How to improve Internet connection in ps4 Now?

How to improve Internet connection in ps4? In the middle of a game, the most common fear of PS4 players is to experience an untimely lag in the middle of it. At one point during the game, we are about to be fatally shot, and we wake up to find that the character we were controlling is dead on the ground, without realizing or understanding what happened to him.

Due to the slow connection, he did not have a chance to react or defend himself and he didn’t have a chance to react. It is then that, after the logical anger has subsided, we wonder what can be done to improve the PS4 connectivity. # How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

If If you find that your PS4 is running too slowly (i.e. lags or frozen in the middle of the game) then there are a few things you can do to improve the speed of your internet and avoid these annoying lags or “freezes” that occur during the play.

Based on an analysis of the causes of slow performance and latency, four main scenarios can be distinguished when it comes to slow performance and latency:

  • There is a slowdown when using WiFi on the PS4.
  • The game was interrupted by spikes in lag.
  • PS upload or download speed is slow.
  • The PS4 lags when playing remotely.

No matter what the problem is, we’ll take a look at the different solutions that we have available to improve the PS4 connection, so that we can enjoy our gaming days with Play with fluidity and agility. # How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

It is, without a doubt, a gamer’s worst nightmare when their internet connection is slow. Yet, it is a common challenge that many people face today as well. In the majority of cases, a problem with your PS4 is caused by your WiFi router and your connection settings, unless you have tampered with your PS4 in some way.

The best way to improve the WiFi speed on the PS4 is to change some DNS settings or move the PS4 closer to the router. These are some of the ways to improve WiFi speed on the PS4. # How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

If the PS4 is placed far away from the wireless router, this can often result in a slow connection between the PS4 and the router. A thick wall or door can impede the transmission of signals because of the thickness of the wall or door. These slow speeds may be the result of DNS settings that are set incorrectly. In order to fix the issue, you may need to change the settings to custom or move your PS4 closer to your WiFi router in order to solve it.

Boosts PS4 Internet with DNS change

DNS (Domain name system) is a database that keeps track of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of websites that belong to a given domain name. Basically, DNS acts as a mobile phone’s address book, keeping track of all IP addresses so that we do not have to worry about it. # How to improve Internet connection in ps4? # Boosts PS4 Internet with DNS change

We are generally assigned a default DNS server for our home network by the Internet service provider that provides us with high speed Internet connections. There is an issue with this server, however, in that it is not optimized to load addresses as fast as other servers. By switching to Google DNS, for instance, we can improve the speed of our WiFi on our PS4 by switching to Google DNS.

You want to be able to locate the name of the server hosting the game as quickly as possible when you download a game and want to find it as easily as possible. The way in which this is done is by utilizing a service known as DNS. If you think of it like your phone’s contacts, you will understand what I mean. There is no way you can remember everyone’s telephone number, so you need to look up their name in a phone book to find out their telephone number. In the same way, websites are no different.

Changing the DNS is the quickest way to make a change. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Your PS4 should be logged in
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. Settings for the network can be found here
  4. Ideally, choose LAN if your connection is wired.
  5. The CUSTOM option should be selected
  6. You can connect to your home WiFi by clicking here
  7. The DNS screen will appear once you select automatic settings.
  8. Set your Primary DNS to, and Secondary DNS to, then click Manual

Boosting PS4 internet by Port forwarding

Do you think port forwarding is a good idea? In fact, anyone with a PlayStation 4 console and the Sony PlayStation Network can easily connect their PS4 to Sony’s network using Port Forwarding. As soon as you set up port forwarding on your PlayStation 4, you will automatically be able to connect to NAT Type 2 (Moderate), which will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience with no interruptions. # Boosting PS4 internet by Port forwarding

There are a number of “ports” that are used by a game to send information to your PS4. In exchange, your PS4 sends information to the gaming server on a number of ports. Consider these to be like dedicated lanes on a freeway that are just for a specific game to be played. The only traffic in that lane is that of the game, so the gameplay is much smoother, and lag is greatly reduced because there is no other traffic in that lane but the game.

PS4 Troubleshoot your Network WiFi 

In order to make sure that your Internet service provider is indeed at fault, you will want to make sure you call them and let them know what you think of their awful Internet speed before you complain. I have found that in most cases I have seen, the cause of the slow Wifi can actually be easily sorted out by troubleshooting your own WiFi network, which is something you can easily do on your own.

All you have to do in order to troubleshoot your network is to follow the process of elimination until you are able to identify the area that is causing the problem.

Install a New WiFi Router

The truth of the matter is that not many people are interested in the very tedious process of installing a new WiFi router and configuring it, but if you want to drastically improve your WiFi speed, this is by far the best option available.

For the average person, the installation and setup processes of routers have been greatly simplified thanks to the router manufacturers.

Having a standalone WiFi router is a great option if you are living in a smaller house or apartment. The mesh WiFi system, on the other hand, is a far superior option if you have a much larger home or if you have multiple stories in your house. # How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

You will typically find these systems have a base unit that connects to your modem, and then you will need to place a variety of access points around your house in order to dramatically increase the signal strength of the WiFi signal. As well as being very simple to connect and set up, they are also very easy to use

Reasons Why My PS4 WiFi Connection is Slow 

There’s no denying that a slow internet connection isn’t ideal for anyone, regardless of whether you’re using your PS4 to play games or simply consume content. The entire experience of using a slow connection can easily take away the joy of the whole thing. # Reasons Why My PS4 WiFi Connection is Slow  # Reasons Why My PS4 WiFi Connection is Slow 

As a result, slow WiFi connections on PS4s are not uncommon, and they can manifest themselves in any of the models of the console. There are a number of factors that could contribute to a slow PS4 connection, and we have listed some of them below. 

How to improve Internet connection in ps4?
How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

  • Interference: You can easily blame interference for a slow WiFi connection on your PS4. It is easy for WiFi signals to be distorted by thick concrete or brick walls. There are other elements that may cause this issue, such as doors or heavy structural parts of the house, which can also be the cause. You will want to make sure your PS4 is in the closest proximity to your WiFi router as possible. When you are closer to the source of the signal, the ping is faster, the signal is stronger, and the interference from thick walls is reduced. 

  • Overloaded Connection: You only have a finite amount of bandwidth available on your WiFi router. When your WiFi connection caters to a large number of devices, the bandwidth is split among them, leading to a slower connection when there is a high number of devices on the network. To ensure that your PS4 is able to access a sufficient amount of bandwidth, make sure to only connect a few devices to your wireless network, so that you do not run out of bandwidth. 

  • Faster WiFi: An older 2.4 GHz WiFi connection offers a slower connection due to its lower bandwidth and frequency. If you want to get a higher frequency and greater bandwidth out of your WiFi connection, you should switch to a 5 GHz connection. It is important to note that both the Slim and Pro models of the PS4 are capable of connecting via 5GHz WiFi. There are a lot of problems that can be solved by upgrading to a more expensive and better WiFi router in general.

# How to improve Internet connection in ps4?

# Reasons Why My PS4 WiFi Connection is Slow 

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