How To Replace DIRECTV Remote. As one of the most popular satellite television providers, DIRECTV provides customers with a variety of programming choices.

It is important to keep in mind that the remote control of your DIRECTV system is a very important component, as it lets you change channels, adjust the volume, and access other features on your television.

DIRECTV remotes are often prone to problems or stop working altogether. If you are experiencing issues with your remote or if it has stopped working altogether, you may need to replace it.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can replace your DIRECTV remote, so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies once again.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a standard DIRECTV remote or a universal remote, we will cover all the steps you need to follow so that your new remote will be up and running soon. Let’s get started now.

If you need to replace the DirecTV remote on your computer, you can do so by purchasing a new version from the AT&T website or through the AT&T App.

The remotes can also be purchased from the DirecTV website or third-party online stores like Amazon. 

Why  You Need DIRECTV Remote Replacement

The reason for needing DirectTV remote replacements is that you may need them for a variety of different reasons.

Remote controls are one of the most frequently used and most mishandled parts of any system. 

It is common for TVs and receiver remotes to suffer from impacts when they fall from different heights to being slapped when the batteries in the remote are not working properly because they are mishandled a lot. 

The fact that remotes sometimes stop working after being used for a few years can be attributed to the fact that they have been exposed to certain damage. And also, if you have kids or pets in your house, losing or misplacing the remote isn’t such a rare occurrence. 

The good thing about DirecTV is that they offer a wide range of remotes that are compatible with a variety of receivers, which means that even if you lose your remote or if the one you already have malfunctions, you can easily replace it. 

How To Replace DIRECTV Remote In Seconds

A simple, easy-to-follow guide to how to replace your DIRECTV remote control can be found here.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to complete the task:

  1. If you have a standard DIRECTV receiver, you’ll need a standard DIRECTV remote. You need to determine which type of remote you need before you begin shopping for a new remote. A Universal remote is needed if you have a DIRECTV Universal Receiver.
  2. Make sure to purchase the correct remote type for your receiver from the DIRECTV website or a third-party retailer like Amazon.
  3. After you receive your new remote, you must program it to work with your DIRECTV receiver. The steps for programming your remote can be found in the DIRECTV user guide.
  4. Turn on your TV and try switching channels and adjusting the volume after you’ve programmed your remote. To ensure it works correctly, turn on your TV and turn the remote on and off.

It only takes a few minutes to replace your DIRECTV remote by following these simple steps.

You can contact DIRECTV customer support for further assistance if you’re having trouble programming your remote or if it continues to not work properly.

Online AT&T Website

Using your DirecTV account, you can order a new remote control for your receiver. 

You can find the equipment and service tab on the AT&T website after logging into your DirecTV account. 

Following these steps will guide you through the process of replacing your DIRECTV remote, which you can do through the AT&T website:

  1. Log in to your AT&T account on the AT&T website.
  2. Choose “DIRECTV” from the “Support” menu.
  3. Select “Remote Controls” under “DIRECTV Equipment.”
  4. You can select a standard remote control or a voice-activated remote control, for example, depending on your needs.
  5. In order to complete the purchase process, you must add the remote control to your cart once you’ve found the one you want.
  6. Once you receive your DIRECTV remote control, you will be able to use it immediately.

AT&T customer service can assist you in replacing your remote control if you need further assistance.


Directly from DirecTV’s website, you can also place an order.

In terms of the ordering process, it’s pretty much the same as ordering from AT&T’s website

On the DirecTV website, you can order a replacement remote for your DirecTV box by following the steps below:

  • DirecTV’s website can be found here. 
  • Sign in to your account with your credentials. 
  • Log into your account. 
  • Select My Equipment from the My Account tab. 
  • Select Order New Accessories from the menu. 
  • Your receiver’s remote should be chosen. 
  • Please tap the Continue button. 
  • Order submitted. 
  • Details about the address and payment should be added.  

It takes the DirecTV website about the same amount of time to ship a replacement remote as it does for AT&T.

Replace DIRECTV Remote

How do I pair a new remote to my DIRECTV box

The following steps will guide you through the process of pairing a new remote with your DIRECTV device:

  1. Activate your DIRECTV box and TV.
  2. Make sure your new remote control has buttons for “Mute” and “Enter.”
  3. Putting the remote into pairing mode requires pressing and holding both “Mute” and “Enter” buttons together for two seconds.
  4. The remote should flash twice when the “Sat” button is pressed, followed by the “Power” button.
  5. Press the power button on the remote. If it turns off the TV and DIRECTV box, then your remote is paired.

There is a possibility that this process will not work for you, so you will have to remove the batteries for a short period of time, then you will have to try pairing the remote again.

If you continue to encounter problems, you can contact DIRECTV customer service for assistance. #pair a new remote to my DIRECTV box

How do I replace my directv remote

It is imperative that you remember that once you receive your new remote, it may be necessary to pair it with your DIRECTV box.

If you do not receive your new remote right away, follow the steps below to program your new remote to your DIRECTV box.

You may need assistance with this process if you need it. You can contact DIRECTV customer service if you require additional assistance with this process. You can usually press certain buttons on the remote or box, or enter a code.

As another point to keep in mind, some DIRECTV remotes require batteries, which is why make sure that the batteries you purchase are the right ones before you try to use your new remote.

In the event that you are experiencing difficulty using your new DIRECTV remote, you may want to check the batteries or contact customer service for further assistance.

There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to replacing your DIRECTV remote:

  1. The AT&T website allows you to order a new remote online, which will be delivered to you once you log into your account.
  2. Retail stores sell DIRECTV remotes. Simply browse the shelves and pick out the remote you need.
  3. Customer service at DIRECTV can help you find a suitable replacement remote if you need assistance.

If you need additional assistance, you can contact DIRECTV customer service. Once you have a new remote, follow the steps described in a previous answer to pair it with the DIRECTV box.

How to reprogram directv remote to a different box

DIRECTV remotes can be reprogrammed to control a different box following these steps:

  1. Set up the new DIRECTV box and turn on the TV.
  2. Choose the “Settings & Help” option from the remote’s “Menu.”
  3. Select “Remote Control” from the “Settings” menu.
  4. Then select the type of TV you have from the “Program Remote” option.
  5. It may be necessary to press certain buttons on both the remote and the box to program the new DIRECTV box remote.
  6. The TV and new DIRECTV box should turn on or off once the remote has been programmed.

For further assistance, you can contact DIRECTV customer service. #How to reprogram directv remote to a different box

If these steps do not work, you should remove the batteries from the remote for a few seconds, then try reprogramming it. #How to reprogram directv remote to a different box


As a result of this, you can easily replace your DIRECTV remote through the AT&T website in a straightforward manner.

If you login to your account and go to the “DIRECTV Equipment” section, you are able to easily purchase a new remote and have it delivered right to your door by simply logging in.

You are able to contact AT&T customer service for additional assistance if you encounter any questions or problems during the process.