How To Minimize Discord? Complete Guide

How To Minimize Discord? With Discord, communities, gamers, and friends are connected worldwide through a versatile and dynamic communication platform in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Discord’s resource-intensive nature can sometimes strain computer performance or consume significant bandwidth, although its features are unquestionably valuable.

Regardless of whether you are facing such challenges or simply want to optimize your Discord experience, there is no need to worry! # How To Minimize Discord?

The goal of this blog is to explore effective methods for minimizing Discord’s impact on your system.

We will explore step-by-step solutions to optimize the resource use of Discord, from tweaking settings to managing background processes.

Discover how to minimize Discord while maintaining its delightful interactions!

Try the following tricks to minimize Discord: drag the window down, press CTRL+Shift+F simultaneously, minimize the app using the Windows minimize function at the top right corner!

Click the Windows+down arrow keys, close the app through Task Manager or restart your computer. # How To Minimize Discord?

Overview of Minimizing Discord

Users can interact with each other about topics they share a common interest in, such as gaming, anime, memes, cryptocurrencies, and books, on Discord.

A bug may occur that stops the app from working, causing it to freeze, hang, or remain in full screen mode.

This can be extremely frustrating because it prevents you from accessing other tabs or apps.

When Discord is stuck in fullscreen, how can you minimize it?

There are many ways to minimize Discord, from using Windows shortcut keys to dragging the screen. Below we’ll break down all the different methods in more detail.

How To Minimize Discord

Below are some tips for minimizing Discord on your computer.

Method 1: Press the Windows + Down Arrow Keys

The steps below will show you how to minimize Discord on your PC using the Windows key and the down arrow keys.

  1. While pressing the Windows key, press the down arrow key as well.
  2. Upon minimizing Discord, the window moves downward.

For left- and right-side minimization, you can use the arrow keys instead of the down arrow key. # How To Minimize Discord?

Method 2: Press CTRL+Shift+F Keys

By pressing the CTRL, Shift, and F keys on your PC keyboard, you can minimize Discord.

  1. Simultaneously press CTRL+Shift+F.
  2. Minimizing Discord lets you see the taskbar and other open apps.

The Discord app has been minimized successfully and you can now access other apps on your PC.

Method 3: Close the App Using the Task Manager

If you accidentally pressed the Discord shortkey (CTRL+Shift+F), or if you set the fullscreen mode as default, your Discord may be stuck in fullscreen mode.

Force closing Discord via the Task Manager is the best way to resolve the fullscreen mode issue. Below are the steps. # How To Minimize Discord?

  1. You can right-click in the taskbar by placing your cursor there.
  2. “Task Manager” should be selected.
  3. Choose “Discord” from the pop-up menu.
  4. After clicking “End Task,” click “Finish.”

Method 4: Drag the Discord Window Down

Using the following steps may help you to move your window down, if you are experiencing an issue with Discord desktop app sticking on full screen.

Minimize Discord
Minimize Discord

  1. On the Discord window, place your cursor in the middle.
  2. To select text or drag a file, drag the cursor down.
  3. Drag the cursor down to bring down the Discord window.

Your PC’s Discord app has been minimized successfully. # How To Minimize Discord?

Method 5: Restart Your PC

All the above methods might fail, so the problem might be with your computer. Restart the computer to close all open tabs and apps, and then refresh the system.

This should be your last resort since the work that you have already saved will be lost.

How do I change screen size in Discord?

While Discord does not have a built-in option to change the size of the application, you can adjust the window size using standard resizing methods on a computer or mobile device:

For Desktop (Windows/macOS):

Resize Window Manually:

  • Hold the mouse cursor over the top, bottom, or sides of the Discord window.
  • To resize the window, drag its edges.

Maximize/Minimize Window:

  • To make Discord full-screen, click the maximize button (the square icon) in the top-right corner.
  • To restore the window’s previous size, click the same button again. # change screen size in Discord

For Mobile (iOS/Android):

Pinch to Zoom:

  • Mobile devices support pinch-to-zoom gestures so that Discord can be resized.
  • By pinching two fingers together on the screen, you can zoom out (reduce the size of the app).
  • To zoom in (enlarge the app), spread your fingers apart.

Switch to Compact Mode (iOS):

  • It is possible to reduce the screen size on iOS devices using Discord’s compact mode.
  • To access the hamburger menu (top-left corner) in Discord, tap the three horizontal lines.
  • Under Appearance, scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy.” Switch to “Compact Mode.” # change screen size in Discord

Why can I not minimize Discord?

You should be able to minimize Discord on your computer like any other standard application.

If you are having trouble minimizing Discord, you may be experiencing the following issues:

Taskbar Settings: 

Make sure the “Minimize to Taskbar” option is enabled in the Discord taskbar settings by right-clicking on the taskbar, going to “Toolbars,” and checking it.

Full-Screen Mode: 

It is possible that the normal minimize, maximize, and close buttons are not displayed when Discord is in full-screen mode.

To exit full-screen mode, click on the square emblem in the upper-right corner of the Discord window.

Discord Update: 

Consider updating Discord to the latest version from the official website or app store if you are using an outdated version.

Outdated versions may have bugs or other issues that prevent proper minimizing. # Why can I not minimize Discord

Third-Party Software Conflict:

 If you have third-party software, such as screen recording tools or overlays, it may interfere with Discord’s functionality.

Try temporarily disabling them or exiting them, and then see if Discord can now be minimized.

Corrupted Installation: 

There is a possibility that. a corrupted installation of Discord might lead to unexpected behavior.

In this case, you should uninstall Discord from your computer, restart your system, and then reinstall Discord.

Graphics Driver Issue: 

The latest graphics drivers are available for download on the manufacturer’s website.

Outdated or faulty drivers may affect the functionality of applications, including Discord. # Why can I not minimize Discord

User Settings: 

The minimization could be affected by Discord’s user settings related to window behavior.

The issue may be caused by a specific software configuration or system setup if you’re still unable to minimize Discord after trying the above steps.

If such a situation arises, you can contact Discord support or community forums for assistance and troubleshooting.


It is imperative that we optimize our online experiences as the digital world continues to flourish.

Despite its versatility, Discord is an excellent platform for connecting with friends and communities.

However, its resource consumption can be problematic. By using the techniques outlined in this blog, you can minimize Discord’s impact on your system without sacrificing its functionality.

Managing background processes, adjusting settings, and disabling unnecessary features will help you create a more seamless, efficient Discord experience.

Stay fully engaged in the vibrant Discord community while utilizing these optimization tips to streamline your system’s performance.

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