How to recover locked amazon account?

How to recover locked amazon account? Is your Amazon buyer account locked out? Seeing as Amazon is one of the largest online e-commerce platforms, it is no surprise that their rules are rigid and strict, as they operate on such a vast scale. #How to recover locked amazon account?

A violation of Amazon’s terms and conditions can result in your account being locked out or frozen in an instant if you violate it. In the event that it happens, you will no longer be able to access your account and make purchases from it. #How to recover locked amazon account?

You will not be able to resist Amazon’s great discounts and deals, especially if you are a Prime member, as Amazon offers tons of great discounts and deals you can’t resist. If you are locked out of Amazon, you will only be missing out on some great shopping opportunities that you can only find on Amazon. That is why your Amazon account needs to be unfrozen or unlocked.

Why is my amazon account locked?

1. Using Fake Information

Entering false information is the most common reason for having your account locked

Due to the misconception that Amazon does not allow dropshipping, many people enter false information such as:

  • Using a fake name
  • Using a fake shipping address
  • Using a fake billing address

The billing address associated with your credit/debit card will be matched with your default Amazon address once you place an order (using your credit/debit card). It is common for your account to be locked if the two do not match.

The system does detect sellers who sell hundreds of items a day with fake information in their account and continue to sell without problem, but once the system detects them, they are out of luck. #How to recover locked amazon account?

This is Amazon’s way of preventing potential fraud: do not hate them for doing it. It is no surprise that they invest a lot of money in anti-fraud activities and technologies, since they are the biggest online retailer in the world.

2. Unusually high number of orders placed by new account

You should not place 50 orders a day after registering your Amazon account because this will trigger the anti-fraud system. It’s possible that your account won’t be locked sometimes, but it usually will be.

The best advice we can give you is to develop your account in the same way that you do on eBay. In the beginning, you might be able to complete 5-10 orders a day and then gradually increase the number to 20-30-40 orders a day.

Keep in mind that the more orders you place from one Amazon account, the greater the chance is that you will be able to activate the Amazon security features. The number of orders that we receive per day is a healthy operational volume for us, which is around 30 orders per day.

3. Overusing Gift Cards

Gift cards are extremely popular among dropshippers, especially if they offer discounts. Due to the fact that gift cards represent your money, Amazon has strict policies regarding them. In order to enforce its strict policies on gift cards, Amazon has two main reasons:

  • Anyone could purchase an Amazon gift card
  • Some retailers (or partners) may have special deals and prices with Amazo.

Dropshippers benefit from these gift cards even though nobody knows where they come from. When you have a new account, Amazon may lock your account after you overuse your gift cards. This is because Amazon wants people to avoid reselling their gift cards.

Purchasing a Gift Card while just setting up your PRIME account locks your account. Congratulations. Amazon does not know who you are, or what you want from them, since the new account does not have a history or reputation in their ecosystem. They immediately assume it’s a scam, so they check it out.

Dropshippers generate millions of sales per year for Amazon, so they do not want to ruin them. Their goal is simply to prevent fraud and money laundering on their system. #How to recover locked amazon account?

4. Logging in from different places

Different IP addresses can be used to monitor account activity from different locations. Amazon’s security system is triggered if this occurs. Amazon may lock your account when orders are placed from different IP addresses, thinking that your account might have been hacked or stolen.

It’s important to guard your Amazon account against being shared with people working from all over the world. #How to recover locked amazon account?

5. Unusually high volume of returns

The same as every other online retailer, Amazon knows how often its products are returned on average by every individual (account). A locked account is more likely to happen if you have a lot of returns. So, keep returns down (as you do on eBay) and pay attention to them.

Due to the fact that returns are free for us (the buyers), Amazon subsidizes the shipping for us (the buyers), and guess what? There is no desire on their part to do so. In this regard, they pay special attention to the accounts that have a high return rate in comparison with the norm.

How to recover locked amazon account?

This might seem impossible to some, because when your Amazon account is locked, you are banned from using your account on the platform for the rest of your life. Depending on the user, resolving the issue is better left unresolved or making a new account and not getting their previous stuff back may be the best option.

In spite of this, wouldn’t it be better if we tried to take some action first before giving up on the idea? #How to recover locked amazon account?

A customer’s account can be temporarily locked or frozen by Amazon without any explanation whatsoever. After placing an order, some users get locked out of their account because suspicious activity has been detected. #How to recover locked amazon account?

Nevertheless, the most common cause of an Amazon ban is when you try to set up a password a number of times and enter a wrong one. You should keep in mind that if the decision to lock your account lies with Amazon, it means that they can also unlock or unfreeze your account as long as you try to resolve the issue that raised a red flag about your account.

1. Check Your Amazon Account Documents

There may have been more documents you needed to submit in order to verify your account. The problem can be resolved by uploading the necessary documents to Amazon to verify your account’s identity. #How to recover locked amazon account?

  • Ensure you haven’t deleted the last Amazon order confirmation email from your inbox.
  • Your Amazon account can be accessed by clicking a link in the email.
  • You can then buy something once you have logged into your Amazon account.
  • The error message will appear, “Your Amazon account has been locked, and your orders have been placed on hold.”
  • There will be a button to add a document. Open it by clicking on it.

Please upload your billing address, credit statement, and other documents required for further account verification. #How to recover locked amazon account?

2. Contact Amazon By Phone

A supervisor or account specialist can be reached via other channels, but calling them is the quickest and most efficient method. #How to recover locked amazon account?

We will be contacting a customer service representative in this step to assist you. As soon as possible, you need to contact the team lead (supervisor) – they have the right to chat with the account specialist team which has the right to unlock the accounts in 95% of the cases (the supervisor unlocks an account very rarely – no more than 5% of the cases).

If you were to call customer support, the representative would tell you that they are extremely busy and that could not happen to you. It is extremely important that you persist. Once they have checked your account information, you will be redirected to the team lead (supervisor) for further assistance.

Your supervisor will be contacted over the phone and you will be able to explain that this was an error on your part and that you have prepared all the necessary documents. #How to recover locked amazon account?

How to recover locked amazon account?
How to recover locked amazon account?

3. Send an Email to Amazon Support

You can write an email to Amazon regarding your account problem if you don’t feel comfortable calling or chatting online with customer support. The ability to freely express oneself in writing makes emails popular with many people. 

  • To sign in, go to the Amazon Sign-in page.
  • Select Need Help from the menu.
  • Sign-in issues other than these can be selected.
  • Login issues can be found under Account & Login Issues.
  • You are unable to sign in to your account.
  • Prepare your email requesting your account to be unlocked.

Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension

An account suspension could be caused by suspicious activity on the account or by an unusual change in location. Amazon’s artificial intelligence system has been programmed to be triggered by the following things:

  • Location—There are a number of countries that are blacklisted because of high fraud rates such as Nigeria, India, and China. As a result, if you use a gift card to pay for your purchases on Amazon, you should stay away from buying electronics from these countries, otherwise, your Amazon account will be suspended.
  • A change in the billing/shipping address and username that seems unusual – Typically, Amazon’s security system can be triggered by a sudden or arbitrary change in the details of the address, such as frequent or arbitrary changes to the address. It is recommended that users keep the same name if they need to change their address, or contact customer support for assistance if they need more information.
  • You have the option of switching between a personal account and a business account on Amazon, so if you have a business account, you can also create a buyer account at the same time. The number of accounts that a seller can have on Amazon has a limit, which means that each seller may not have more than one account at a time. User accounts can be associated with multiple buyers, however. As long as the two accounts are not linked, buyer accounts can be owned separately from seller accounts, though it is more common for them to be associated in some way. If a buyer account is linked with a seller account, Amazon can see the linking as suspicious activity, which can lead to the account being suspended. 
  • It is important not to change the location where you sign in or the IP address you log in from frequently. This can be seen as suspicious activity, and your account may be banned if you do this frequently.
  • As a result of the new rules, if you use your personal account as opposed to your business account when purchasing expensive electronics on a regular basis, the security system can be activated.
  • Amazon uses artificial intelligence to scan a large number of accounts for suspicious activity, and it sometimes takes down accounts that do not fit into what the system recognizes as being healthy.

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