How To Install MEE6 on Discord? Right Now

How To Install MEE6 on Discord? It is a popular chat and moderation bot that can communicate with Discord servers, and it offers a wide range of commands to help the server administrator moderate a server and to give players a place to interact.

You can assign roles and levels to different members depending on their participation. # How To Install MEE6 on Discord?

Additionally, MEE6 can also work as a music bot, meaning that you can use it to play music across your Discord server, but you will need to install the bot on your server first in order to be able to use all the features that MEE6 offers.

What Is the MEE6 Bot?

It is believed that the MEE6 bot is the only one in the world that allows users to automate features and tasks on their Discord servers. Some of the things that the MEE6 bot is capable of performing are:

  • Moderation: MEE6 can automatically moderate chat on your server, including muting, kicking, and banning users who break rules or engage in inappropriate behavior.
  • Custom commands: MEE6 can be configured to recognize custom commands that you create, allowing you to create your own personalized experience on your Discord server.
  • Music: MEE6 can play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms on your Discord server.
  • Leveling: MEE6 can keep track of users’ activity on your server and award them with “XP” points that can be used to unlock custom roles or rewards.
  • Notifications: MEE6 can send notifications to users on your server when certain events or conditions are met, such as when a new user joins or when a streamer goes live on Twitch.

In summary, the MEE6 bot is useful for enhancing the functionality of your Discord server and customizing it to your liking. # How To Install MEE6 on Discord?

How To Install MEE6 on Discord?

We will cover the steps for adding the MEE6 bot to your server using both a desktop computer and a mobile phone as the instructions for adding the bot to your computer are the same as those for adding any other bot.

Using a Desktop

  1. Go to the MEE6 official website using your browser.
  2. The “Add to Discord” button will appear.
  3. Click the “Authorize” button after logging into your Discord account.
  4. Click “Continue” after selecting the server to add the bot to.
  5. Click “Authorize” at the bottom of the permissions list.
  6. Make sure you complete the captcha.

The first thing you will notice is that the MEE6 bot has now been added to your Discord server, which means that you will be able to use it for fun as well as to moderate your server.

Using Discord Mobile

The following steps will guide you through the process of adding a bot to your server if you are using the Discord mobile application.

  1. Visit MEE6’s official website using your phone’s browser.
  2. By tapping the “Add to Discord” button, you will be added to Discord.
  3. Click “Authorize” on the permissions page.
  4. Click “Continue” after selecting the server where the bot should be invited.
  5. Click “Authorize” a second time.
  6. Captcha must be completed.

Adding MEE6 bot to Discord server is now complete. You can access the server and begin executing bot commands. # How To Install MEE6 on Discord?

As an example, if you want to remove an annoying member from your server in the first moderation action, you can use the !kick command to specify the particular member’s name, and the bot will remove that member from your server immediately.

For a complete list of all the commands you can use with MEE6, you can visit the official website of MEE6 to get an overview of all the commands.

How to download mee6 on discord?

Downloading and installing the MEE6 bot on your Discord server can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Go to to learn more about MEE6.
  2. Add yourself to Discord by clicking “Add to Discord”.
  3. Discord will prompt you to log in if you are not already logged in.
  4. The MEE6 bot will ask you to authorize it to access your Discord server after you log in. Click “Authorize” to allow it access.
  5. Upon redirection, you will be able to customize and configure your server’s bot using the MEE6 dashboard.
  6. Click the “Invite” button on your dashboard to invite MEE6.
  7. Click “Authorize” to invite the MEE6 bot to the server you selected in the dropdown menu.

There you go! You should now have the MEE6 bot installed on your Discord server. You can now customize and configure the bot to suit your preferences using the MEE6 dashboard.

How to use discord mee6?

Here is a brief outline of how to set up and invite the MEE6 bot to your Discord server. If you want to get started, here’s a brief overview of how to invite and set up the bot:

  1. Click the “Add to Discord” button on the MEE6 website ( and follow the instructions.
  2. The MEE6 bot can be authorized to access your server by logging in to Discord and authorizing it.
  3. On the MEE6 dashboard, click the “Invite” button and select your server from the drop-down menu.

MEE6 can be used in the server’s chat channel once it is installed on your server. To use the MEE6 bot, you will need to type commands into the channel. Some basic commands for MEE6 are as follows:

How To Install MEE6 on Discord
How To Install MEE6 on Discord

  • !commands: Lists all of the available commands for MEE6 on your server.
  • !level: Shows your current level and XP progress on the server.
  • !rank: Shows the leaderboard for levels on the server.
  • !quote: Displays a random quote.
  • !poll: Creates a poll that users can vote on.

On the MEE6 website or in the server’s chat channel, type !help for complete instructions on how to use the MEE6 bot.

How much is the MEE6 bot?

Besides playing music and assigning participation levels to your users, MEE6 integrates with YouTube and Twitch. Its free version has limited features. There’s a premium version for $11.95/month, $49.99/year, and $89.90 for a lifetime license.

How do I install custom bots?

On the Settings page, you will find a tab called Bots under ‘Workflows’ that you can click on to set up your own Custom Bot. On the page that appears, double check you’re in the Custom Bots tab, and then click the New Bot button.

When you click the “New Bot” button in the pop-up window, you will need to provide a name and nickname for your Bot in the pop-up window.

Who is the real owner of Discord?

During the early days of Discord, a large problem was faced: how to communicate with friends around the world while playing games online.

In their childhood, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy both shared a love of video games, and they both treasured the friendships and connections they built while playing these games.


The MEE6 is a fun and moderating Discord bot. This bot is designed to regulate your server, and there is a wide range of commands that you can use, including the ability to play music on your server.

You have now seen how to install the MEE6 bot to your Discord application using the mobile and desktop servers. That’s all you need to do. Now you can use the MEE6 bot on your Discord application with a number of different commands.

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