How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program? AliExpress Affiliate Program is one of the most powerful and profitable affiliate programs on the Internet for its affiliate partners!

A giant Chinese international online marketplace called AliExpress provides shoppers with a one-stop-shop for the best online shopping experience at best prices. 

Take a look at AliExpress’s vast range of products and share them with your audiences in order for them to take advantage of all the top deals and unbeatable bargains on a whole range of fashion, home goods, beauty, health, electronics, jewelry, and more and more. 

Aside from being a great source of great value merchandise, AliExpress offers a worldwide delivery service, a secure payment system, round-the-clock assistance, and a useful app for mobile devices.

You can be one step ahead of your competition by becoming a member of the AliExpress Affiliate Marketing Program today.

How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

You just need to go to the and click on Register and you will be able to create an account within seconds.

It is now time to start promoting products on your website, blog, social media profile, or any other place you want, since you now have an affiliate account with AliExpress and can begin promoting products there.

Join Aliexpress Affiliate program

Aliexpress affiliate program commission

If you’re looking to make money through affiliate marketing, Aliexpress affiliate program commission is a great way to do it.

Aliexpress is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, and their affiliate program offers a generous commission structure that can make you a lot of money.

The way it works is simple – you refer customers to Aliexpress through your affiliate link, and when they make a purchase, you earn a commission.

The commission rates vary depending on the product category, but they start at 4% and can go all the way up to 8.5%.

In addition to the great commission rates, Aliexpress also offers a wide range of products that you can promote.

Whether your customers are looking for electronics, clothes, or anything in between, you’ll be able to find it on Aliexpress.

If you’re ready to start making money with Aliexpress, sign up for their

Benefits of joining Aliexpress Affiliate program

AliExpress is a major international online marketplace which is owned and operated by (NYSE:BABA).

With the help of AliExpress, customers from more than 200 countries and regions can purchase items in bulk or one at a time, all at lower wholesale prices than can be found anywhere else.

It is estimated that over 200,000 Chinese exporters and manufacturers sell their products on AliExpress, with the number of products totaling over a hundred million. #How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

In addition to apparel, jewelry, home and garden, electronics & accessories, and other consumer niches, AliExpress Affiliate Program will greatly compliment website owners in other niches such as electronics & accessories.

Several of our top publishers earn over $30,000/month in some of our top markets and are continuing to earn more every month.

Why Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

As part of our commitment to assisting our affiliates, AliExpress offers:

  • A 4% commission is applied to all sales 
  • The average conversion rate for the site is 3.5%
  • The average order value is $200 AUD
  • Rewards and incentives for performance on a monthly basis
  • Support from a dedicated affiliate team
  • Tracking of in-session activities

Brand Bidding Penalties:

As stated in the Terms & Conditions of the AliExpress Program, any publisher bidding on AliExpress brand words will be charged a fee of 10% of all monthly revenue in the month of the breach’s discovery, and no payments will be made.

Aliexpress Affiliate program

How do you get paid on AliExpress?

  1. Do I have any options for making money from sharing?
  2. Under “My Account”, click “Earn by Sharing” in the AliExpress App (Android only).
  3. Decide which product you would like to share. …
  4. Click on the SHARE button after verifying the information.
  5. As soon as a new AliExpress customer places an order, you’ll receive a larger commission.

How do I promote my product on AliExpress?

As soon as you have created a YouTube channel, you are able to start promoting AliExpress products by choosing one of the most common methods of promoting them:

videos that show the goods being reviewed, unpacking videos, or videos that feature one particular product category. #How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?
How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

How do I withdraw money from AliExpress?

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. In the “Account” section on the home page, you can go to the “My Alipay Account” section;
  2. In order to find the pending refund transaction, you will need to click “Refund Pending” – Select order(s) – Click “Transfer to” to withdraw the funds;
  3. In order to receive funds, you will need to provide a bank account.

Does Alibaba have an affiliate program?

The world’s largest CPA program will be created by in the near future. In addition to Alibaba affiliate program,

They also offer a variety of niche products including Automobile & Motorcycles, Machinery, Apparel, and many others.

Alibaba also offers exclusive commissions to our first affiliates who will have the chance to earn up to US $7 per lead.

#How to Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

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