What Works and What Doesn’t!

In 2021 we learn how we can monetize our website or blog using affiliate marketing. As a blogger it is your wish not only to inform your audience but also to earn from your blog. Our candid guide will enable you to create a profitable and sustainable blog in 2021. To start us off here are some of the simple steps to set up your blog and earn from it:

  • Create a website or a blog post
  • Create content for it
  • Boost traffic with SEO
  • Cultivate and Engage readership
  • Build a social media audience
  • Grow an email list to your website
  • Enhance Credibility

It takes a great deal of effort and endurance however some strategies work others don’t!

Can a blogger earn income from their blog site or website? The answer is “YES” – With hard work and dedication one can earn good income.

Weblihost.com provides some instrumental guide on how you can monetize your website in 2021. Learn from the novices and experts to have a candid experience on everything it entails. We’ll show you how you can earn out of your blog with ‘ease’

In today’s world, influencers and bloggers are now becoming professionals in their fields more than ever. Before, majority of them did blogging as part time and just a mere hobby. Some even assumed that blogging is just a mere simple task over the internet without returns however nothing can be further from the truth. One can create a website and adopt some of the strategies to monetize it and smile their way towards the bank.

Simpler said than done,

Over half of the bloggers worldwide hardly make over $500 per month and majority of them even quit before making a single cent. This is simply because it is easy to create a website however maintaining it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A blogger must sacrifice much of their time (often unpaid) before the monetization process works.

A blogger can however power up their site through the initial stages, build an audience (social media target audience and email lists), create and publish content on a regular basis – and doing all the above regularly – chances are high that they will succeed.

Does it works?

Weblihost.com will show you how website monetization works and pays off.

Currently blogging is a serious business like any other. A blogger can net cash at the end of the month just like any other business venture.

Success stories in the blogging sector include individuals who left their jobs to fully embrace professional blogging. Others have made it in the blogging and even earns up to 6 figures every month (Making sense out of cents). Blogging sites also have earned millions of revenue just from advertising (pay-per-click / pay-per-view), sales of products (ecommerce) and sponsored deals. Full time bloggers earn upto five figures annually on average.

It however took years for majority of them to build their traffic, readers and a sense of credibility. Nowadays they form part of the top earners once a white goose hunt.

Do smaller blogs or website makes some money? ABSOLUTELY YES

If you work for it then why not! A blogger ought to invest his or her time and money in order to earn some profit. You cannot insert content on to your website and wholla just like an ATM machine get cash!

Here now is the most interesting Part: Weblihost.com will highlight the 2021 actionable affiliate marketing strategies to monetize your blog or website. These have been tested and proven to work!

Make referrals using affiliate marketing

This way you earn some commission for making referrals to some other business in your website. For instance, if weblihost.com provides web hosting services, as an affiliate marketer, I will make referrals to weblihost for webhosting services. This way I can some revenue for every click on my affiliate link which will be paid to me by weblihost. Products referrals from your blog site can also earn you commission for every product that a customer buys.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer you need to be credible and your reputation ought to be of high integrity. As you pitch, you need to disclose your affiliate links, only recommend quality products that meet the needs of your audience, further test your products and check reviews always.

Product reviews

Bloggers can review products on their sites and earn commission based on the agreed terms with the sellers. As a blogger you have an audience that believe in you thus majority of them would likely buy products that you have reviewed. It thus essential that you be truthful and not hungry for money!

Creating Tutorials

Another way to earn online is creating tutorials that have products pitched in them. For instance, I am running a webhosting blog however within I am pitching a webhosting product using some YouTube tutorial.

As a blogger you can easily earn some income following the above affiliate marketing strategies.