a pickup with Spectrum contractors.

It is important to package the equipment carefully, take pictures for your records, and ensure that someone is available to pick it up on the day of pickup.


As a result, returning Spectrum equipment is an easy and straightforward process that can be accomplished in several different ways.

You must ensure that the equipment is packaged carefully and that you obtain a receipt or confirmation to document the return, whether you drop it off at Spectrum stores, use UPS or FedEx for mailback, or arrange for Spectrum contractors to pick it up.

Taking these steps will ensure the return process runs smoothly and prevent you from incurring any additional fees or charges for equipment that has not been returned.

You may contact Spectrum customer service for assistance if you have any questions or concerns regarding the return of Spectrum equipment.

In order to ensure that you are not charged for any equipment you are no longer using, it is essential that you return your Spectrum equipment in order to close your Spectrum account.

It is important to properly package and document the return in order to ensure a quick and efficient return process.