How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account? It’s not uncommon to encounter an account that appears to have been abandoned, left in a digital state of dormancy, in the bustling realm of Instagram, where billions of users share their stories, passions, and creativity.

Users who seek active connections and meaningful interactions often find these inactive Instagram accounts frustrating, characterized by a lack of updates, posts, or engagement.

However, Instagram does offer a solution – the option of reporting an inactive account.

It is not only important to report inactive Instagram accounts to keep the platform vibrant, but it can also allow you to potentially claim a username that might be useful to you.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to report a dormant Instagram account. You’ll gain insight into the process of flagging dormant accounts, whether it’s to reclaim a username or to keep the platform alive.

Here’s how you can report an inactive Instagram account using digital detective work.

A simple way to report an inactive Instagram account is by using the app or website.

Simply click on the “Report” button at the top of the profile and select the “Report” option.

If you do this, Instagram will focus on the profile and determine whether or not it is active.  # How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

Can You Claim an Inactive Instagram Account Name?

There are some cases when it is impossible to claim an inactive Instagram account. One reason is that not all accounts that appear inactive are actually inactive.

People still communicate with friends directly or scroll without commenting or likes.

Because of this, it’s hard to tell which accounts actually fit the definition of inactive at first glance.

When claiming truly inactive accounts, Instagram may grant allowances to recognizable public figures and businesses with trademarks. # Can You Claim an Inactive Instagram Account Name

To make this happen, you might submit a report citing trademark infringement or impersonation.

In order to prove your identity or ownership over a recognizable brand, you will need official and legal documents, including government IDs and patents.

If you report an impersonation, Instagram will not notify the account unless there are intellectual property issues involved.

Instagram only responds to reports sent by the person who is being impersonated or their legal guardian. # Can You Claim an Inactive Instagram Account Name

How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

Inactive Instagram accounts are simple to report, and it’s often done to claim a username that appears to be linked to an abandoned or inactive account.

Below is a step-by-step guide to reporting an inactive Instagram account.

1. Open Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device or the Instagram website on your desktop.

2. Log In:

  • You can sign in with your username and password if you aren’t already logged in.

3. Search for the Inactive Account:

  • To report an inactive account, simply enter the username in the search bar or use the URL if you know it.

4. Visit the Profile:

  • By clicking the username, you’ll be taken to the profile of the inactive account.

5. Report the Account:

  • The options menu is located in the top right corner of the inactive account’s profile page (next to the Follow/Follow button).
  • A menu of options will appear when you click the three dots.

6. Select “Report”:

  • Choose “Report” from the menu options.

7. Choose the Reason for Reporting:

  • If you choose to report the account for posting inappropriate content, Instagram will ask for a reason.
  • You can then select “Account appears to belong to someone under 13” or “This account violates Instagram’s terms and conditions.”.

8. Follow the Prompts:

  • Please follow the prompts provided by Instagram and provide any details they request about your report.

9. Submit Your Report:

  • Tap “Submit” or click “Send Report” when you have completed the prompts and provided all the necessary information.

10. Await Instagram’s Response:

Upon reviewing your report, Instagram may take action to disable the inactive account or free up the username if they find it valid.

Report an Inactive Instagram Account
Report an Inactive Instagram Account

You should note that reporting an inactive account does not guarantee that the username will be released or that the account will be deleted.

Instagram’s response will depend on the situation and each report will be analyzed individually. # How To Report an Inactive Instagram Account?

Instagram may decide to leave the account as it is if it determines that it is not violating their policies.

Additionally, Instagram may take some time to respond to your report.

Instagram Action Against a Reported Account

Upon reporting a profile, Instagram thoroughly investigates its content. The report will take a few days to be processed.

You can check the status of your report on the Instagram website. Instagram decides whether to remove the profile based on the review.

Even if Instagram does not remove the profile, it still takes action to make sure you are satisfied. 

Due to Instagram’s care for its users and desire to keep them satisfied, you will no longer see similar content or profiles that you reported. 

It may surprise you to learn that you are able to report an Instagram website or profile even if you do not have an Instagram account.

You can fill out a form on Instagram to report an Instagram post or profile even if you do not have an Instagram account.

What are inactive accounts on Instagram?

With more than 2 billion active users on Instagram, Instagram has a monopoly on having the youngest population on the planet.

It has been in business for over a decade. 8% of Instagram accounts are fake, and 30% are inactive. Out of those, 8% are inactive.

If you haven’t logged into or engaged with an account for a long time, you have an inactive Instagram account.

Inactive accounts haven’t posted or engaged with other users for a long time. # inactive accounts on Instagram

It is difficult to define exactly what constitutes an inactive account, but generally, an account that has been inactive for a period of several months or more will be considered inactive.

When an account does not comply with Instagram’s community guidelines (including spamming, posting harmful content, trademark infringement), remains inactive for a long time, or does not follow the terms of service, Instagram may consider it inactive.

If this happens, Instagram may take action to make the account inaccessible, removing it from Instagram. # inactive accounts on Instagram


You now possess a valuable tool to keep Instagram active and vibrant as we conclude our journey into reporting inactive Instagram accounts.

Maintaining an active Instagram ecosystem is in the best interest of all users, as Instagram is an exciting place to share experiences, connect with others, and express creativity.

Taking the steps outlined in this guide will help Instagram remain an engaging and vibrant community.

Reporting inactive accounts is a small but impactful way to make a difference, whether you’re trying to get a desirable username or simply contributing to the platform’s health.

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