How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program? Right Now

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program? It is Jumia, the largest e-commerce platform in Africa, with a multi-billion dollar marketplace backed by Jumia Logistics, its own logistics company, and JumiaPay, its online payment platform and fintech platform that enables online payments and banking.

In addition to Jumia Logistics, the JumiaPay platform facilitates the online distribution of a wide range of digital and financial services to its consumers and facilitates the seamless delivery of millions of packages. #How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

A major benefit of Jumia is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to promote goods and services and to earn money from successful transactions as well.

Would you like to earn a monthly income from the comfort of your own home if you are a business owner, worker, student, or content creator?

Taking part in the Jumia Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to make money.

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

It is first necessary for you to register with JUMIA AFFILIATE by clicking on the account tab and then registering as a new customer. JUMIA will send you a confirmation email as soon as your payment has been processed. #How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

As soon as you have signed into your account, scroll down towards the end of JUMIA’s website and click on the channel entitled “Become an Affiliate” found under the “About Jumia Nigeria” category.

The page for the JUMIA AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM will be displayed to you once you click on the button. You will be redirected to the Jumia affiliate sign up page after clicking on the Sign up for free now link.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the affiliate signup page from this page Jumia Affiliate Signup and then follow the three simple steps that will guide you;

  1. Fill out the form below to sign up.
  2. Using the unique link that you will be given, you can promote Jumia’s products on your websites, blogs, or social media accounts.
  3. Get up to 9% commission on each sale for the first month, plus welcome bonus!

# Jumia affiliate program commission

Jumia affiliate program commission

The chances are you may be excited about getting started right now, but you need to take the time to familiarize yourself with how the commission rates work with Jumia Affiliates before you start working. There are some reasons why this is pretty important. Among them is that you want to make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Watches &
Services & Deals8%2%1%11%
Baby, Toys & Kids6%2%1%9%
Health & Beauty6%2%1%9%
Top Searched5%2%1%8%
Sports & Fitness4%2%1%7%
Dark & Lovely3%2%1%6%
Phones & Tablets2%2%1%5%
Home & Office2%2%1%5%
Cameras & Electronics2%2%1%5%
Books, Movies & Music2%2%1%5%
Travel Bags &
Brand Store2%2%1%5%
Clearance Sales1%2%1%4%
Games & Consoles1%2%1%4%

It is important to note, however, that commission rates should not be used to pick a niche or the product you would like to promote based on commission rates. You can gain all the information you need to make informed decisions regarding niches and products by checking out our post on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Benefits of joining Jumia Affiliate program

As an affiliate marketer, if you want to be successful, you will have to advertise your link either on social media sites or on Google, the conversion rate on both has been exceptionally high over the past few years.

Let’s Get Started With Jumia Affiliate Program and Make Some Money Right Now.

There is also a program that Jumia offers that they call the JForce Program.

It is possible to earn money by ordering products for other people through the JForce Program.

You can do this simply by showing your friends some awesome products you have found on Jumia. If they like the item, ask them if you can order for them and deliver it to them.

Upon their agreement, you will be on your way to success.

  • Banners designed to meet today’s needs
  • You can always count on a professional team to help you
  • More than 50,000 products are available in the product feed
  • Publish anywhere: Website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even email it to a friend who needs a Jumia product.
  • For premium publishers, there is a premium commission.
  • As a method of payment, bank transfers are accepted 

How Jumia Affiliate Program Works?

As with other affiliate programs, the Jumia Affiliate Program operates in a similar fashion. You send people an online link to offers and things that are on sale on Jumia, and if they purchase the item, you receive a commission from Jumia.

I would like to know, however, how Jumia tracks the links in order to determine if or not a lead purchases any products from Jumia. #How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

Jumia, for example, provides you with a URL that contains a tracking code, which will allow you to track your progress. A link that is clicked by a user is registered on Jumia’s server, and a cookie (with an expiration date of 7 days) is stored on the device of the user who clicked it.

As long as the clicker buys during the cookie’s lifespan (in this case, 30 days), then you will be credited with the sale even if the clicker does not buy right away.

Upon earning the required payout amount your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account at the end of every month if you have met the payout requirements.

In the event that you earn less than the minimum payout for the month, your earnings will be rolled over to the next month. As long as you make your minimum payment, your profits will continue to grow and you will continue to earn profits.

It is typical for monthly payments to be made between the 15th and the 25th.

How to promote Jumia products?

The majority of people will tell you that you need a blog or a website in order to succeed. As it turns out, affiliate marketing does not require you to have a blog or website in order for you to be able to make money online.

There are several social media sites that you can use to promote your products, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. # How to promote Jumia products?

Having a blog is not compulsory, but it would be great if you could have one as it will allow you to promote yourself better and you may even be able to get more visitors outside of your family and friends circle. #How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

There are a number of mediums that are ideal for promoting affiliate products, including;

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?
How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

1. Blogging

If you want to promote the products, you can write blog posts about them and include links to the specific products that you are promoting in the posts.

2. The use of social media

As a marketer, you can use social media to promote your products, using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and LinkedIn to reach your desired audience.

3. Email Marketing

Your website subscribers can be emailed about the products you want to promote by sending them an email. You should add a link in order to enable your audience to access the product easily.

4. Paid Advertising

There are many paid advertising platforms available to you to promote the products, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Jumia Affiliate program

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program

As you can see in the steps below, signing up for the Jumia affiliate program is very simple.

  1. You need to click the “JOIN NOW” button on the jumia affiliate site to sign up.
  2. Click on the “SIGN UP” button once you have filled in all necessary details.
  3. Signups are manually confirmed by Jumia, so please wait for an approval email.
  4. A link to Jumia’s login page will be emailed to you once they approve you.

You can join the Jumia affiliate program with just a few clicks of a button. #How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

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