How To Mute Myself on Discord? Discord makes it easy to mute yourself. Just launch the desktop app, and click on the microphone icon at the bottom left. A red line will appear through the microphone, indicating it has been muted.

It is important to note that Discord has a mute feature, which allows you to silence your microphone so that no sound can be heard from your end.

In addition to screen sharing, streaming, voice and video chatting, Discord is an interactive app with a variety of functionality.

As part of each of these features, audio is relayed to other users using the app’s native microphone, for example, when chatting with another user.

If you are engaged in a task that requires complete attention, such as gaming, audio is not always necessary. This is where muting is useful.

Overview of Mute on Discord

In order to use Discord effectively, the mute function is essential. It allows you to silence your microphone so that no sound will emanate from your end.

Muting can serve various purposes.

In the first place, it will allow you to carry out different activities on Discord without being distracted, such as chatting without being interrupted.

In the case of streaming a video or playing online games with others on the server, muting will help avoid distractions because you won’t have to worry about other people hearing what you’re saying when you’re talking.

In addition, you can mute yourself to prevent others from listening in on your conversation while you’re conversing with someone else.

For example, if you’re conversing with someone else but participating in a voice channel, you can mute yourself to keep others from hearing your conversation.

Can You Mute Microphone on Discord?

There is a way for you to mute your microphone on Discord. You may be playing a game, and you may hear annoying noises in the background.

In such cases, you might want to mute your microphone so that you do not distract the other person with your conversation.

You can mute your microphone on Discord easily, regardless of the reason you want to do so.

You are able to connect through video and voice with this platform, so knowing how to mute is helpful, because you ensure that you are able to focus on your tasks without being distracted.

Luckily, you can set keybinds that will help you to mute your microphone with a single click.

How To Mute Microphone on Discord?

There are several ways to do this, one of which is to open Discord, click on the mute button next to your username, and another way is to use keybinds.

For example, you can use the push-to-mute button or set a toggle mute keybind that will enable you to mute your microphone on and off.

When you select this option, you must again toggle the set keybind to unmute your microphone. #How To Mute Microphone on Discord

Therefore, if you are well focused and remember that you have muted your microphone, you can use the toggle mute option if you have good focus and remember that you have muted your microphone.

Alternatively, if you use the push-to-mute option, you can define a keybind which, when pressed, will muffle your microphone, and if you release the keybind, your microphone will be unmuted.

This means that when you play games, you will have to spare a finger to unmute for a few seconds.

You can either mute your microphone on Discord by setting the toggle mute option or by pushing the mute button.

Follow the steps below to set your mute option on Discord by adjusting the toggle mute option.

  1. Start Discord on your computer and click on the desktop app.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Settings.
  3. You can change your keybinds by scrolling down and clicking the keybinds option.
  4. Select Add a Keybind next.
  5. Click the drop-down button on the newly created action.
  6. Toggles muting, pushes to mute, or selects your mute option.
  7. Press a mouse button or key combination to mute the recording by clicking the Record keybind.
  8. Stop recording once your hotkey has been added.

It’s done. You can now toggle mute or toggle-mute your microphone on Discord, depending on whether you recorded a push-to-mute or toggle-mute option.

If you recorded a toggle-mute option, it will be enabled when you press the hotkey that you recorded. #How To Mute Microphone on Discord

How to Mute Yourself on Discord

On Discord, you can mute yourself in two different ways, depending on your device.

Using the Discord Desktop App

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. At the bottom left of the screen, click the microphone icon.
  3. Make sure that a red slash indicates that the microphone is muted.

Using the Discord Mobile App

Unlike Discord’s desktop app, the mobile app does not offer mute functionality for all functions; you must mute yourself on a server-by-server basis.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Install the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. In the top left corner, click on the hamburger menu icon.
  3. On the left-hand panel of the screen, tap the server you wish to mute.
  4. A specific channel should be opened.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, tap the microphone icon.
  6. The microphone should have a red slash running through it, indicating that it is muted.

How To Use the Push-to-Mute Feature on discord

The toggle-to-mute and push-to-mute functions can be programmed into Discord using specific keys in addition to clicking on the microphone. #How To Use the Push-to-Mute Feature on discord

The ability to program keys that will enable you to mute yourself is particularly useful when gaming because it eliminates the need to exit the game to locate the microphone. Instead, you can push a specific key to mute or unmute yourself.

In gaming, the push-to-mute feature is particularly popular due to its convenience.

However, it must be pressed with a finger in order to mute the microphone; once released, the key will unmute the microphone. #How To Use the Push-to-Mute Feature on discord

How To Mute Myself on Discord
How To Mute Myself on Discord

The following steps can be followed in order to program keys for the push-to-mute function:

  1. Discord will launch on your desktop.
  2. In the lower left corner, click on the settings icon.
  3. In the “App Settings” section, click on “Keybinds.”
  4. You’ll see a new action when you click the “Add a Keybind” button at the top.
  5. To change the assignment, click the arrow next to the unassigned option.
  6. Push the “Push to Mute” button.
  7. You can assign a key to the mute function by clicking “Record Keybind”.
  8. If you wish to stop recording, click “Stop Recording.”.

During a voice chat, push the button to confirm that you can be heard by the other participant.

How To Mute Someone on Discord

Using your desktop, you can mute and unmute someone within a voice channel.

  1. Launch Discord on your desktop.
  2. Find the user you want to mute under your voice channel.
  3. Select the user from the right-click menu.
  4. Make sure the mute option is enabled.

By unchecking the mute option later on, you can unmute the user. #How To Mute Someone on Discord

Here are the steps to follow if you are using Discord’s mobile application.

  1. On your smartphone, open the Discord application.
  2. At the top, click on the three lines.
  3. Choose your server from the menu.
  4. You can select your voice channel by tapping it.
  5. Select the member you wish to mute.
  6. The Mute button can be found under the voice settings.

If you wish to mute another member of your voice channel, follow the same steps. #How To Mute Someone on Discord


You will benefit from being able to silence your microphone when you do not wish to distract other users with activities or conversations taking place on your end.

It is also possible to focus on a task better by muting yourself, for example while playing a game, because you are not concerned about saying the wrong thing.

A keybind can be configured to select the key to press whenever you want to mute yourself by clicking the microphone icon next to the settings icon.